Lucky 13

By Mir
April 2, 2011

We had baseball today, and Lemur wasn’t there so I was braced for a meltdown. But it turns out that 1) Monkey is actually, with a bit of coaching, a pretty decent batter and 2) today was the day we got shirts and hats.

13 is Monkey’s lucky number, so finding out he’d gotten it for his shirt was kind of like Christmas and his birthday all wrapped up together and topped off with a particularly chocolate-laden Easter. So that was awesome. (Coincidentally, 13 is also MY lucky number.)

(Pssst! Are you a fan of Woulda Coulda Shoulda on Facebook? There may be a bonus picture from this morning over there, just sayin’.)


  1. Meredith

    I also have a #13. This is her first year playing softball. Her twin sister had the #13 last year for her first year of softball.

  2. navhelowife

    None of mine want to play baseball. Sigh. Middle one is good at it, just gets bored with all the rules….

    And what a day for it :)

  3. Amanda

    13 is my lucky number too!

    I was born on Friday the 13th, and I think I turned out (mostly) OK :)

  4. The Mommy Therapy

    Liking Woulda Shoulda Coulda on FB was worth that picture and comment if you haven’t done it yet.


  5. Kelly

    I wouldn’t know my lucky number if it bit me on the butt. If I even touch my husband’s scratch games tickets, they all come out losers.

  6. jadine

    My lucky number is 4…with 13 being my second lucky number (rolling my eyes at myself).

    With our town’s little league, 13 is usually the (DUN-DUUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!) “Blood Shirt.” The Blood Shirt is the one that gets quickly pulled onto a wounded player who bled all over his own shirt, but who wants to keep playing in a less gory shirt. My older kid’s league won’t allow for shirt substitutions, though, so he has to wear his shirt regardless of gore. That wasn’t really worth reading, was it? (rhetorical).

    I liked the bonus picture :) Parents were at our late/early games in blankets this weekend. Kids had to suffer.

  7. djlott

    Yeah, for good baseball games! Nothing like a uniform to feel special and “official”.
    I also was born on a Friday 13th. I am the oldest child in my family, and my youngest brother was born on a Friday 13th! So 13 is my lucky number, too!

  8. JuJuBeans

    Ooh, my favorite number’s 13! I wouldn’t say it’s my lucky number ’cause I don’t use it for luck. I just like the number. It’s rare I meet anyone who likes 13 what with all the bad connotations surrounding it. Oh and I have to say that bonus picture on FB was just awesomeness in pure form.

  9. Susan S.

    Cool! Thirteen is one of my favorite numbers too. Son #1 born on Aug 13 and Son #2 born on July 13…

  10. Katie in MA

    It is myyyyy lucky number, too! Glad bball is going so well. (And my goodness how tall Monkey has gotten!)

  11. Laura

    Thirteen is my lucky number!!! So glad to welcome another member to our club!

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