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I don’t know where the time went, but suddenly it’s baseball season again, and Monkey came back from his trip with his dad just in time to come play. The problem, of course, is that Monkey and Lemur haven’t seen each other for a WHOLE WEEK, which meant that all four boys (Lemur has two brothers, remember) were much more interested in comparing Pokemon and finishing the lyrics to some song they’re making up about death, destruction and farting (really, I tried not to ask) than in actually doing anything remotely baseball-like.

But they ran around the field, and even kind of participated. Although Monkey got crabby over not being instantly perfect at it and even got himself good and wound up at bat and tried to storm off when he couldn’t hit the first few pitches, but in the end we got him settled down and he managed to get a hit. (And, I think, yelled something at the pitcher about “finally throwing a decent pitch” as he headed to first; my son, the trash-talker.) Chickadee even agreed to swap shoes with me (I wore good sneakers, she wore cute shoes) so that she could go up for a turn at bat. (I may or may not have commented to the person next to me that Chickie may have been one of the only “non-challenged” kids there, but you certainly couldn’t tell that from the way she hit the ball and then flounced her way around the bases. Ha.)

I am convinced that there is very little in the world that watching a motley crew of special-needs kids all playing together while no one stares or disapproves or makes stupid comments couldn’t fix. I’m just sayin’.


  1. meghann

    I think I may need to make the drive and bring Ryan to play. It would be good for him,

  2. Karen R.

    Get thee to your local Special Olympics. They do amazing stuff.

  3. Useyourwordsmom

    Ok. I am crying this time. After week after week of my son having no one to play with and of other kids not quite getting him, how wonderful to know that opportunities like this exist. I am so happy for your son and for your family. Yay!

  4. Tenessa

    So freaking awesome! Yay!

  5. Mom101

    I like that world. Mostly though, I like how you let me be a part of it.

  6. navhelowife

    OH! I had forgotten about the great baseball team! I’m so glad that this awesomeness is available to you.

  7. Stimey

    I feel exactly the same way with Jack’s special needs hockey team. It blows my mind every time. Today Jack had kind of a freakout at practice and no one even batted an eye. It might be my favorite place in the whole world to be.

  8. Nancy

    One of my all time favorite memories was playing softball one summer afternoon when I was working at a residential school for people with developmental disabilities. It was one of those perfect days where everything went right. One kiddo, Rusty, hit a grand slam home run…and he ran the bases backwards. Obviously, his team won. :)

  9. Varda (SquashedMom)

    I completely know what you mean. Today was my son’s last day of SN basketball and I nearly wept. It’s the only sport he really has any interest in and it doesn’t start again until next December. He got a trophy today (they all did) and the way his eyes lit up! As much as he loves basketball, he sometimes resisted going, as they expect him to dribble and pass and actually play the game and he always wants to just shoot. But he always got over that and ended each session happy. Sigh. I’m going to try him at baseball next month, but as he has no interest in nor understanding of the game…not sure it’ll fly.

  10. Kathykate

    Kid1 started a special needs sports program in our town while she was in hs, all on her lonesome. Soccer and baseball/tball…. it’s amazing and still functioning even tho she’s away at college. Not sure if there’s a more worthy bunch of athletes in town, or a more deserving group of parents. xo

  11. Clarity

    You have a special needs team? I’m so freaking jealous!! Tristan isn’t playing this year, first year since he was a toddler that he hasn’t done ball, because it’s just too freaking stressful on a regular team. I would LOVE to have a special needs team!!!

  12. Lara

    That last sentence was awesome. Now if we could just make the whole world like that …

  13. Jen

    I really need to find something like that for my oldest son. Any kind of sport, but a special needs team. ADHD/SPD/perfectionism does not make a patient player…

  14. The Mommy Therapy

    A truly fantastic visual. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Laura

    A-men sistah! My son participated in that kind of baseball league in our state (Washington) for a while, but now that he’s older (17) he’s moved on to some other activities. It was fun and I miss it. I am glad you all found such a league!!

    My son is still doing Special Olympics though and I am here to tell you, it is impossible not to smile when attending Special Olympics meets. There is some kind of something in the air there and it just feels so good to be there and cheer for EVERYONE (we’ve known many of the kiddos since babyhood). The Washington State Special Olympics Summer Games I swear to God is the highlight of my year every year (big 3-day event). I don’t know if Monkey would be interested in Special Olympics but I HIGHLY recommend it. If my kiddo (he has Down Syndrome) ever stops participating then I am going to volunteer. I can’t get enough.

    I think what it boils down to, is that when parents and kids can get together in the spirit of fun and sportsmanship, it fosters such amazing goodwill. The kids are empowered and feel good about themselves, great times are had, and awesome memories are created. There is nothing like it.

    Enjoy the season!! :-) Go Monkey!!

  16. TC

    Baroy is working on a documentary with one of Em’s former soccer coaches about a special-needs soccer team in our local AYSO division. I keep thinking that if only we’d known about this when N was younger, we mighta had a chance of him being willing to play team sports. Instead, we had a year of him standing in the middle of the field sucking his thumb and cringing every time another child ran near him. Parent fail.

    In other words: Go Monkey and friends!

  17. Sharon

    That’s just so awesome- really happy for you guys.

  18. Kelly

    So glad you have that! Perfect weekend activity.

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