Now that we’re all buddies…

By Mir
March 8, 2011

… you totally noticed that halfway through yesterday I caved and created a Woulda Coulda Shoulda fan page, right? And then you went and “like”d it, because we’re all such good friends? (I am really unclear on what such a page is meant for, other than going OH HEY YOU GUYS I LOVE YOU AND YOU LOVE ME, which I guess is… fine? Maybe I’ll give away ponies on there, periodically. Who knows!)

Meanwhile, now that I have a whole slew of NEW FRIENDS over there on my shiny new page, today I’m talking body hair over at Off Our Chests, because I like to break the ice at cocktail parties with frank discussion of pubes. (Uh, not really. But maybe now I will. Or maybe I’ll just ask people to join my fan page, and when they say no, THEN I’ll start telling pubic hair stories. That’s a reasonable plan, right?)


  1. Leandra

    Because you’re links show up in different colors on my screen, I glanced down and saw “talking body hair” in the last paragraph and I was like WTH? LOL!

  2. Loralee

    Oprah thinks Brazilians are “gross”. (Or so my horrified mother informed me after reading on my blog that I got one.)


  3. Sheila

    Dude, you’re like Charlie Sheen (with the followers and stuff). Not the crazy.

  4. Amy

    That? was not what I expected once we became lo, so much closer. But HILARIOUS nonetheless.

  5. Caty

    Um, I tried reading your post but there was a man n*pple staring me in the face on the ad for home laser hair removal.

  6. elz

    Um, I like you and your pretty and all. But, I don’t think I can knowingly click over on a story about that kind of hair. Though strangely I posted about my hair today -THE KIND ON MY HEAD- today.

  7. elz

    Sorry-“you are” bad grammar in comments take one.

  8. Tracy B

    We are all…WINNERS!!!! Thanks for the laugh today!

  9. dad

    This was more than I needed to know.

    Oh the tribulations of being your father.
    Hilarious, none the less.

  10. Angela

    Mir! LOL! I love my daily dose of WCS :-) Always something to make ya go, “HMMM…”

  11. Scottsdale Girl

    Poor Dad… *snort*

  12. Rachael

    I’m laughing too hard at your dad’s comment, Mir… and then the laser removal hair ad… okay, now I’m laughing at your post about pubic hair. The end. Bwahahahaha.

  13. Walkingborder (Karen)

    If you are giving away ponies, don’t forget the bloggess.

  14. kapgaf

    Dear Mir,

    After yesterday’s post, I am delurking so that you don’t hate me; However, as we’re not even acquaintances yet, let alone friends, I shall merely say that I liked the juxtaposition of pubic hair off our chests.

  15. MomCat

    I like ponies.

  16. liv

    ponies?! dood. i’m in.

  17. Flea

    Today is just a bad day all around. Someone mentioned chocolate at work and I was all, NOM NOM NOM _ MUST HAVE CHOCOLATE. Now ponies. Mir! Pony! WANT!!!

  18. The Mommy Therapy

    I find it hilarious that there is an ad for laser hair removal after this post. If only you had that option.

  19. Heather

    What, no two cents from Otto on this one? :P

  20. mamaspeak

    I’m thinking Otto went running for the hills on this one.

    Your FAN page on FB is an other vehicle for you to communicate with your loyal minions. :-)

  21. Brigitte

    Ha, this post and the comments are making me laugh, and I haven’t even gotten to your – very special? – post yet.

  22. Mom again

    Great. Now when I don’t bother going to my reader I have another shortcut to WCS

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