I am a bobble-headed alien

By Mir
February 4, 2011
Category Job? Huh?

Yesterday I did a Skype interview with Stephanie O’Dea as part of her “Real Moms Making Real Money (at home, in their pajamas) And How You Can, Too!” series. (I was not wearing my pajamas. I showered for the interview; I hope that didn’t totally tarnish my cred. Hopefully my crazy hair makes up for it.)

Stephanie and I have been friends for years, now, and we went wandering off on a zillion tangents, and had a wonderful time, but I don’t know how much truly useful information ends up being imparted as I wave my head around and babble endlessly. (The audio and the video didn’t synch up quite right, which is what ends up making me look like an alien, I think.)

Just one bit that got cut, that I felt bears sharing: I talk on the video about how “ZOMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M MEETING YOU!” is never a good way to approach someone you admire, and later (cut out) I clarified that it’s not that I don’t enjoy meeting fans or that I think people shouldn’t approach folks they want to meet, just that you should remember to, you know, act like a reasonable human. And then I suggested that if you’re dying to talk with someone at a conference and they just seem too busy, ask for a card and say, “I know you’ve got a ton going on right now. Would it be okay if I emailed you some questions, after the conference?” It’s the rare person who’ll say no to that request, and if they do, well, now you know that’s probably not someone you want to talk to more, anyway.

In conclusion: I look weird in the video. And a lot of stuff got edited out. But Steph got up at something like 4:00 in the morning her time to to make this happen, so maybe go watch it anyway.


  1. sassymonkey

    None of those tangents were about colon cleanses, right? Because I’m still recovering from that twitter stream. ;)

  2. Karen

    MIR!!..you have a VOICE!

    Great interview –

  3. Stimey

    Mental note: Whenever the time is that I get to meet Mir, do not speak in all caps, no matter how badly I want to. Because I’ll want to.

  4. Stephanie O'Dea

    You are so not an alien. You are wonderful.

    and you didn’t mention how we totally created the word “weblebrity” put it up on wiktionary and then some guy banned me and recreated the entry!


    LOL about the colon thing, sassymonkey. it was an example of good copywriting! :-)

  5. Karate Mom

    *sigh* I cannot get accustomed to hearing “Meer” because, in my head, you’re “Mur”. I think there’s something wrong with my brain. (Not that anyone who knows me would argue with THAT!!)
    I can’t wait to watch the rest of the interview! I had to pause it because The Kids are doing school and I know that as soon as I put in the headphones so I don’t distract them, someone will need something. (Stinkin’ leeches, sucking the life out of me…grumble…grumble. Oh wait. I made this homeschooling bed, I should lie in it without complaining. Shoot.)

  6. Kelly

    So fun to hear your voice! (And yes, when I finally meet you I will try and remain calm and adult like …. )

  7. Rasselas

    As another freelancer, albeit in another field, this was very interesting to watch. Go Mir. :)

  8. Varda (SquashedMom)

    You are not too alien at all, and for 8 AM and a cup and less than a gallon of coffee you look just fine & sounded great and completely coherent. Today, to take my kid to school? I threw a bra & underpants on under the T-shirt & velour sweatpants I’d slept in. Having a nasty cold I thought I’d be going right home, but ended up getting a cup of tea with a friend who had just lost her mom & had found my blog posts about losing my Dad & Mother-in-law last year helpful. I couldn’t say no… so got to sit in a local coffee shop in all my bedhead pajama-ed glory. Tres glamorous, no?

  9. 12tequilas

    Okay, other than the whole Skypeness of the thing (a television camera person would not have framed you quite that way), you look great. You have the most beautiful smile!

    (and Varda, you are my hero for doing that for your friend!)

  10. Danielle

    I totally want to Skype interview you! Not even about anything in particular. Which basically means I just want to talk.

  11. The Mommy Therapy

    Nothing about you resembles an alien in this video. (This is a solid statement of fact since I just spent an hour playing aliens in space with my three year old so it’s on the brain and could very easily transform anyone into an alien,)

    Thank you for sharing this candid and informative video. It is vey refreshing to see and hear that you are every bit of “normal” and full of inegrity as you appear to be in your writing.

    Excellent advice, and dare I say hope, for those of us that are in the beginning stages of trying to make a small slice of the writing world our own.

  12. Mary

    You’re awesome, Mir! And beautiful!

  13. Em

    You look so YOUNG! I mean, I have been reading for a while. I know you aren’t in your twenties but truly you could lie and I’d believe it. The information was great and I liked Licorice’s cameo!

  14. Tenessa

    You sound exactly as I hear you in my head! So, that’s a major compliment to your writing prowess, I think.

  15. Sharon

    Mir, you looked beautiful. I don’t usually follow links but because you asked so nicely, I did. I enjoyed the interview and watching the two of you interact was fun. Thanks!

  16. Kristi

    Mir for president!

  17. Lylah

    Yay, Mir! Times infinity.

  18. JennyBean

    Okay, you’re officially my idol.

    I always wanted to freelance, but the years have ticked by and now I’ve been in the same state job for 19 years writing propoganda. At this point I might as well wait until retirement to freelance.

    BTW: you look beautiful, and I love the crazy hair!

  19. Heather

    You’re so pretty :D And it was nice to see your weblebrity dog too haha.

  20. Shirley @ gfe

    I thought it was a terrific interview, Mir. I love both you and Steph! You looked beautiful and incredibly young as others said. :-) Thanks for adding your main point here that you felt got left out. For the record, I don’t thank it’s a bad thing to express honest admiration and a bit of gushing if you quickly move on to something else, like saying something that you love about the person, their blog, etc. and then handing the business card and expressing that you’d like to follow up. I think etiquette is important, but the human equation needs to be acknowleged, too. I ran into a famous blogger in the elevator at BlogHer Food last year. She was whining about how fans come up to her and say “Oh, I Iove your blog and your recipes so much!” She said to her friend, “What I am supposed to say to that?” Uh, how about “Thanks so much. It’s great to meet you!” I unsubscribed from her blog immediately and will no longer support her in any way. That is inexcusable whereas honest and sincere praise from a reader should be accepted graciously and appreciated. How does she think she got to be a big-time blogger? Hmmm, the term you guys coined, “weblebrities,” comes to mind.


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