Post-op report

By Mir
January 21, 2011

The surgery was quick and his initial confusion and anger afterward was mercifully short-lived. He’s talking, drinking, and absolutely loving that he can play as much Nintendo as he wants.

(Puppy says he just LOVES Pokemon Ranger, and also that tonsils and adenoids and tubes are stupid. Now get him some more apple juice!)

We’ll go home in a few hours. I already feel better.


  1. Beth R

    WONDERFUL!!! And how nice to see Puppy hanging out with Monkey in recovery. There’s very little that a loved stuffy can’t fix :)

  2. Jennifer Joyner

    Yay! Thanks for the quick update….y’all were on my mind this morning!!

  3. bob

    YAY! Terrific news.

    I LOVED the heated blankets after. I felt sooooo snug, even in my drugged confusion.

  4. Amy

    Wow! He’s already doing better than I did when I had my tonsils out! I couldn’t talk for weeks and he’s already talking! Yay Monkey!!

  5. Kathy Knapp

    Sometimes unlimited DS playing fixes everything (at least for a little while at my house). So glad he is through surgery and the initial anger and confusion passed quickly. I will say a prayer that the recovery is quick.

  6. ccr in MA

    Oh, how wonderful. Yay for Monkey! Whew.

  7. Headless Mom

    *big sigh of relief!

  8. Liz


  9. Angie

    Very glad Monkey made it through surgery so well. Wishing him a very speedy recovery!

  10. Leandra

    Whew! (wipes brown in relief!)

    I hope everything else continues to go as smoothly!!

  11. Arina

    Yay! Glad to hear it!

  12. Deirdre

    So glad to hear it! I kind of assumed you’d be too busy to post today, but I’m so glad you had time. I hope the weekend is smooth, and the recovery is too. Hugs to all!

  13. Jenn C.

    Glad to hear that surgery went well. Hope his recovery is swift and easy, and that he is feeling 100% soon!

  14. midj

    Hurray! Yay for you and Monkey. Puppy is clearly relieved!

  15. Sheila

    *Giant smile*

  16. Megan

    Yay! So glad to hear it.

  17. Leslie

    What great news! Hoping for a speedy recovery, and Mir, I’m so glad you’re feeling better. :)

  18. laura

    Thanks for the prompt update!! If you hear unexplained sounds today it’s your readers releasing the collective sighs of relief!!

    Have a great weekend!

  19. Rebecca

    Thanks for taking the time to update! Hoping his recovery goes just as well!

  20. Sharkey

    Wow! I stopped by here with the intention of letting you know I’m thinking of you all today, and boom! It’s already done!

    May the recovery be as quick as the procedure!

  21. Kristi

    So happy to hear it! Here’s to a weekend full of recovery for you all!

  22. Mom24@4evermom

    Yay! Great news. Hope he recovers quickly and that it makes a big difference.

  23. mar

    Here’s hoping his recovery is as smooth as the operation, and that “nice” Monkey comes back as soon as possible!

  24. KG

    HOORAY & a million hugs!
    We’re all pulling for you & a “relatively” easy recovery…

  25. Dsilkotch

    Hooray for Monkey! Sending healing vibes his way!

  26. JennyM

    Woot! Been thinking about you guys this morning. Here’s to a speedy recovery for your small simian pal.

    *Terrorist fist bumps all around*

  27. Jean

    Great news!! So happy to hear you’re hopeful, as well :)

  28. vickie

    great! hope all will continue to be well.

  29. navhelowife

    So happy! I’ve been praying for you this morning, and will continue to do so, that healing will be quick, complete and as pain free as possible.

  30. Springsteen fan

    Hooray for Monkey! Hooray for Mir! Hang in there, it’s gonna be a long week to ten days, but then, hopefully, it will be REALLY GREAT. : )

  31. Aimee

    YAY, Monkey! YAY, Mir! Soo happy to hear that things went well and that picture…? Well, it just does my heart good.

  32. Karishma

    Yes! Its only uphill from here :)

  33. Karen

    Awesomeness. Now go home and chillax.

  34. Hally

    Hooray for Monkey! Relief for you & Otto, and hugs to Chickie so that she knows she is loved and squelched just as much!

  35. christine

    Good Luck with the recovery! It can be tough but it will be worth it! I had two kids do it over Winter Break last year and now we have been a full year without constant strep throat for my daughter (ZERO!!) and it made all the difference for my son…apparently he was suffering from sleep apnea which was making him (a normally wonderfully happy, even keeled kid) into a monster tyrant due to NOT ENOUGH SLEEP! Here’s hoping it will help everyone!!

  36. Casdok

    Good to hear!

  37. Jeanmarie

    So happy for Monkey, and so relieved for you :-)

  38. Jamie

    YAY!!! Hoping his good attitude continues through the weekend!

  39. Susan

    So happy things went smoothly. May the healing be just as smooth.

  40. Nelson's Mama

    Glad to hear that Monkey is doing well!

    I wish I had those warm blankets at home – they are the bomb!

  41. RuthWells

    FANTASTIC. Been thinking of you.

  42. Isabel

    Wonderful! Let the healing begin.


  43. Jennifer

    So so relieved!!!

  44. Rachel

    Yeah! I checked your site thinking there wouldn’t be an update yet, but I would just let you know I’m thinking of you. Glad to see the update & read that you’re feeling better. =)

    Puppy is right that tonsils & adenoids are stupid… I haven’t had mine since 1980 & haven’t missed them a bit! The tubes though? Were a blessing for my 2 year old (he’s 11 now)… tubes are amazing! =) Not sure on the Pokemon thing, so I’ll take Puppy’s word on that.

    Still thinking of you… here’s to a weekend of lots of nintendo! =)

  45. Rachel

    PS, in 1980 when a 10 year old had her tonsils out it, was a 3 day hospital stay… so there’s something to be thankful for, going home today!

  46. Karen P


  47. Susan

    This procedure always makes me think back to babyhood days at my house – the ENT kept reminding me not to be so nervous, it was just a minor surgical procedure. When my pediatrician heard this he said, “Honey, when it’s your own kid, there is no such thing as a minor procedure!” He’s right and it’s nice to be able to exhale a bit when it’s all over! Best wishes for an uneventful post-op weekend.

  48. Chuck

    Awesome! Here’s hoping for a smooth fast recovery.

  49. Heidi

    Sending soothing, healing thoughts. Share some of them with Monkey, will ya?

  50. Heidi

    Oh, and here’s a story I’ll share now that Monkey has already had the surgery. When I was six, four out of five of the kids in our family had our tonsils removed. (Reminds of of “Four out of five dentists agree.” But I digress…) Having four children in the hospital at the same time was a bit much for my Mom, who got faint and ended up lying on the floor. I asked if she was okay, and wanting to appear (from her horizontal position) calm and brave, said, “Oh, I’m just resting…”

    The fifth sibling had her tonsils out when she was in her 20’s, and it was pretty gnarly. (That’s a medical term.)

  51. Katie in CA


  52. Debbi

    Wonderful news!! Thanks for the update. Now go give him hugs from all of us!! :-)

  53. Karen

    Good to know. Thanks for the update. Warm wishes from upstate NY.

  54. Monique

    Yay!!! So glad it went okay! Feel better soon, Monkey! God bless!

  55. Varda (SquashedMom)

    Yay! Enjoy the ice cream fest & here’s to rapid healing!

  56. E's Mommy

    I’m so glad that everything went so well! I hope Monkey feels better soon (and you too!)!

  57. AlisonC

    Hugs to you all

  58. Jen

    Good. Puppy friends make surgeries better. We know this from experience.

  59. TC

    Great news!

  60. kelly

    My son had his tonsils/adenoids out yesterday, besides the ‘wake-up’ from the surgery, all has been really easy. He was eating within 3 hours of the surgery, talking within an 1hour. I heard that day 2 is worse, but so far it has been great. I noticed on the way home his breathing did not sound like Darth Vadar! This morning he was dancing around smiling and I asked what going on, he said and I quote “I am sooo happy, I can breathe, I can breathe.” I know not every recovery is like this, (hopefully it stays this way) but I wanted to share a positive story, as most are scary! Things that helped, I think…Cool mist humidifier wherever he goes, Stay on the pain management schedule even at night. Liquids, Liquids Liquids. His Favorite has been chicken broth with those little star pastas. Good Luck, hope all goes well :)

  61. Fabs

    Awesome! Sending happy thoughts your way!!!

  62. Jane

    Smiles to you and yours.

  63. Randi

    So glad that the surgery is over! Sending wishes for a fast recovery period!

  64. Frank

    Add another voice to the (make him) stick to the post op regimen…. food, meds, activity limits and recommendations. Also second the cool mist humidifier thing. Worked great for us. Ask your doc, though.. because someone I respect told me that a vaporizor (sans the medicine additives) works better. Not sure of the functional difference in the 2 for this case, but something to consider.

    Here’s hoping!


  65. Jill W.

    Thanks for the update. So glad it went well.

  66. Aubri

    Oh, I’m so glad it went well. You, Monkey, Otto, and Chickie are in our prayers! Here’s to this surgery being a “reset” button toward a brighter, less yucky-head feeling future!

  67. Sara Padrusch

    Woohoo! Been thinking about you guys all day!


  68. Tenessa

    WOOOOOOT! My son and his bear Earl really liked the unlimited DS play after his TnA, too. I’m so glad things are going smooooooothly!

  69. Jen

    Glad to hear the surgery went well, and Monkey (and you!) are getting through it all OK. Can’t imagine what a weight this must be off your shoulders. Hope the recovery period goes well, and quickly.

  70. My Kids Mom


  71. Katie in MA

    Still thinking about you guys – hope all is still going better than expected. :) I would send popsicles and milkshakes, but I don’t think they’d survive the journey.

    Hang in there…

  72. Tracy

    Awesome..and quick! I love that! Have a great weekend!!!!!

  73. Lulu

    Beautiful — thank you for the great progress report!
    More prayers and good wishes being sent for an easy (or non-rollercoaster) recovery!

  74. DW

    So glad Monkey is doing OK.

    Hope he has an easy relaxing weekend.

  75. Karen R.

    Yay! Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery and the return of the pre-infected-snot-filled Monkey.

  76. Beachgal

    Feel better soon Monkey!!!

  77. JC

    YAY!! When my son had his out the pain hit about 48 hours later. Be prepared! Also, having his adenoids out produced the most noxious odor EVAH and it came straight out of my little angel’s mouth. Ew!

  78. Lara

    Yay! It is done. Here’s hoping the recovery continues on the smoother than expected path and Monkey feels much better soon.

  79. Heather

    So glad to hear that surgery went well. I hope Monkey and Puppy continue to have a speedy recovery.

  80. Michelle

    Yay for Monkey! Thank you for updating so quickly, I’ve been thinking about Monkey alot today! He will start to feel soooooo much better with those gone. I agree though that day 2 of recovery can get hairy. One of mine spent parts of it barfing bloody stuff. Just keep up on the pain meds and this too shall pass.

  81. Little Bird

    Good news!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I also recommend lots of movies, Fantasia for one. It’s good for the painkiller induced sleepiness.
    I hope he starts to feel better stress-wise and emotionally really soon!

  82. Jeanie

    I hope this does the trick for all of you. Congrats to Monkey for getting through this so well.

  83. Ashlee

    so very glad he is on the mend. continued prayers for you, Monkey, and your family!!

  84. Reb

    yay! Glad to hear it’s going well. Thanks for keeping us posted!

  85. Another Dawn

    Yay for quick and successful surgeries! Congrats to Brave Monkey!

    Now on to the quick and relatively painless (we hope) recuperation portion of our program…

  86. TC

    Woot! Glad to hear the good news!

  87. BethRD

    So glad to hear it. I hope recovery continues uneventfully!

  88. Jen

    Was thinking of you all today. So happy to hear all is well!

  89. Melanie

    Another Woo Hoo!! I hope the recovery goes well.

  90. Sarahtoo

    Hooray! Well done, Monkey–and Mir! Here’s hoping that his recovery is as smooth as, well, ice cream!

  91. Julie

    Had to shed a few tears when I read this…have been holding my breath for you, and am so glad it’s over! Here’s to a new day for all of you.

  92. Flea

    Did they prescribe the codeine lollipops for his recovery? They ROCK. And I’m sure you know, but it’s three or four days in that recovery becomes tough. And by day ten? All better.

    So glad for you all!

  93. addy

    Yay! Congratulations to the both of you. Get better soon Monkey. And thanks for the update Mom. Really appreciate it.

  94. shadymama

    oh, lovely.

  95. Kathy

    Happy Recovery to ALL of you! Didn’t Monkey just LOVE those warm blankets? Greg got to bring one home after his first surgery and it’s still his FAVORITE! Oh the coziness!! :)

    Take care of yourselves this weekend! So many hugs to all of you!

  96. Cele

    Oh I’m glad it’s going well

  97. sandy

    Yay Monkey! I’m so glad it went well and he’s on the road to recovery.

  98. Lisa

    Sending Love and Sunshine your way this Sunday morning! Hope the road to recovery is a smooth one for everybody!

  99. Debra

    Hey Monkey! I hope you’re feeling better. Your Mom has a lot of friends out here that are cheering for you to recover quickly so you can get back to your regular Monkey-shines self. Give your Mom a big hug and get well soon.

  100. Annette

    Hoping the refurbished Monkey is better than ever:). I will continue to pray for a speedy recovery!

  101. Chris

    Yeah for Monkey and hope the rest of the recovery goes well.

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