National Delurking Day?

By Mir
January 14, 2011

Apparently today is National Delurking Day, and I’m supposed to be encouraging folks who read but don’t comment to come out of hiding and say hello. I’m… actually not going to do that, though. Two things, instead:

1) Allow me to do my own bit of delurking: I am not very good about responding to comments, a lot of the time. I feel badly about that, because I know some people are personally affronted when they don’t get a response. It’s not personal, it’s just that there’s limited time in the day and also I suck. BUT. I read every single comment. I treasure most of them. I am so, so grateful for all of you, especially lately, when things have been hard and 99.99% of you have been so very kind. Some days, writing here, and knowing you’re out there reading, is truly a lifeline. Thank you for caring about my family. It means more to me than I can say.

2) If you feel you really want to say something and/or delurk, guess what else today is? It’s my dad’s birthday! Speaking of people who help prop me up… this is the guy who’s waved pompoms for me my entire life. He’s pretty swell, is my point. Also I think many of you appreciate the comments he leaves here. So feel free to show HIM some love today.


  1. Otto

    Can I be first?



  2. Stephanie O'Dea

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

    how on earth did you know that is was National Delurking Day? you’ve got a different type of wall calendar than I do. :-)

  3. Beachgal

    Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

  4. Annette

    Happy birthday, Mir’s dad! Thanks for having her:)

  5. Ann from St. Peter MN

    Hey – Happy Birthday Mir’s dad! I enjoy the times that she writes about you – and now I am visualizing you with pompoms in hand!

  6. Midj

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad! Thanks for raising such a warm, loving, funny, and thought provoking daughter. Also, thanks for your witty commentary here in the comments. We love you!

  7. Niki

    Happy Birthday Dad! You’ve raised an awesome daughter.

  8. Sherry

    Happy birthday, Mir’s dad. Dads are the best.

  9. Brigid

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad. May your day be filled with cake and ice cream.

  10. andi

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!!

  11. Burgh Baby

    Lurking . . . lurking . . . lurking . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIR’S DADDY!

  12. navhelowife

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad! A good Dad is a wonderful thing, and we know she treasures you very much!

  13. Laura

    Delurking to say Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad! I am lucky to have a dad just like you :)

  14. Beth R

    Yay Dad! Happy Birthday :)

  15. Becky J

    Delurking… been reading you since you started blogging and NEVER have left a comment (because you don’t know me and it would have been weird, ya know?). But silently cheering for you and your family from Chicago for years. And Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad!!!

  16. Stimey

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s dad!

    I had a long comment about the responding to comments that I typed and then erased and then typed and then erased, but long story short, I can’t even imagine how much time it would take for you to respond to all your comments. You don’t owe us a response. I know that when I comment on a blog, I do it with no expectation of return. If there is a response, great! If not, it’s okay. You share a lot with us; we don’t have to bleed you completely dry. :)

  17. Jenn C.

    Aaaaaw, happy birthday to Mir’s Dad!

    I’m not a total lurker, since I comment occasionally, but I’ll take de-lurking day to tell you how much I enjoy reading your tales of Chickadee and Monkey and how you inspire me to be a better and more patient Mom myself, as well as reminding me that the job is tough for all of us, and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself when I mess it up.

    Thank you for writing!

  18. MomQueenBee

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad! You reared a fine daughter.

  19. Springsteen fan

    Yay, Mir’s Dad!!! Sis-boom-bah!!! Happy Birthday to her Pa! *waving my pom-poms*

  20. Debbi

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!! You rock!! You did a great job raising her :-)

  21. Jenn

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad! Your daughter is a lovely writer and an equally lovely person. You’ve raised a good kid, there. Enjoy your day!

  22. becky

    I love reading your dad’s comments. Happy birthday to him!

  23. Lindsey

    Delurking for a moment or two to say thanks for writing, Mir!
    And Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  24. amber

    I agree your dad’s comments are the best and it is easy to see why you are such an amazing mama, you have a wonderful example to follow!
    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad, I hope you have a wonderful day!

  25. Saskia

    Happy birthday Mir’s dad! (yay, now I’ve wished your dad a happy birthday and I’ve delurked. Very efficient use of one comment.)

  26. Jean

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s dad!!!

    Your daughter is pretty (and pretty amazing!) :)

  27. Headless Mom

    Happy birthday to Mir’s dad. (That sounds so weird, like way too third-person-ish. Or something.) Have an excellent day!

  28. Karate Mom

    *clears throat*
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday, Mir’s daaaad!
    Happy birthday to yoooouuuuuuu!
    *takes a bow*

  29. Kelly

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

  30. suzie

    1) Happy Birthday to the Dad!!

    2) I never post a comment expecting a response. The times you have responded have been fun little treats. I do not think you should feel compelled to respond to comments.

  31. Petunia

    HB, Mir’s Daddy! And many hugs and prayers for you and your family, Mir.

  32. Amy

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!!! Every post I scroll down to see if you’ve commented because you always have such dear comments! You’re one more of an amazing daddy to our darling Mir!! Hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!

  33. J from Ireland

    Oh Mir’s Dad has made me cry many a time with his lovely comments here. Happy Birthday to you, I really hope you have a lovely day.

  34. Lylah

    Happy birthday, Mir’s Dad!

  35. Flea

    Hi Mir’s Dad! Happy birthday! I hope you’re enjoying your snow!

  36. Kendra

    To Mir’s Dad,
    Happy Birthday you must be one of the world’s greatest dad as you have done such a wonderful job raising Mir!!

  37. Jamie

    Happy birthday, Mir’s Dad! Hope it’s super fantastic!!

  38. Heathir

    Happy birthday, Mir’s dad!

    I hope someday I will be as proud of my grown children as you must surely be of yours.

  39. Lily Starlight

    Happy birthday Mir’s dad. I enjoy your comments almost as much as I enjoy Mir’s posts.

  40. Kathykate

    no worries on not commenting; it’s like sending a thank you for the thank you… !

    I read often, and comment seldom, so with that: thanks for great posts and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dad!

  41. Megan

    Happy birthday, Mir’s Dad – clearly an exceptional father AND one of my all-time favorite commenters (maybe tied. With Otto).

  42. stacy

    It’s my bday too so that makes me happy that I get to share it with mir’s Dad! Happy bday to him!

  43. Momsy

    Happy, happy birthday to Mir’s Dad.

  44. Mamadragon

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad. Your comments are unfailingly supportive and yet also so perfectly right-on. I look for them with every one of Mir’s posts. And you have raised a daughter who is so, so smart, funny, and talented. You are awesome!

  45. Karen R.

    Happy birthday to Mir’s awesome Dad — who is also an awesome Grandpa!

  46. my kids' mom

    It is always good when, as adults, we know we can still count on our parents to be there for us when we need them. Because we will always need them.

    As for delurking- those of us who only get a handful of visitors to our sites would very much like to know who they are. So, if you visit my site, please say hi and let me know. Having a stranger find, and read, and return to my site is a wonderful treat.

  47. Nancy R

    Happy Birthday, Papa Mir!

    Two of my daughter’s classmates have birthdays today, AND one of those girls is going to become a big sister (again) today as her Mom was induced this morning. I hope they all grow up to be as swell as Papa Mir.

  48. el-e-e

    Happy birthday to your dear Dad!

    and Puh-lease, we don’t expect you to respond to every comment, are you kidding?! How would that even be possible?

    Happy FRIDAY, anyway, and here’s hoping for a peaceful weekend!

  49. Aimee

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s dad! I always love it when you comment, and hope you have a great day.

    As for you, Mir, having to reply to comments — good gravy, if you had to respond to every one you wouldn’t have time to do anything else! I’m always happy to get a response, but I don’t comment because I expect one. So you have a great day too, and don’t worry about Judgey McJudgerson telling you that you *need* to do this or that. Pah! I say. PAH!!!

  50. Shana

    Love the blog! Happy Birthday Dad! Dads rock!

  51. Varda (SquashedMom)

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!!!!

    And, Mir: My beloved, supportive Dad passed away this past year, days shy of his 93rd birthday. Treasure your time with your Dad, I hope you have many more Birthdays to celebrate with him.

  52. sassymonkey

    Is it really delurking if you know I read? ;-)

    Happy birthday father of Mir!

  53. Jess

    1. Happy birthday, Mir’s dad!

    2. Mir, seriously, don’t you have enough on your plate without responding to all of us crazy internet people? 99.9% of us get that, and don’t mind that you don’t reply to each and every comment.

  54. Dsilkotch

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

  55. Heather @Critter Chronicles

    Happy birthday to your dad!

    And I’m delurking because I promised my ten readers that if they left me a comment there I’d try to pay it forward. :)

  56. cardinal

    Infrequent commenter, but daily reader, so I’m a semi-lurker. I’m always up for a party; best wishes for a happy birthday, Mir’s dad! (I first typed “pappy birthday” which also kind of works.)

  57. Arina

    Yay, Mir’s Dad! Happy birthday!

  58. Nancy Mehegan

    I admit it — I’m one of the Lurkers. I love your blog — you are great. Thanks for all the insights & laughs. Warmest regards, Nancy Mehegan, Vaboomer blog,

  59. Michelle

    I don’t say much but I do read daily so I guess that makes me a lurker. So here I am with two thoughts. . .Happy Birthday to Mir’s dad, you’ve raised one awesome daughter!!

    And second, with all that’s been going on with you, you are never far from my thoughts and I truly hope that this is the year that things fall into a more peaceful pattern for Monkey. Being the mom of a newishly minted 12 year old daughter I’m starting to see some of the things you talk about occasionally with your 12 year old, and it truly gives me a newfound appreciation for what my parents went through.

  60. DW

    I am a poster on your deal blog but not here. 99% of the time, what I want to say has already been posted. Since I am not the most eloquent person, I leave the comments to others. Though for today, I am posting:

    Happy birthday Mir’s dad!!

  61. Katherine

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad! Love your comments. Keep up the good work in all you do.

  62. Heather

    I’ve only delurked once before to tell you that you made me cry (years ago on Monkey’s birthday.Though I’ve shed many more since, simply touched by your words, your strength, and how genuine you are.) Just want to take the opportunity to let you know that your blog is the only one I check in to read on a daily basis, and the only one I take the time to peruse comments on. (Always looking for one from your Dad, of course!)

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad!

  63. Beth

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad! Thanks for the chuckles with your comments!

  64. laura

    Birthday Greetings to Mir’s Dad
    (Greetings like hugs are FREE)

    Please eat a piece of cake for me!

  65. Therese

    Happy birthday to you, Mir’s Dad. You have raised a pretty incredible person!

  66. Nichole

    Happy birthday, Mir’s dad!

  67. Rebecca

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad!!!

  68. Jeanmarie

    You say it’s your birthday, na-na-na-na-na-na….Happy birthday to ya

    A little Beatles tribute on your birthday, Papa Mir – a longstanding tradition in my family that I wanted to share with yours :-)

    Happiest of days,

  69. Melissa

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!!

  70. JP

    ♪♫ Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuu! ♪♫
    Have a good one, Mir’s Dad!

  71. Leslie

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad! Your birthday is the day after mine…we Capricorns have to stick together…or are we Sagittarians now :-) ?

  72. Lynne

    I am a lurker. I have been feeling guilty about my ‘lurkitude’ for some time and so I take today to be lurk amnesty day, I suppose. I have enjoyed reading your blog for quite a while. Parenting is certainly not for the fainthearted. Mine is grown now, but I remember those preteen and teen years all too vividly, one roller-coaster ride after another. Hang- on, it changes. I just want you to know that you have my heart and prayers.

    And, Happy Birthday, Mir’s dad. I love reading your comments, too.

  73. liv

    happy birthday, mir’s dad. :)

  74. Mary

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s dad!

    And Mir!?!?!?!? You mean I’m not going to get an individual, detailed thank you note from you for that??? So disappointed…. just kidding!!!!!!

  75. macwade

    Hippo birdies two ewes! Happy day to Mir’s awesome dad!!

  76. MomCat

    Dear Mir’s Dad: I hope you have an amazing birthday, as amazing as your wonderful daughter, and that you feel good right down to your toes from all the warm feelings from us internet commenters, who totally love your erudite comments.

  77. KG

    Whoa whoa whoa
    Just a minute here. Otto FIRST? Hmmmmphhh
    Bet I know who he’s sleeping with…

    THANK YOU DAD for having the amazing Mir!
    Happy birthday!!!

    Personally I don’t like a personal reply on a comment I’ve left. Unless I have poured out some secret or shared something incredibly heartbreaking/traumatic or REALLY made your day- I’d prefer you just save your time writing your next post lol

    Read you daily but I’m usually the quiet type lol
    Love you, love your blog!!!
    See you again next year! :D

  78. Lily

    Happy Birthday Mir’s dad!

    It warms my heart reading your dad’s lovely posts.

  79. Leandra

    Your dad gets recognized at airports. He DESERVES his own delurking day.

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s dad! Thanks for doing such a great job with Mir. You done good.

  80. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

    I’m super impressed that you not only seem to read Mir’s blog on a regular basis but also have such sweet and supportive things to say. I can’t even get my dad to read my email! :)

  81. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

  82. Ani

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

  83. bad penguin

    I don’t comment as much as I should, but I do read every day.

    and Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

  84. Susan

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad!!

  85. Jill W.

    Happy birthday, Mir’s dad!!!

  86. Kristine

    Haoopy Birthday Dad!!!!

    Mir, I am one of those who read you every day and not always leaves a comment. I laugh and cry with you…. Please keep the writing up – It is so real and i believe you have educated a ton of us, including me, with everything you go through. I also love the fact that you guys are from New England!!! Yea Massachusetts!!!

  87. elswhere

    Many happy returns of the day, Mir’s Dad!

  88. LizD

    Happy Birthday Dad. Count me as another one who loves reading your comments. Hope you have a great day!

  89. Deirdre

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad! (waving happily in every direction since I know you’re sort of nearby)

    And Mir, getting a reply to a comment is fun–but we all know that is, as it should be, low on your priority list. And I hope that school re-opens soon

  90. Lori N

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

  91. Jan in Norman, OK

    Yo, Mir’s Dad! Hope it’s good one!

  92. emily

    I certainly don’t comment with great frequency, but I read daily, and think that really you’re doing a fabulous job keeping it together with everything that’s going on in your family right now.

    And happy birthday, Mir’s Dad!

  93. Tracy

    I don’t understand how people can read and not comment. I guess I’m very outspoken and like to just talk. lol ♪♫♪♫Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad!!!♪♫♪♫

    And how did Otto beat us to be first???? ;o)

  94. Fabs

    Happy Birthday to Mir’s Dad! I have to admit that sometimes I look through the comments on a post specifically for his and Otto’s comments because they are usually the best!

  95. Hallie

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad! Your comments always make me smile.

  96. Carrie

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad! I have commented here before that I kinda love you. You should know that after reading Mir’s post each day, I scroll through the comments, hoping you have left one. I enjoy reading them every bit as much as I enjoy reading the actual content of Mir’s blog. Thanks also for taking the family on that great cruise, because that was fun to read about and now I’m not too subtly suggesting to my own dad what a great idea such a family trip could be!

  97. Lara

    I thought it was really sweet the times you did respond to my comments but I certainly don’t expect it. In fact, the first time I was blown away with surprise because you don’t know me (I feel like I know you from your blog!) and there are so many comments and you have other blogs, work, family etc. I don’t know how you do it!! So thanks! Your blog is a lifeline in my busy stay-at-home Mom day. I am relieved to seeing you posting again, as I was starting to worry, still am concerned actually as this wasn’t a real informative blog entry! I hope the week is getting better for you.

    A very happy birthday to Mir’s Dad who sounds like an amazing man. There are a few commentators I always make sure to read and Dad and Otto are at the top of the list for extending the laughs and the odd awww, that’s so sweet moments :)

  98. Rachel

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad! My baby was born 11 years ago today (how is it possible that it was 11 years ago?). Awesome people were born on this date! =)

  99. Birchsprite

    Happy birthday Mir’s Dad! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

    And thank you to Mir. You are a wonderful writer and it makes my day to read your posts.

  100. JuJuBeans

    Happy birthday Mir’s dad! You raised a seriously great person and an awesome writer :-)

    Yeah I’m delurking to say I love your blog.I’ve been reading it for…I guess almost three years now. I remember the post when Chickie turned 10, so from a little bit before then I have to say. Seriously love your blog and you and your family are always in my thoughts.

  101. kakaty

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!!!

  102. Katie in MA

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad! I hope it’s filled with lots of friends and lots of fun! (…And even more cake. Because mmmmm….cake….)

  103. Jill

    Happy birthday, Mir’s dad!

  104. ramblin red

    Funny thing about national delurking day….it seems to occur more than once a year….it seems more like an affirmation thing to me, lol.

    I’m here. I comment sometimes, and sometimes time escapes me/everyone else has already said what is on my mind.

    And to Mir’s Dad – you’re a secret hero of mine. Really any parents who champion for their kids are (so Mir counts too!) because I missed out on that, particularly the whole dad thing, and aspire to give it to my kids daily, now and as they are adults. Happy Birthday – hope there are many, many more headed your way and that they are filled with health, peace and love.

  105. Jennifer

    I admit I am a lurker most of the time, but I’ve read your blog for about four years now and I love it. Happy Birthday to your dad!

  106. Sara

    I have read your blog for lots of years. I feel perfectly comfortable saying that even though I have been happily married for nearly 20 years (why yes, I WAS married as a fetus!) I might possibly have just the weensiest crush on your dad. So happy birthday Mir’s dad! You are awesome. And so is your daughter. You done good, sir.

  107. Karen

    Happy Birthday Mirs Dad!! I always enjoy your wit and wisdom here on Mirs blog – Now when you were waving those pompoms,… just tell me you weren’t wearing a skirt. :-)

  108. Mom2Trplts

    Happy Birthday to Mir’s Dad! I read you every day Mir and love the way your sharing touches my heart or my funny bone. Sometimes, and often, both.

  109. kathy

    man that Otto is SUCH a suck up! :)

    I LOVE Pappy Birthday! What a gREAT typo. I am lucky enough to have a dad who seems rather similar to PappyMir and he is really a treasure. I’m sure you know how much Mir treasures you PappyMir, but it never hurts to hear it again. If she can get all of us to sing your praises and praise your birth, you’ve got to be quite a guy.

    Pappy birthday, PappyMir. :) I hope its a great one!

  110. dad


    My father used to tell me that getting old was great…particularly when you considered the alternative.

    My most heartfelt gratitude to you and all your readers for their kind wishes.
    I admit to often living vicariously through the accomplisments of my progeny but as you know, you are awesome (although occassionally sarcastic).

    Next year we should reconsider the pony.

    Love you (shaking pom- poms).


  111. Andrea

    Happy birthday to you, Mir’s Dad!

  112. Hally

    I’m DYING over here in CA. Your dad loves you enough to *STILL* consider getting you a pony. That rocks!

    Happy Birthday Father of Mir, you’re pretty awesome. (in lieu of Mir’s ‘you’re pretty’ tagline)

    All the best for many more!

  113. Holly

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Mir!

  114. MamaChristy

    Happiest day to you, Mir’s dad.

  115. Veronica

    Delurking day again already? Who decides these things?

    Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  116. Nev

    Happy birthday Mir’s Dad!

  117. Layla

    Happy Birthday Dad of Mir!!
    Hugs to you all.

  118. Jennifer

    Okay I’m not a total lurker but I don’t comment often.

    Happy birthday Mir’s Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Jaime

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!!

  120. getsheila

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIR-DAD! (Is that like a Mere-Cat? Do you stand on your hind legs as lookout while the family forages?) I hope you have a lovely birthday.

  121. Elizabeth

    Happy birthday! Hope your day is wonderful…

    And Mir, I don’t expect a return comment every time I leave one here…

  122. Lesley

    Happy Birthday Mir’s dad, and many many more of them………

  123. Pam

    Happy Birthday MIR’s Dad!!!! I always look to see if you comment on your daughter’s blog because they are always such funny and loving remarks!!! She is a special daughter and a treasure to all of us!!! Have a great day!!!!

  124. Lulu

    I’d like to add to the chorus of Happy birthday wishes, Mir’s dad! These guys are singing for you:
    (at the end, just pretend it says “Happy Birthday, _Sir_.”)

    Over the years I lurk more and comment less because I started sounding like even more of a loon than I am in real life. My comments never come out like I mean them to…but I do appreciate your sharing your writing and all with us, Mir! Best wishes to you & your whole circle for a far better 2011.

  125. Shelley

    I’ll tell a secret. Sometimes if I think it’s a post your dad might comment on, I sometimes scroll through the comments looking for your dad’s response to your post and skip reading everyone else’s comments! Happy birthday “dad!”

  126. Crystal

    You are an encouragement to a lot of people. We all know you are doing your very best, and I’m sure we are all wishing you weren’t so hard on yourself. Praying for you guys. :)

  127. Leslie

    It’s my Dad’s (affectionately called Tractor by my children) birthday today too! Nothing compares to having a lifelong, cheerleading father….glad yours is one too. Love your blog, thanks for the notification about Delurking Day, I guess just about anything can get a day now.

  128. SillyMe

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad!
    *waving “Hi” up at the comment from you above*

  129. liz

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad!

    Happy NDD, Mir!

  130. Grace

    Mir, I lurk on your blog. I read nearly every entry, but I very rarely comment, since you already have tons of comments by the time I usually get to reading your posts. However, in honor of this day, I thought I’d let you know I’m here.

    And happy birthday, Mir’s dad!

  131. ShelliFromAustralia

    Happy Birthday Mir’s dad!!

  132. Trish

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

    also, I’ve rarely commented but I’ve been reading off and on for a couple of years and I’m very fond of Mir and family.

  133. SherryGreens

    Delurking! We have tons of snow too but no cancellations up here in Canada. Seriously it is the worst I have seen in 10 years or something.

    And happy birthday to your lovely dad.

  134. Another Dawn

    Happy Birthday, Dad!

    Also, comments on comments not required. Although I share your feeling that comments must be responded to, I don’t feel militant about other bloggers responding to mine.

    What do you think?


  135. Zuska

    Oh, Mir, you KNOW I’m a longtime fan, and I rarely comment, but who could pass up the chance to wish your charming, witty, and (apparently) pom-pom carrying Dad a Happy Birthday??? So…Happy Birthday, Mr. Mir’s Father!!! (Anyone remember “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”? That’s what their housekeeper called Eddie’s Father. So. Dating. Myself.)

  136. Heidi

    MWAH to the Mir family, and happy, happy birthday to Dad, who sounds WAY cool! (My favorite photo from this blog was taken from behind of Dad and Monkey, walking hand in hand.)

  137. Becky

    Dear Mir’s Dad,

    Thank you for helping to create such a fabulous Mir. She is so shiny and funny and strong and brilliant.

    I ctrl + f your comments because they are lovely.

    Have a happy birthday!


    PS Maybe you should go on another cruise.

  138. Wendy

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad, and Mir, prayers are continuing to flow your way.

  139. Andrea

    1) Happy Birthday Mir’s dad!

    2) Mir, I don’t know if you heard but TARGET IS COMING TO CANADA!!!!

  140. LisaK

    1) Read everyday and i believe this is my first “delurk”
    2) Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

  141. Chuck

    Happy birthday Mir’s Dad! Your kid turned out to be quite a writer.

  142. Sarah

    Not allowed to feel bad about not replying to all the comments!

    Besides, delurking day or not, I hardly ever comment on blogs, and I know that you’ve replied to me at least 2-3 times :)

  143. Debbie

    Happy birthday to your dad!

  144. cheryl

    Perhaps I’ve commented before (??). If so, it’s likely been a long time ago.

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s dad!

    As a writer myself, I always enjoy your posts. You pull together complete essays and you’re able to get to the gut of an issue and make us feel your joy/love/pain/suffering, etc. You make regular posts so I know I’m going to be rewarded each time I click on to you page.

    I was too busy to check in most of this fall, so I don’t know how Chickadee’s skin problems worked out, but I’m pulling for you on Monkey’s issues. May they be resolved soon. Blessings to you all.

  145. Angie

    I hope it isn’t too late to wish happy birthday to Mir’s dad!

  146. Starling

    ♪ ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♪ ♫
    Happy Birthday to you!
    ♪ ♫ Happy Birthday dear Mir’s Dad ♪ ♫
    Happy Birthday to you! ♪ ♫ and many more!

  147. Isabel

    Happy Birthday Mir’s dad! Holding you in my thoughts Mir, you and your whole family! :)

  148. Em

    Well, I don’t read all of your comments but I do always look for your dad’s comments. Happy Birthday, Mir’s dad! You are one in a million!

    (And because I would feel like a lousy mother if I didn’t mention, you share a birthday with my youngest. I hope all January 14 babies turn out to be their loved ones greatest cheerleaders. And also, please, not jailbirds. He’s only 4 but I have my suspicions.) Three cheers for birthday boys and not doing time: Hip hip HOORAY! Hip hip HOORAY! Hip hip HOORAY!

  149. Krystal

    I’ll delurk today and say hi. I’ve been reading this blog for a few years, love your writing. And a very very happy birthday to you, Mir’s Dad! :)

  150. jodifur


  151. Stacey

    Hello! Delurking with a Happy Birthday for your day. :)

  152. elza murphy

    I de-lurk only for you, Mir, because your writing is so very, very good.

  153. PopC

    De-lurking to say “Happy Birthday” “Dad”.

    Been a regular reader for years. I always enjoy your writing (and your Dad’s comments).

  154. Allanna

    Happy birthday, Mir’s Dad! I hope that your day was as wonderful as your very, very pretty daughter!

  155. elz

    Happy Birthday Mir’s dad, thanks for being half of the reason she’s in the world!

  156. Jen

    Happy birthday Mir’s dad! Hope you have had a fantastic day.

    Mir, I’ve commented once or perhaps twice, but consider myself a lurker. Thanks for keeping me company (via the blackberry) on sleepless nights with an infant, and even still as I put her to bed at night. You are a daily must-read for me, and a mothering inspiration.

  157. Heather

    Happy birthday, Mir’s dad!
    Also, can I please beat up the .01%? I mean, SERIOUSLY. Who DOES that?!

  158. Mare Martell

    Holy Moses in a hand basket!

    May the anniversary of your father’s birth be filled with love (clearly it is, even from people he doesn’t know), laughter, and joy. It’s not uncommon for the parents to not get recognized for the wonderful work they do (usually it’s the, “Guess what your kid did, agains”). I’d like to take this brief Internet moment to say, “GREAT JOB MIR’S DAD! HAPPY DAY TO YOU!”

  159. Jessica

    I’m going to come out and say it: I always look for dad’s comments on here to see what funny thing he has to say.

    Happy birthday, Mir’s dad!

    Also, are you talking about rethinking the pony for yourself next year or for Mir? Would Mir have to get rid of the pool to have the pony (if it’s for her)?

  160. erma

    Happy Birthday to you, Mir’s Dad! I must confess that I too look forward to reading whatever comments you may have…

  161. Cele

    Happy Birthday Pom Pom Dad!

  162. Kristi

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s dad!

  163. Laura

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

    Often times when she’s posted something especially poignant and/or family related, I check just to see if you’ve commented. They’re always great.

  164. traci

    Happy Birthday Mir’s dad :)
    (can’t imagine a better reason to delurk!)

  165. Melanie

    I’m late… Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad!! I hope you had a great day. :)

  166. Carol

    Late to the party again–Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

  167. Rachael

    Happy birthday, Mir’s dad. :) If you want people to de-lurk, Mir, have a contest with a giveaway! ;)

  168. Rebekah

    I just started reading your blog recently and think it is terrific.

  169. Katie

    Happy belated birthday Mir’s Dad!

    I’ve been reading/lurking for years (I used to write under “Ramblings of a SAHM” but I got fired from that job when I got divorced, ha). Keep up the great work!

  170. Stacey

    I’m a day late, but… My name is Stacey, and I’m a lurker.

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

  171. Melanie

    Happy Birthday, Dad!

    I love Mir’s posts and they are awesome on their own… yet, after I read each one, I scroll through the comments looking for Dad and Otto. These comments are the icing on the cake, the gravy on the biscuit, the syrup on my bacon… (Ok, I might be the only one that appreciates that last one).

    Anyway, Happy Birthday again.. and Happy DeLurking day to you Mir!

    PS… that’s not to say I don’t read all the comments because your readers rock! I just look for Dad’s and Otto’s first.

  172. Laura F

    Delurking to say yours has been my favorite blog for years and years. I have a daughter with autism, so I share lots of your experiences and concerns, and your insight and wisdom have helped me cope, so thank you for that. Also, on a different note, happy belated birthday to your dad!

  173. ccr in MA

    Happy birthday, Mir’s dad! (I’m late commenting, but I thought it at you yesterday.)

  174. Half Assed Kitchen

    Aww, what a nice gift for your dad. Happy Birthday!

  175. deb

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  176. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    Tell your dad I am sorry I missed his birthday. I had hockey tickets.

  177. Bethany

    Delurking here: I read every single post your write but I almost never comment. Just know we’re out here lurking, and . . . happy birthday Dad!

  178. Steph

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad! I love when YOU comment on Mir’s writing with an “atta-girl” every so often. :)

  179. amanda

    Happy Birthday “Dad” of Mir. :-)

  180. Kristen

    Another reader who doesn’t ever comment delurking to say: Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!

    …but what if the grandchildren are reading and see the part about the pony? That could be dangerous!

  181. addy

    Me Late to the Party … Happy Birthday Dad!!

  182. Paula Douglas

    De-lurking to say happy birthday to your Dad! His comments are always among the best!

  183. Brooke

    Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad!!! :)

  184. Wendalette

    Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad!

    I hope it’s not too strange to say that I look forward to reading your posts/responses to Mir’s entries, because I imagine that my own dad would say the same things to me. Although mine is still living, he’s been lost to me as a father for a long time now.

    Thanks to both of you — Mir’s Dad and Mir — for sharing part of your lives and your love for each other with us.

  185. mamaspeak

    Well then, day late, dollar short, no?
    I de-lurk often, so I don’t qualify for that part of the day AT ALL. (I can’t keep my mouth shut on my own Wordless Wednesdays, go figure.)
    I might have been on time to wish your dad a happy birthday, but I read through ALL 183 comments! Yeah, I need to get a hobby, I know. Perhaps, I should write a blog! Oh wait…

    Guess you won’t be asking us to de-lurk again after this round, since you read them all. It’s going be days before you get through them all and be able to write another post! That will teach you.
    Anywho, I pink puffy heart your writing. I aspire to be half the writer you are Mir. You are able to convey your point with humor and sarcasm and still be pithy! (And you’re pretty too!) I got the sarcasm down… I’m always in a bit a awe when you have responded to my comment, because I sort of consider you a rockstar. So while I never expect a response I’m always excited when it happens. No pressure or anything. ;-)

    Mir’s Dad. Happy Birthday to you!
    I, too scroll to see if you have posted a comment. I have to say, because of you and Otto, I feel like I’m getting a bonus miles on my credit card or something. Thanks for raising such a great daughter! We loves her! And we love that we know you loves her too!

    Told you I can’t keep it short.

  186. Chris

    Happy late birthday to Mir’s Dad. I can totally see where she gets her wit and talent from.

  187. Whimsical Woman

    Delurking to wish your Dad a happy (belated, but only ‘cos I’m on the other side of the world) birthday.

  188. Kate in Michigan

    slowly de-lurking.

    I got up this morning, and soon after thought, “Gee. WOnder how Monkey’s doing!”

    Happy b-day Mir’s dad, and “HIIIII” to Mir.

  189. Dawn

    I was never really a comment reader until I discovered your dad. Now I tend to scan through your comments looking for his. As a daughter who grew up without a father, I think I live vicariously through you and your dad…

    Happy Birthday Mir’s dad! It’s good to see what a father CAN be when he chooses to be.

  190. Billie

    Long time reader who loves to lurk but rarely comments. I wasn’t even going to comment on your post today until you mentioned it was your dad’s birthday. I find his comments to your posts very funny and knew I had to tell him,

    “Happy Birthday Dad!!!”

  191. Lori in MN

    More belated birthday wishes for Mir’s Dad! And thank you, Mir, for responding to me last week – what a completely thoughtful, unexpected, LOVELY surprise! I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. Reading your blog for the past several years has been a wonderful gift.

  192. Brigitte

    Happy birthday, Mir’s dad! Thanks for helping form the woman who brings us all such internet joy.

    And Mir, I always feel honored and amazed when you respond to a comment at all, with your busy schedule and family priorities. Do not fret when you can’t! If you took the time to do it all the time, for everybody, you’d soon end up like the movie stereotype of the connected, basement-dwelling web geek who never emerges from his/her lair to interact with the real world. Then where would your blog-fodder come from, huh? ;-D

  193. Sheppitsgal

    Belated Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad! Hope you had a fab day xx

  194. abbeyviolet

    Ok, several days late, but Happy Birthday Mir’s Dad! You rock!

    (Hope things are getting a bit better for everyone?)

  195. Alison C

    Oh I’m late.
    Happy Birthday, Mir’s Dad! xoxo

  196. JennyM

    Happy Post-birthday, Mir’s Dad! I always look forward to the “Dad” comments.

    Do people really *expect* personal responses to blog comments? Sometimes I don’t get the internet.

  197. Brenda

    Well, Happy Belated Birthday Mir’s Dad!!

    I usually read your blog once a week or more, depending on how busy my day is. I occassionally comment, but mostly think “Why would anyone want to hear from me?” LOL But, I do read!!

  198. Dizzy Elisabeth

    Hi Mir. Your stuff is one of the few things I read with any kind of regularity. It sort of happened by accident, but now I check in every couple of days to see what is going in the land of Mir and Monkey and Chickadee and Otto and Licorice. It seems like stuff there sort of sucks right now, but for what it’s worth, there’s a random Australian girl hiding out in a kitchen in a Mexican neighbourhood in Chicago who is rooting for you, all the way.

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