Love on a stick

By Mir
January 6, 2011

The holiday break is over, and we are back on the specialist merry-go-round in the continuing saga of Monkey And The Head Infection That Actually Isn’t Just Autism, Thanks. More on that tomorrow, just as soon as I figure out what number chapter we’re up to and I stop hitting my head against the desk.

But yesterday we arrived at the ENT’s office for a visit, and the doc was kind enough to offer Monkey the big glass jar of lollipops right at the main reception desk, before we even began. There was a moment there when I worried this was going to end badly—the doctor, being playful, was moving the jar side to side as Monkey tried to read the wrappers and select the right pop—but Monkey only said, “You know, I could get one out if you’d STOP DOING THAT” rather than melting down, so that was good. Once he had his prize, the doctor put the jar back and chuckled at him.

Monkey pocketed the lollipop and then looked around at all of us, clearly exasperated. “Is that why we came all the way over here? Just to get a lollipop?” he asked. While I choked on my tongue, the doctor hastily apologized for not moving things along, and directed Monkey to the exam room.

Monkey enjoyed his lollipop and regaled us all with assurances of how he’s PERFECTLY FINE now, NEVER BETTER, even after it was confirmed that he still has a raging infection and remains nearly deaf in one ear. Apparently it was a REALLY GOOD lollipop.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. If you’re struggling right now, may I suggest a lollipop?


  1. Katie in MA

    Sounds like Monkey’s subscribed to my 2011 resolution: seize the magic and forget all the rest. Maybe he’ll give me lessons? :)

  2. Jamie

    Sounds like a good plan to give him a treat for these sorts of appointments. Do you think it helped him cope any better with poking and prodding? Lollipops are good.

  3. Em

    I know you probably don’t think it is a good thing but I think it is pretty awesome that Monkey can say, in 11 year old speak, “Enough bullshit. Let’s get the show on the road”. I wish I were a little more like Monkey sometimes.

  4. Megan

    Man – my doctor NEVER gives me a lollipop anymore, much less lets me dig into that treasure chest I distinctly remember from my paediatrician’s office!

    You know, yesterday’s post has me wondering – because I carry a HUGE amount of “guilt” myself over my kids. Do we sometimes mistake guilt for sadness? I don’t know, but I was thinking about it and I wonder if when I say I feel guilty about this or that – do I mean that I feel terribly sad that things didn’t happen as I would have liked them to?

    See what you did?? You made me ponder!

  5. Casdok

    I will try that – thanks!

  6. Dsilkotch

    I second Em’s comment. Sounds Like Monkey handled that moment better than some “normal” adults would have.

  7. Debbi

    Happy Love Thursday Mir!! :-)

  8. Beth R

    Curious… wonder if the doc was actually testing something with the jar, or if he was just being a dork.

    One thing that has always amazed me about Monkey is how oblivious he is to being sick. You would think that he’d be hyper sensitive to it, with his sensory issues. Feel free to smack me for saying this, but I’m sort of glad to hear that hasn’t changed. It tells me that he’s still “Monkey” in there, y’know?

    Big hugs and tequilla lollypops for mom!

  9. jen minson

    I’m going to get right on that. Day started with husband wondering why I wouldn’t get out of bed.

  10. Kelly Allan

    When I have an infection of the head (a figurative one in my case) a large MCD’s sweet tea is my cure…it’s the small pleasures of life that make all the difference and get us through the tough stuff.

  11. Angela

    Poor little baby, I hope his infection clears up quickly. I’m a big fan of colloidal silver for infections (yes, I self-medicate if at all possible). On a bizarre but slightly related note – I remember seeing a documentary about the Salem witch trials where some researchers theorized that a fungus found in the grain could have been responsible for the strange behaviour/illnesses which the people at the time attributed to witchcraft. Basically they were poisoned by the fungus, so it seems logical that a massive head infection could certainly cause strange behaviour. Hopefully you can take comfort that the behaviour you were worried about was infection-related and not the autism getting worse. Soooo……also I guess be glad that you don’t live in the 1600s! Yikes!

  12. RuthWells

    Poor, poor Monkey!

    I could use a bouquet of lollipops, myself. I actually ate my lunch from the office vending machine yesterday, which I suppose is a close second. Gah.

  13. Randi

    LOL – kids are so much more resilient than adults, though, aren’t they? I remember one of our foster children wound up with an ear that was bleeding. We rushed him to the ER – turned out he had a horrible ear infection. But not ONCE did he ever tug at his ear or complain about it (he was 3) – no fever, no nothing.

  14. Chuck Mann

    I’m still partly deaf in one ear as I recover from my surgical procedure…it’s just plugged up right now but is gradually clearing. And, no lollipops available but I did have a peppermint candy just now so all is well. Hope the doc gets that infection’s ass kicked soon!

  15. Karen

    You gotta love that kid, he cuts right to the chase. And so now what, do they change the antibiotic?

  16. Lisa

    Understand your frustration and wish I could help. One thing that might help us as the public in general is for you to explain the difference and correlation between Aspbergers and Autism. From your stories, Monkey doesn’t sound Autistic, but I realize you probably aren’t telling the full dirty version of the story always. It might make us more understanding when we encounter someone with similar traits. I’m interested! Want info! Not meaning this in a critical way at all, just want to understand.
    Hugs to you.

  17. jessica

    You could suggest a lollipop, but I’d like you even more if you suggested chocolate. ;)

  18. addy

    Ummm Mir – did you know they make frozen margarita pops for grown-ups? Happy Love Thursday – you’re welcome.

  19. Jennifer

    Oh, Monkey – you crack me up!!

  20. KarenP

    Would love a lollipop or 100 lollipops. Whatever it takes. My nephew’s brain cancer is back after 11 years of being cancer free.

  21. Melody

    Oh Karen! That’s awful! I can’t imagine! And I liked Megan’s comment, really made me think…

  22. LizD

    Oops, wrong, musical group, not little boy; meant Monkey

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