And it was all very good

By Mir
January 1, 2011

I made a vision board yesterday, as planned. I was ready to go through the motions and be unimpressed, but it turned out to be kind of cool and yes, FINE, THERE WAS SOME WOO-WOO INVOLVED, and once I am done compartmentalizing all of that perhaps I will share.

In other news, THE CHILDREN ARE HOME, and Santa brought Band Hero and LEGO Rock Band and we are quite the motley crew of musicians. I am afraid I can’t share more without incriminating myself, but suffice it to say that the children forcibly removed the drumsticks from my grasp last night. Ahem.

2011 is shaping up to be plenty entertaining. Today—after losing the pen she was working with for perhaps the third time in a row—I idly remarked to Chickadee that, “I think it’s possible that you are actually too stupid to live.” (Quick, call Child Protective Services! Sarcasm is BAD FOR THE CHILDRENZ!)

She quickly retorted, “That is NOT TRUE! I am plenty stupid and I’m still alive.” We looked at each other for a moment and she concluded, “Wait, that didn’t come out right.” I assured her that it really had.

Happy New Year!


  1. meghann

    Ah, teaching her the fine art of verbal entrapment. I approve.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Jen B

    LOL Love it!! Got a chuckle out of the adults in this house. ;) And sounds quite familiar: my own Chickadee can’t keep track of her own HEAD sometimes, and it’s clearly attached to her neck & shoulders. ;)

  3. Jess

    Drums are HARD in Band Hero! I say this with bitter, bitter experience. ;)

  4. Cele

    The girl is going to become a fine rhetorical writer some day.

  5. Meredith

    Love Lego Rock Band for the no fail super easy level. Great when my littles insist on playing with the older sib who only plays on expert level. I too love to play the drums, but only when using the auto-kick pedal feature.

  6. Julie

    Ha ha ha! Love this ~ thanks for making my 2010 so full of smiles ~ wishing you the best, happiest and healthiest 2011!!

  7. Stimey

    Ha, ha, ha, ha! Love it.

    Also, Yay! Kids are home!

  8. Chantelle

    Hilarious! I’m on the phone with child services right now. Expect a ‘Christmas Vacation’ swat team scene in your home any minute.

  9. diane

    My dad only recently stopped telling me “If you had a brain, you’d be dangerous.”
    I have no idea what that meant exactly but I don’t think it was good.
    Happy New Year, Mir & co!

  10. Karate Mom

    Hee hee! What a great conversation! I love it!

  11. Beth R

    Bwaahahaha! I love it when you and Chickadee banter – it’s always good for a laugh :)

  12. Heather

    Haha my Mum’s a nurse and occasionally she and coworkers will announce a diagnosis of TSTL ;)

  13. My Kids Mom

    My kids want to know why I’m laughing!

  14. Tanya

    Thanks to you, I made a vision board today! Well, I’m in process so I came here to see if you had posted a picture of yours to give me just a little more inspiration (no pressure!)! I love the idea and I think I’ll love it when it’s done, but it takes a REALLY long time to make! Thanks for the daily read and for all of the inspiration! Happy New Year!

  15. Em

    I tell my kids when any ungodly noises come out of them “Excuse you, pig”. It started out as something I would coo at them when they were babies and couldn’t excuse themselves and at the time, I believe I sweetly referred to them as “piggies”. It was very cute, trust me. Recently I did it at a store without really thinking and saw the look on a lady’s face of someone who just heard a mother call her sweet precious belching child a farm animal. Whoops. I guess it isn’t cute anymore.

  16. Jenny

    Happy New Year, Mir, to you and the whole band!

  17. Flea

    All those band game thingies are the favorites here. I’ve even done vocals a time or two, but they made me stop. I will never admit to playing dance, dance revolution, though. Never.

    Happy New Year, Mir!

  18. Heather Cook

    Happy New Year!

    I have to say that I recently discovered my love/hate relationship with Dance Dance Revolution.

  19. Half Assed Kitchen

    Happy New Year, Mir. I’m sure I’ll be addicted to your blog for yet another year.

  20. Liza

    I made a vision board yesterday, too! And it turned out awesomely if I do say so myself.

  21. laura

    I love it when what you dish out is flung back at you. It’s good for the reflexes.

  22. Another Dawn

    You can tell Chickadee that plenty of us out here in interwebs land are VERY STUPID indeed and yet we live. So there’s hope.

  23. Reb

    And happy New Year to all of you! We’re lazing round in the sun here. New Year in midsummer is great for the laziness but crap for the inclination to get to the to-do list.

  24. Katie in MA

    I know I say it again and again – but Chickie cracks me up! Her comedic timing is hilarious!

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