A fitting end to the week

The kids are coming home today, so yesterday Otto and I tried to cram in everything we might want to do before they’re back. The day ended with a trip to The High to see the Dali exhibit, and it was blissfully free of “this is boring”s, “what’s with his moustache”s, and “he’s touching me”s.

At one point, we overheard this:
Her: So you’re a writer?
Him: Yeah, that’s right. I’m a writer.
Her: So what sorts of things do you write?
Him: Well… right now I have a book in editing.
Her: Really? What’s it about?
Him: Oh… you know… just… fiction.
Her: Fiction, huh?
Him: Yep, fiction.
Her: So could you be more vague? About your book about… fiction?
Him: I don’t know, probably.
(They laughed, but I couldn’t help feeling like the woman wasn’t all that amused.)

“Are you hearing this?” I murmured to Otto.

He leaned down to respond near my year: “Oh, it’s DEFINITELY fiction.” We giggled. “First date,” he commented.

“LAST date,” I added. We chuckled and continued winding our way through the crowd, hand in hand.

Otto told me a few whoppers back when we met, 21 years ago. We laugh about them now—talk about how young and stupid and angry at the world we both were, back then—and part of me hopes that someday that couple looks back and talks about that awkward first date at the museum when they stood surrounded by exploding Virgin Marys and he lied about writing a book. But somehow I think his companion may have “accidentally” lost his number at the end of the night.

I’m glad I never lost Otto’s.

I’m glad we had this week alone. I’m gladder still that my babies are coming back.

And GOOD GOD I’m glad that 2010 is just about over.

I’m actually going to make a vision board today, before the kids get home. Because apparently “well this year has GOT to suck less than last year!” isn’t quite the positive focusing of energy I thought it would be. Ahem. So, today: Art project. Reunion. And maybe one more attempt at pizza.

And then 2011.

Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope that wherever you are, whatever you do, you at least have an Otto or a sufficiently Otto-like substitute to make the journey that much more fun.


  1. ellen

    I DO have an Otto! My hubs is one of the best, but what always makes me smile when I read your posts on Otto is that my grandpa’s real name was Otto. He hated it, so people called him O.C. or Web. Those are for his middle name, Carl, and his last name. Anywho, he was an awesome grandpa, and my mom always tells me how he adored my grandma (she died when I was 2) every morning, he squeezed her some orange juice and then woke her gently, put on her robe, helped her with slippers, and walked her in hand to the kitchen to get her orange juice. He did that every morning. I’m sure she did plenty for him, but that story always makes me smile.

  2. suzie

    This holiday season has brought me much renewed appreciation for my Otto-like companion. A Thanksgiving get away while my girls were with their father; his caring for me and the family 100% while I was struck with a Christmas flu; the amazing things he does for me on a daily basis. Very grateful.

  3. navhelowife

    Happy New Year! I hope all good things for you in 2011. And I’m glad, so glad, that you have that-very-Otto for your journey. And that he has YOU!
    I’ve been with my “otto” for almost 20 years of marriage and for 4 years before that – I think we laugh most of all over what constituted a “date” back then – Burger King or cheap Pizza (starving college students) and the early movies – they were cheaper :)

  4. Kirsty

    Oh, dearest Mir, I too hope that 2011 will bring me an Otto-like someone, just for me… I know you’ve had a shitty year, but 2010 has been one of the worst in my entire life and I feel more insecure, more depressed, more angry and way, way more lonely than I think I ever have. I love to read your stories, and the way you write makes me think maybe i should lighten up a little too, and try and see the positive, fun(ny) side in all the crap hitting the fan…
    That said, you guys sure do seem to get sick a lot… Have you considered a long-term homeopathic treatment, to try and stop you getting all these illnesses (I don’t remember any of us getting 1/10th of what you guys have had)?
    I wish you all a happy, healthy (!!), loving and loved 2011 – and send good Otto-like-person vibes my way because it’s really miserable sitting on the sofa alone every night and only sharing your bed with a cat (albeit an adorable one)!
    PS One of my best friends had her third son in February and his name is Otto – maybe you’ve started a trend?!

  5. Isabel

    I wish you and your precious family nothing but Health and Happiness in 2011. Thank you for making “blah” days a little lighter with your humor and stories.


  6. Liz @thisfullhouse

    Here’s to a fabulous 2011 [sound of glasses, tinkling] with less suckage, even!!!

  7. Beth A.

    Liz…I’ll drink to 2011 with less suckage.

    I do not know a single person who can say that 2010 was a superb year.

    Mir, will you share your vision board with us when it’s complete?

  8. Anna

    Here’s to a healthy and happy 2011! Good luck with the pizza.

  9. Karen R.

    A very happy New Year to you, and best wishes for a much better year. I’ll ring it in with the best of all possible husbands — our 27th New Year together!

  10. Crista

    Happy New Year to all of you!

  11. Sheila

    Have a great reunion with your kiddos, and I’m sure that 2011 will be kind to you and yours. The universe kind of owes you.

    Happy New Year!

  12. Randi

    2010 has been a huge year for me, and I’m sort of intimidated by 2011 – but I hope you have an amazing and very doctor-less 2011 wonderful Mir!

  13. Jacqueline

    Merry New Year! I think 2011 will certainly have to be better than 2010 for you – it just stands to reason. If this year contained more than the usual amount of sucktitude, next year will have to be even better than most so as to maintain the proper average statistics has laid down for our guidance.

    See, it sounds science-y so it must be true!

  14. My Kids Mom

    My Otto and I have been sniffling, snoring and coughing since Xmas eve…. and sleeping in separate beds. I miss him! I hope we’re healthier starting tomorrow!

    Happy New Year to you all

  15. Rachael

    I have a Ryan. And I like him. So maybe I’ll keep him.

  16. laura

    Sending you the bestest and brightest new year’s wishes I can muster.


    Bring it ON.

  17. Heather

    Happy New Year, dear Mir. I hope you and yours have a really good year to come :D

  18. Lynette

    2010 was pretty awful here too. I wish you a much improved, happy & healthy 2011. I am a long time reader and I want to thank you for sharing a small corner or your life with us. Best wishes in the new year!

  19. Kim

    2010 was indeed the year of Supreme Suckage. It started with my dad dying in January and ended with my puppy dog getting very ill and being put to sleep in November. The in-between wasn’t so hot either. 2011 HAS to be better! Hope it is great for you also!

  20. Lady M

    Happy New Year to you Mir!

    I would make a vision board too, but I hide all the scissors so that the children don’t destroy the house. I’ll just to just imagine. ;)

  21. Cele

    Happy New Year and to a twenty eleven that is laden with glutten free pizza.

  22. Karen P

    I do have my own Otto, Married for 37 years, Celebrating New Year’s in Maui. Happy New Year Mir.

  23. JennyM

    I’ve got football on the TV, a clean dog, and a pot of hoppin’ john bubbling away in the kitchen, so 2011 is going to be packed with good luck for all. In fact, I feel in my bones that I’m going to have so much good luck in this, the year of nonsuck, that I’m going ahead and sending a heaping pile of it your way.

    Happy New Year, Mir and Otto and Chicakee and Monkey!

  24. JennyM

    Or, uh, Chickadee. Fingers got tangled up.

  25. Angela C.

    I am planning on making a vision board this year too. I think with our goals and ideas set out on paper (of course in a somewhat creative manner) we can’t help but have great years starting today!

  26. Mary

    I’m so lucky to have my own “Otto”, too! I’m sending wishes for a much-improved 2011 for the Mir household! Keep smiling and celebrate the good times (and always remember, hard as it may seem at any given moment, that there are folks out there that have things far worse!)

  27. Katie in MA

    You know we all want one – an Otto-clone AND a better 2011. :)

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