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By Mir
December 27, 2010

I forgot to tell you perhaps the greatest thing about Christmas Day: We got to be in the family picture!

See, Otto and his brother had arranged for us to talk to the family on Skype at some point on Christmas morning. Which would’ve been fine. But NO, Nearly Nickless somehow wired up his computer through their giant plasma TV up in the corner of the room and set a webcam on top of it and Otto and I were then beamed into the room, Starship Command-style, to converse with everyone else. That was pretty cool for us, because we could see the entire living room and watch the nephews run around and everything. But then they decided to do a family picture and had everyone line up below the TV.

Those pictures later surfaced on Facebook, and everyone in the room looks really great. In spite of the fact that Otto’s and my GIANT DISEMBODIED HEADS are floating above them.

Now I will forever remember this as the year we stayed home and got to be the GREAT AND POWERFUL TWO-HEADED OZ.


  1. Karen


  2. Katie in MA

    HAHAHAHA! That is so many different kinds of amazing. :)

  3. daysgoby

    Y’all were so cute…in a Star Trek sort-of-way…

  4. Jennifer

    I’d SO love to see that!!

  5. MamaChristy

    I adore this.

  6. Tracy B

    Too funny! Apparently, the whole family is creative! LOL

  7. Debbi

    ha!! That had to look great! :-)

  8. MomCat

    How awesomely amazing!

  9. Heather

    That definitely made me smile when I saw it pop up on the ‘Book. You guys are adorable :D

  10. J from Ireland

    That is so cool, Mir.

  11. Cele

    NNow that is totally kewl. Happy New Year.

  12. Sandy Panella

    Gotta love Skype!
    On another note – I keep getting a redirect from your site. Not sure if this happens to anyone else.

  13. Julie

    LMAO! Love this :)

  14. Flea

    SO. COOL. I’m guessing your kids are going to LOVE that photo.

  15. Aubri

    Oh. Man. I SO wish I could see that!!!

  16. Katherine

    ROFLOL. I had to read this to DH and he thought it was great too!

  17. mamaspeak

    No Fair! Telling us about a super cool pix & not sharing it! Blur faces to protect the innocent, but SHARE!

  18. Brigitte

    Heh. Like you’re looming over your worshipful subjects, or something. :-D

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