Love makes its own schedule

By Mir
December 23, 2010

Today is Christmas.

Oh, okay; TECHNICALLY today isn’t Christmas, but today is OUR Christmas, because the kids are leaving tomorrow. Which means that there is currently a big mess of wrapping paper in my family room.

My biggest concern with the whole timing thing was not, in fact, today, but last night. See, the elves bring new pajamas on Christmas Eve. And the kids had already been informed that there was no way that Santa could come early—he is far too busy in these last days before the holiday, after all—but that we would do our family gifts, and after they return we’ll see if Santa came and what he brought. But then there was the matter of the elves. Might the elves make a special early trip?

I just wasn’t sure how to handle it. Fortunately, the weather made it easy.

If you live here in Georgia, you know that we’ve had an unseasonably cold fall and early winter. Just bitter cold, lots and lots of days. We’re actually supposed to have snow accumulation on Christmas Day, which is CRAZY, and speaking of crazy, my husband is already planning to GO SLEDDING. On the inch of snow we’re gonna get. HAVE FUN, HONEY! Anyway, it’s been very cold here. But yesterday was even crazier—it went up to about 65. Which was just plain nuts.

So after dinner I suggested we go out to Chik-fil-A for peppermint chocolate chip milkshakes, because:
1) It was unseasonably warm,
2) that’s a delicious, limited-edition flavor,
3) I had coupons! (I am a party animal, I know.)

Normally the elves come when we go to church on Christmas Eve. But no one ever said they couldn’t stop by while we were out having milkshakes, right? Right.

I found Chickadee in the kitchen right before we left and said, “Don’t let Monkey come back upstairs for a sec, okay?” She looked confused, then realization dawned, and she nodded. Monkey wandered in and I told him to get his shoes on, I was just going up to fetch Otto and then we’d go.

I ran upstairs calling, “Otto, time for milkshakes!” Because I am subtle. And that was louder than me quickly zipping to each of the kids’ rooms.

When I came downstairs again, Otto in tow, I found the kids down on their knees in my office. “I dropped a paperclip!” announced Chickadee. “Monkey is HELPING ME LOOK FOR IT.” I squelched a laugh and told him we’d find it later, and once he headed out the door I gave Chickie a little squeeze.

We went and had our milkshakes. They were delicious.

When we came back, Monkey headed upstairs to take a shower. And a minute later he came running back down, breathless, to show me that THE ELVES CAME MOM THE ELVES CAME!!

[He’s going to be 11 in less than two weeks. I know it’s ridiculous that he still believes. But he does and if you tell him otherwise I will break your nose.]

Eventually the kids were nestled snug in their beds in their new jammies, visions of AWESOME LOOT no doubt dancing in their heads.

This morning Monkey was the first one up, and eventually the rest of us straggled out and we assembled to begin the festival of rampant consumerism.

My children are very cute, in spite of the fact that they’re headless. Don’t the elves have excellent taste in cozy jammies? And that package they’re holding together was the first of the holiday, designed to nurture their bodies and spirits and help them grow as wonderful human beings who love each other.

Yeah, it was a two-pack of Snuggies.

They were thrilled. Ridiculously thrilled, really. They have been walking around looking like colorful, undersized monks all morning.

I got some super-awesome pink poodle slippers. Because I’m just that cool. And also because my husband thinks my wicked good LL Bean slippers should be my “work” slippers, and I should have some other “relaxing” slippers to wear when I’m not at the computer. This is what my life has become; I am now the sort of person who needs two pairs of specifically designated slippers. Wow.

Licorice was deeply concerned about my new slippers. First, she was concerned that I might love them more than her. Later, she became concerned that they might be delicious.

Fortunately, we then gave Licorice a Christmas rawhide and everything else pretty much ceased to matter.

Once all the presents were opened I found myself feeling very glad that we’ll be doing stockings and Santa gifts another day; there was plenty of STUFF, already. Related: Monkey received an embarrassment of LEGO. Other than a brief pit stop to inhale the brunch I cooked the kids after we cleaned up a little, I haven’t seen him since. He is building Something Important, I’m sure.

Despite our various disappointments over scrapped travel plans and changed schedules, today feels like I want Christmas to feel.

And I’m not even saying that because I have pink poodles on my feet.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. And merry Christmas.


  1. Mom24@4evermom

    Beautiful Mir. Merry Christmas. I hope next year is full of wonderful things for all of you.

    Where did you get those awesome jammies? So cute!

    My 10 1/2 year old still firmly believes. Every year I hope, hope, hope, no one at school spoils it for him.

  2. michaela

    I am deeply, deeply inspired by the idea of “work” slippers and “home” slippers. Otto is definitely onto something.

    Merry, merry Christmas to you and yours… always, but this year most especially.

  3. Julie

    And Merry Christmas to you, today and for many more days!

  4. Beth

    Merry Christmas Mir and gang!

    I love the idea of the Elves leaving something…might have to start that, um, tomorrow. :)

    Enjoy your quiet next week, you’ve earned it!

  5. Em

    Merry Christmas, Mir and family!

  6. Karen

    Hooray for a Happy Day. Pink poodles, huh?

  7. Carolyn

    I’m so so so so glad that you guys had a great morning! Legos, plush poodles, AND snuggies, OH MY! Merry Christmas!

  8. elz

    What a good daughter & big sister. I’m impressed that your kids will still wear cute snuggly wuggly sweet pjs. Most kids these days are “too cool.” Oh, what am I saying? My 6 year old daughter won’t let me kiss her in public. Jammies I might still be able to swing though.

    And, yum, peppermint chocolate milkshakes. Going this afternoon. Will be the best! Mommy! Ever!

    Merry (early) Christmas.

  9. Frank

    I have a feeling that nobody who has been around long enough (a week, maybe?) to understand your, um….. ‘thing” with shoes… is surprised at your need for multiple slippers. Or at least the justification for them… :)
    Besides, LL Bean, whiile I am sure are comfy and functional (and cheap?), they are nowhere near as fun as pink poodle slippers.

    happy holidays to you and yours!

  10. Beachgal

    Merry Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year.

  11. Megan

    Sigh. I miss the LEGO days. Life was so easy when LEGO was everything (well, Lego and its associated pod-people robot thingies). Now I have to THINK and stuff when shopping for presents.

    Ah well, thank goodness for children with lots of interest and very low expectations!

    Loving the poodle slippers BTW – and yes, having work and casual slippers is TOTALLY necessary. Totally.

  12. Jessica

    Aww, that’s adorable that he wants you to have work and play slippers! I have a hilarious (and a bit freaky) story that involves “pink poodle pups”, but I’ll save it for another day.

    I’m just relieved that Licorice isn’t completely jealous that, while there is only one of her, there are now TWO pink poodle slippers for your comfortable affection (or for the affection of your feet, I suppose).

  13. Scottsdale Girl

    Oh how I covet those slippers! I would totally chase the cats around in them, then probably slip and break a hip or something. Still totally worth it.

  14. ste

    So happy you had this day for your family. Merry Christmas.

  15. Groovecatmom

    Wow…you are the best mom ever. We went to ChikFilA but I made everyone SHARE a chocolate peppermint shake. Also, my almost 11 y.o. boy still believes…and I’m trying to work with it, even though I did explain to him once how it really worked. And so did another angel-named little boy. My son’s logic? Why would my parents buy all that stuff and tell me someone else gave it to me? So, I’m going with it. Because he is growing up way too fast and now I’m all teary.

    Merry Christmas Mir, Otto, Chickadee and Monkey!

  16. Cele

    My ten year old grandson still believes, and the rest of the time he’s Santa’s Elf – hey it works for me… and for him. Our special family thingie (I love the jammies btw) are stockings, every member contributes something favorite to each stocking and then they are totally up for grabs anytime after midnight. Burp gives gloves each year, and I usually sneak a little flash light in his so he can see all his treasures in the midnight dark.

    Merry Christmas!

  17. Missy

    Awesome, so glad you got your Christmas back. Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  18. KarenP

    Wonderful! Merry Christmas.

  19. Crista

    Merry early Christmas!
    I have given up on fuzzy slippers because every time I wear them I end up with a dog attached to my feet ;).
    Ah, Christmas traditions! I LOVE the elves and jammies thing.

  20. Lucinda

    Merry Christmas!

  21. Rachel

    Merry Christmas!

  22. J from Ireland

    Oh Mir Happy Christmas to you all, sounds lovely. I love that elves tradition you do. My youngest son is 11 in 4 days and he truely believes in Santa and the elves and is super excited and being extra good in anticipation. Best wishes dear xx

  23. Kristi

    Merry Christmas, Mir and family! Hoping the New Year brings peace, happiness, wellness, answers and some sexy black heels to balance that assortment of slippers, as cool as they are, of course.

  24. Sheila

    Looks like you’ve had a happy Christmas all around. I wish you plenty of joy and peace in the New Year.

    P.S. My 11-year-old believes with every fiber of her being. Makes me believe a little, too.

  25. Another Dawn

    That Otto. He is a clever one. Now when you are wearing the Pink Poodle Slippers of Win, you will know you are not at work, despite being in your work place and will truly be able to relax.

  26. KGP

    Every year, one of my aunts buys matching PJs from LL Bean for the youngest generation of our family and hands them out at the family pre-Christmas party. My cousins and I are up to 12 kids between us — we get a great photo of all of the kids in their jammies every year.

  27. My Kids Mom

    Any day can be Christmas if we believe! Monkey’s got it right.

    Merry Christmas!

  28. RuthWells

    Perfection. Merry merry!

  29. midj

    Merry Christmas, Mir. I love the slippers. When my leopard skin patterned bootie slippers fell apart I was very, very sad. Nothing has compared. Glad you got to have your holiday a bit early. Have a lovely weekend!

  30. JMH

    my 9 year old is having doubts this year…I really hope we can squeeze one more year…I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas!

  31. Katie

    I work in an office and I saw someone wearing real-honest-to-goodness slippers. So, yes, you do need two pairs.

  32. El-e-e

    Just love you, Mir. Merry Christmas. Glad you had a good day!

  33. Lori N

    You are not the only house that the elves visit — every year at a friends’ Christmas Eve party those pesky elves somehow get in and leave little gift bags for the kids at the party. One year they even left them in the dryer! We always know the elves have been in the house because inevitably they leave a window part way open. (They’re not as magical as Santa and can’t come down the chimney apparently.)

    And yes, the kids at the party range in age from 2 to 11 and the shrieks of excitement almost bring down the house when it has been discovered that THE ELVES CAME! THEY REALLY CAME!

  34. KWombles

    Gorgeous slippers! And the jammies for the kids are adorable.

    Merry Christmas!

  35. Aimee

    I aspire to having a job that requires fuzzy pink poodle slippers. Yes, I do.

    Merry Christmas, pretty lady! Reading this post, and seeing the absolutely adorable elf-pajamas, just makes my heart grow three sizes.

  36. Chuck

    Yay for pink poodles! I got my Mom a Snuggie for Christmas myself. She’s hard to shop for.

  37. Angela

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy your quiet week ahead!

  38. getsheila

    Your pink poodle slippers are awesome! And the kids’ pajamas are pretty groovy, too. Merry Christmas Mir and family!

  39. Laura

    I had my 17 year old (who has Down Syndrome) remind me recently that we need carrots for the reindeer when we set out milk and cookies for Santa. Heck, I wasn’t sure he still “believed” and I was trying to figure out a way to broach the topic. Well, he solved that one. What the hay, we get at least one more year of Santa then! I’m not in any mood to discourage belief in Santa. :-) I think it’s awesome that Monkey still believes.

    p.s. Once while visiting Georgia (Atlanta area) I got to experience a “Georgia Snow Storm.” It’s quite comical. Talk about unprepared. My dad (who lived there at the time and is originally from Ohio where he used to have to shovel his roof during snow storms) just watched the t.v. news reports and laughed. 2-3 inches wreaked total havoc and shut down the airport. I believe it was December of 2000. I wonder if this is the first snow since then? You might get a good giggle, being from New England and all…something to look forward to ;-) Enjoy the sledding!

  40. Heather

    Merry Christmas, Mir! Those are some truly awesome slippers, and I think Otto has the right of it with the work/relax differentiation :)

  41. Anna

    Merry Christmas, Mir! My 8yo figured the Santa thing out last year, but seems to have forgotten this year. Maybe I just handled it really well and now she’s choosing to believe?

  42. Pam

    “Later, she became concerned that they might be delicious.”

    I have been laughing about this sentence for 20 minutes. SUCH the dog thing to do.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours – no matter what day the calendar says.


  43. Athalia

    I REALLY like your shoes slippers.

  44. E's Mommy

    Merry Christmas! I’m glad you all are having such a fun day. Those pajamas are adorable, the elves have good taste.

  45. Leandra

    This makes me so happy.

  46. Reb

    Well done!

    And Merry Christmas to all of you.

  47. Crisanne

    Two Christmases!!! That’s such an awesome idea. Merry Christmas!!

  48. Annette

    Merry Christmas to all. And to all a good night:)

  49. shadymama

    happy solstice, mir! may the lengthening and brightening of the days bring warmth and calm and joy to your home. xoxo

  50. mamaspeak

    Happy Festivus! I to am glad to hear that you had Christmas together. Still praying for answer w/easy fixes (but answers no the less) in the new year for you all.

  51. monica

    peppermint chocolate chip milk shakes?!? now i know what i want santa to bring me!

  52. Alison C

    Merry Christmas!

  53. Rachael

    Hm. Work slippers/relaxing slippers. I might just have to consider that. I just got all excited because I found out yesterday that Peppermint Mocha will now be a year-round coffee creamer flavor! :)

  54. Brigitte

    Sounds pretty awesome, actually. :-D

    I can’t get over the “work slippers”, though. Just the concept is too funny!

  55. addy

    Merry Christmas Mir! To you and your beautiful family!!

  56. Monica

    One of the benefits I got from my parents divorce was the understanding that the calendar didn’t matter it was the celebration with family that was the important part of holidays. This made inlaw negotiations much less stressful at holiday time.

  57. Lara

    “today feels like I want Christmas to feel” – That’s awesome Mir! So glad things are going a little better – makes it easier to deal with the other stresses. Enjoy your time alone with Otto and pamper yourselves – you deserve it :) Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  58. Bryn, North Wales, UK

    Nadolig Llawen! May a peaceful Christmas pass gently by for you & yours; wherever you & they may be, I’m certain they are in your heart.

  59. Little Bird

    Christmas Eve and Day with a three year old. She totally believes. And I need a few dozen drinks.
    Before anyone gets upset, the three year old is my step-sister’s daughter. And is staying with her Granddad tonight. So I’m starting with the drinks.

  60. Stimey

    This post makes me so happy. Your kids are the best, aren’t they? And, honestly, a life where you need work slippers and relaxation slippers is not a bad life to have. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  61. Katie in MA

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! I hope the new year contains all the excitement of newly opened Legos and all the comforts of yet-to-be-broken-in slippers. :)

  62. Brenda

    We also do the Christmas eve jammies. Wish I would’ve thought to say they were from elves, they’re just from me. My boy got the same jammies this year!

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