Love does

By Mir
December 9, 2010

Love doesn’t want him to know how scared I’ve been. Love doesn’t want him to feel like he’s wrong or bad or a burden, ever.

Love doesn’t want her to feel like she’s being lost in the shuffle, like the only way to get my attention is to act out. Love doesn’t want her to feel invisible or less than, ever.

So instead, love does. Love kisses his hot forehead, smooths back his hair, pours juice, brings medicine, turns on the television, assures him it’s okay to rest, snuggles up just like when he was small and helps him fall into a feverish sleep.

Love bakes cookies for her club meeting, spends an hour prepping materials for science experiment subject kits, and never once gives in to the urge to say “You should’ve…” or “This is your job.” Instead, love cheers her on, checks her work, smiles and hugs and looks her in the eye when her work is done and says, “Thank you for doing what you needed to do. I hope you’re feeling as proud of you as I am.”

Love does. Amen.

(Happy Love Thursday, everyone.)


  1. meghann

    Happy Love Thursday, chickie. If anyone deserved that nap today, it was you.

  2. Karen


  3. bob

    although it doesn’t hurt love to occasionally remind – in a sweet way – repeat offenders that an emergency (imminently-due project) on their part does not de-facto mean an emergency on ours.

    Happy love Thursday – sending an extra bit your way for the recent tough times.

  4. Karen P

    Happy Love Thursday Mir.

  5. Katie in MA

    Amen! And we know your love is doing all he can to make sure you are okay, too. :)

    You’re amazing, Mir. Happy Love Thursday!

  6. Dsilkotch

    Happy Love Thursday, Mir!

  7. RuthWells

    So true.

    (CAT scan results? Am chewing my nails to buggery…)

  8. Sheila


  9. Jenny

    This is lovely. Happy Love Thursday, Mir.

  10. Heidi


  11. Jamie

    Love is the best!

  12. E's Mommy

    This here is what makes you such a wonderful mother. Happy Love Thursday!

  13. Megan

    Well done. Well said. Well loved.

  14. el-e-e

    *tearing up* AS USUAL. Well done, Mir. Hope the weekend brings rest and relief for all of you!

  15. Caroline

    “Love does”. Thanks for the reminder Mir.

  16. Mary

    Loves this.

  17. Annette

    Still holding my breath and praying at the same time…

  18. Midj

    A Gathering of Love, I’d say.

  19. Karate Mom

    Wow, you really have a way with words! You should be a writer or something! :)
    I love your Love Thursday posts!

  20. Kathy Knapp

    Beautifully said. Still keeping you and your family in my prayers. Sometimes it just all seems like too much and yet love prevails.

  21. J from Ireland

    Crying again on a Thursday, I am. Happy Love Thursday Mir.

  22. Mare Martell

    Thank you for being so up front with everything you write. It helped me, today, to remember that it isn’t personal when my son melts down. It isn’t personal when he’s discouraged and retreats into his head. It isn’t personal when he forgets things that have always been the same. Love is the cure. Love is the treatment. Love is the answer.

  23. Jen

    Happy Love Thursday Mir.

    You’re doing a great job.

    For real. Believe it.

  24. Lucinda

    Yes, Love does indeed! Beautiful.

  25. Another Dawn

    No matter what the results of Monkey’s CT-scan, he could not possibly have a better mother to help him through it. And to keep Chickie feeling loved at the same time.

    Happy Love Thursday, Mir.

  26. Heather

    Oh honey. I’m sorry that it is so very hard. You are wonderful and doing a great job with a tough situation!

  27. navhelowife

    Thank you for such a well written post reminding us all that love is a verb most of all.

  28. A&E Mama

    You. Are. Amazing.

  29. paige

    I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again:

    You kick ass at parenting.

    Rooting for you guys, praying hard, holding you in the light.

  30. rain

    OMG, that is the sweetest post, ever. You rock!! Your kiddos are lucky.

  31. Debra

    This beautiful post tells me that you will not only survive this struggle that we call motherhood, that seems so unfair, that is harder than anything but you are going to come out on top with fist held high proclaiming victory.

    You are an amazing mother.

    Good job, Mir.

  32. Brigitte

    You are a much more pretty mom than I could ever hope to be.

    I’m hoping that something like a sinus issue (didn’t Monkey have some mysterious thing months back with green bogeys on just one side?) shows in the results, just to have SOMETHING to focus on. ((hugs))

  33. Brigitte

    Oops, just searched, that was apparently in *2005*.

  34. elz

    Sniffle. So sweet.

  35. Aimee

    Beautiful. I’m just reading this now, so happy Love Friday.

  36. Debbi

    I needed that after the bad day I had this week. Very sweet.

  37. Chuck

    Love is a problem solver!

  38. cecilia

    I love this one because you are right…love does all thoes things and more :)

  39. Kim

    Hang in there, Mir. You’re doing great.

  40. Half Assed Kitchen

    Love is certainly quite selfless. I need her around more often. :)

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