Love is grateful, day 6

By Mir
November 23, 2010
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Otto and I have a running joke about how the mugs in this house all get busy in the cupboards when no one’s looking, and then, BAM, before we know it, our humble family of four is trying to get by with only forty or so mugs to see us through. Hee.

These four are currently my favorites:

With the exception of the Chickadee/Monkey mug—which I bought my own damn self as part of a personal celebration of sorts—the rest of the mugs shown here (and all of the “extras” in the house) were gifts. Each mug reminds me of both an important message and the friend who was sweet enough to think of me. And then I get a dose of grateful with my morning coffee or my afternoon tea.


  1. diane

    I’ve decided that if I ever buy a new set of everyday dishes, I’ll get separates and NOT buy the mugs/coffee cups. I’ve a whole stash of gift ones as well, and they are the one thing I’m sentimental about keeping.

  2. Jamie

    We discussed getting rid of our “dishware set” mugs, too, because we like all the special ones better (and they’re bigger!). Goodwill shoppers will be getting lots of mugs soon!

  3. Scottsdale Girl

    My favorite coffee mug just got broken by an unruly dog. It said “Every pan is a no stick pan if you no cook in it”

    HA! So me. And given to me by one of my favorite great aunts!! Need to find and replace that.

    Happy Grateful Days!

  4. Leandra

    What does the one say that starts off with “You Are Different”? I’m dying to know!

    Ed. note: Leandra, that’s a mug made by Karen Walrond as part of her The Beauty of Different promotion—it says, “You are different. And you’re beautiful.”

  5. Karen

    We have the same affliction here… when we moved to This Old House I threw out the ones that were alittle chippy and I now shovel the dogfood (you do SHOVEL with a great dane)… into his bowl with the ones we liked least.

  6. Casdok

    Love your mugs!

  7. Chris

    When we bought new dishes (FiestaWare!) we bought open stock and no mugs. We have a collection of our faves and I saw no need to buy more. Also, we don’t drink coffee and rarely drink tea or cocoa. :)

  8. Debbi

    a good mug warms your heart while you have your tea or coffee! <3

    BTW…I think of you every time I pass the farm near me called Chickadee Farms :-) I should take a picture for you.

  9. Nancy R

    I want to get a ‘keep calm and carry on’ something…not a mug…but maybe a smallish wall hanging.

    I covet Karen’s mug…can’t wait until my book arrives!

    We have a small collection of Hawaii mugs. The 7-11 of Hawaii is the ABC Store…and if you keep your receipts you get a mug with every $25 spent, or something like that. My in-laws go every year, and we’ve been there a couple of times, so between all that we’ve got a cute set of mugs that take us back to warmer, more tropical times when we’re having a hot drink.

  10. Laura

    When my boyfriend and I moved in together mid June we had a cupboard full of mugs! Was the oddest thing.

    I have a bunch of bloggers who meet monthly and we swop new mugs so my collection is multiplying!

  11. Brigitte

    I enjoy picturing the first as being from your dad. Whether or not it actually is.

  12. addy

    So, have you ever caught them getting busy? Cuz it happens round here too. One day you innocently open the cupboard and BAM Mug explosion!! Didn’t even realize anyone was expecting….hmmm

  13. Heather

    Those are great. Everyone needs at least one great mug ;)

  14. Beth

    This post made me grin and almost laugh out loud because my husband calls me the “mug whore.” We have a huge number of regular mugs that I buy as souvenirs when we travel, then there are the Christmas mugs (maybe 20) that I’ve mostly picked up at yard sales. A few have been gifts and a few were bought from kids doing school fundraisers before we had kids of our own. My younger daughter and my husband have pleaded with me to put away half of the regular mugs, but I can’t bear to because each one reminds me of somewhere we’ve been.

  15. Katie in MA

    I neeeeeed the “Keep Calm and Carry On” mug. My friend has a metal sign with that saying posted in her cubby, but it would be so much cooler if it carried caffeine while declaring its awesomeness.

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