Love is grateful, day 3

By Mir
November 20, 2010

Today I’m grateful for hubcaps. Particularly, this hubcap:

I took Monkey to a doctor’s appointment this week and when we were done, my left rear hubcap was missing. I called Otto in an indignant rage; who the hell steals ONE HUBCAP in the middle of the day in the middle of town?

Otto said, “I’ll take care of it.” And he did. Like magic. A new hubcap showed up in the mail, and then on my car.

I could’ve lived with a missing hubcap. But Otto took care of it. Because that’s just how he is. That there hubcap? IT’S MY VERY FAVORITE. (This is not really about my hubcap. Just in case you couldn’t tell.)


  1. ramblin red

    and now hubcap will henceforth be synonymous with ‘hubby.’ :) That Otto’s a swell guy!

  2. Chuck

    Or is that “hubbycap”?

  3. Elizabeth

    “I was wrong” and “I’ll take care of it” — most beautiful words in the english language

  4. Michele

    Otto is a gem. Also take heart, perhaps nobody swiped your hubcap. Maybe it fell off when you were driving. Just the other day I saw a hubcap off the side of the road propped up on a tree. I’m sure it fell off off a passing car and someone propped it up on the tree. I was thinking to myslef would’nt it be lucky to be the loser of the hubcap and then the next day be driving by and see it waiting for you!

  5. Em

    I love magical husbands. I had a sad pile of football uniforms that needed to go back at 8:30 this morning but still needed to be put through the wash. Unfortunately, as of 11:30 last night, there was a load in the washer and the dryer and I made the executive decision that these uniforms would make it back today but not at 8:30. BUT when I woke up, all of the laundry from the washer and dryer were done and folded and the uniforms were also done and ready to go. I have a magical husband too.

  6. elz

    I love that my husband takes care of all car related issues. I have no inclination to learn about cars or to deal with them. Yea for Otto and husbands who take care of us and our cars!

  7. Heather

    Gotta love a man who gets things done! I need to finda hubcap :P

  8. Midj

    Wow… Love that Otto… I should start counting my blessings, eh??

  9. Karen

    You get all the good hubcaps.

  10. Angela

    Nothing better than a husband you can rely on.
    It’s also heart-warming to see how much you appreciate what he does.

    Way to Go Otto!!!

  11. Amanda

    Toyota’s are notorious for losing their hubcaps. Glad your hubby took care of yours!

  12. Melody

    My mom drove to Phila for the day, parked in a parking garage and came back at the end of the day. All of her Toyota hubcaps were gone. Stolen.

  13. Nelson's Mama

    I tagged a mailbox with one of my side mirrors the other day; you can get those in the mail too and it was magically reattached to my Tahoe.

  14. Sharon

    My Toyota hubcaps have fallen off several times. One time being while we were driving it home from the dealership when it was brand new.

  15. Katie in MA

    I keep checking Amazon to see if I can get me one of those Ottos. But they are always out of stock! Darnit!!

    (Okay, I think that comment proves that I have maybe spent a bit too much of my vacation hunting bargains online. I promise to stop. Just as soon as Cyber Monday is over. Pinky swear.)

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