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By Mir
October 9, 2010
Category Detritus

1) We are going to the county fair today. We planned to go first thing; it is now 3:00 and we haven’t left yet. Which is a pretty good summary of life with children, really.

2) I’m having a terrible time with my skin right now (and I haven’t been eating wheat, so either I’m intolerant to something new or my skin is just finicky, or BOTH, AWESOME) and that always results in a weird amalgamation of both acne and cracking/peeling dry skin. (Me so sexy.) This morning while putting on earrings I discovered my earlobes are peeling. MY EARLOBES ARE PEELING. My new death metal band is called Scaly Earlobes.

3) A couple of nights ago I inadvertently let some weird huge bug into the house when I came in, so being the mature adult I am, I commanded Licorice to eat it. She obliged—sort of—by grabbing it and bringing it into my office and LEAVING IT ON THE COUCH FOR ME. She is so grounded.

If we do not leave for the fair in the next 15 minutes I am not buying anyone a funnel cake. IT IS TIME TO HAVE FUN, DAMMIT. HURRY UP.


  1. Otto



    PS – Go Orange!!

  2. Midj

    You’re telling me the football game had nothing to do with it? I see… Watch out for all the crazy fans bound to be out and about celebrating! Have fun! Have Otto eat a funnel cake for me… I eat wheat but am low carbing it at present…

  3. StacyQ

    My Saturdays go like that almost every week. It’s 4:30 here and everyone is still in their pajamas.

  4. Veronica

    I just had to google ‘funnel cake’. Probably shouldn’t have done this early in the morning. Sorry, am not a huge fan of deep fried things.

    But hey, fair! Yay!

  5. beth

    Oh, this makes me so happy.

    We went to the Richmond Folk Festival last night. We left two hours late. We missed the the band that my husband (newlywed of 9 months) wanted to see. He was disturbed. I was, like, this is so NORMAL with children. (He has no kids. I have five kids. He is in a whole new world.)

    We had funnel cake.

    We are late everywhere we go.

    Thank you for reaffirming my faith that I’m not the only one….

  6. Jen

    Mmmm, funnel cake… Isn’t that half the reason for going to fall fairs?

  7. Flea


  8. Anne

    I went “wheat free” back in January, which almost instantly cured the constant migraines I had had for 3 years. YAH! Only recently did I realize that wheat wasn’t going to be the end of the food allergies. This summer, I’ve been plagued by on-again-off-again itchy feet and hives on the back of my calves. After going soap-free for a couple weeks, I finally came to the realization that it was food related. So I went through an elimination diet last week…..and found out it was cantaloupes. CANTALOUPES! *beats head against desk* But it correlates to the facts – the itching has bothered me on and off for weeks…and this summer, there’s been a lot of cantaloupe sales… Ah-ha! But it sucks because I LOVE cantaloupe! Life can be so cruel…

  9. @LeslieSColeman

    I see nothing wrong with commanding the cat to eat bugs. I do that with my two all the time! They’re like Licorice, though, and leave it for me.

  10. Lady M

    After a detour due to a Marching Band tournament (which we stopped to enjoy), we arrived at a local Diwali/Indian festival, where the boys proceeded to eat . . . a quesadilla and Italian ices. Yes, these cultural fairs are awesome!

  11. Lady M

    Oh yeah, and we left the dance performance half way through because they were doing a classical dance with narration that must have been from some ancient religious text . . . beheadings, burnings, suffering, etc, the boys were getting horrified and we booked out of there (to get the aforementioned Italian ices.) Oh well, we had a good time and fairs are mostly about the food for them anyway.

  12. karen

    I hope you had a good fair day, funnel cakes included. My husband has the weird skin affliction too… has been on prednisone, which does clear it up, but makes him MISERABLE> He thinks he has narrowed downt he trigger/allergy/WHATEVER… to either chocolate, cheese, food die, or ME. So… I’m feeling like a need a funnel cake.. or three.

  13. k.mayer

    Scaly earlobes? Oh honey, just wait a few years. I’m 46 and no one warned me about … well, I guess I have to keep the secret as well. But let me tell you this: loofa, tweezers, and cetaphil moisturizer all over the bod. Okay, TMI for a beautiful sunday morning!

  14. My Kids Mom

    Bahaaa! We left for the N. GA mtns at 2:30 and then bumped into every last dang person from Atlanta who had all decided to join us and it was about 5pm before we BEGAN our “all day” apple picking adventure. We got home at 9:30. Still fun. Always qualify “fun… with kids.”

  15. Half Assed Kitchen

    Sorry about the skin issues! They’re the worst.

  16. DynamightMe

    I love your blog!! Funnel cake is the best. I’m actually thinking of going to six flags this weekend here in Los Angeles if its still open for some. About you peeling skin, sounds like you have sensitive dry skin. Artistry Time Defiance for dry skin system? It works very effectively. I just started blogging myself only today and I must say you’re insipiring to me!

  17. Katie in MA

    Me + no sleep because ENOUGH WITH THE DAMN PREDNISONE ALREADY = imagining Licorice chasing after a full plate of funnel cake. With confectionary sugar. Hee! :)

  18. mcbull

    It’s the earrings. Try white gold.

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