I love…

By Mir
September 9, 2010

… the way Licorice’s tongue flops sideways out of her mouth when she’s getting tired at the end of a walk.

… getting into a bed of clean sheets after a long day.

… that Monkey has named every one of his army of plastic bugs, and can keep them all straight.

… the first sip of coffee when everyone else in the house is still sleeping.

… that Otto and I are equally lousy at staying mad at each other.

… the guilt-free reading time I get on an airplane.

… when Chickadee tries to curl up in my lap, all legs and elbows and frequent disdain, but still my baby girl.

… shamelessly copying this Love Thursday post idea from Karen.

What do you love?


  1. Otto

    … the sound of gravel careening off the underside of a car.

    … the sound of a friend’s voice, wrapped up in a story.

    … the squeal of delight when our kids learn something new.

    … the roll of my wife’s eyes when I mention the first two and the smile that comes from the third.


  2. Megan

    … the excitement of starting a project

    … the rush from a moment of inspiration

    … the fear and the challenge of doing something completely new

    … nailing that phrase – just right

    oh – and definitely, definitely Otto comments!

  3. Jenn H

    … the smell of a newborn baby’s head.

    …listening to my three year old sing old hymns as she goes about her day, totally unaware of the significance of the words she sings

    … the gentle, oh-so-soft caress of a baby’s hand— when they are almost asleep and just barely brush their skin against yours.

    …watching my daughter’s imagination at work

    …those moments when all seems to stand still, and I become a spectator of my own life, in wonder and awe at the blessings God has showered upon me.

    Thanks for making me stop and reflect this morning.

  4. Aimee

    … my husband’s laugh

    … the way my cat Katie will flop over on her side so I can rub her belly

    … the feeling of just having finished a really great book

    … when my writing is really flowing, and the characters come alive

    … being safe inside watching a thunderstorm

    … reading Woulda Coulda Shoulda ;)

  5. Frank

    — the deafening silence outside after a good snowfall
    — sitting on the porch during a rainstorm… more thunder the better, but plain rain is just fine
    — listening to my son sing to himself. Sometimes he will look up and say, “Hi Daddy”.. then go back to it without missing a beat

  6. Crista

    …that otto said “our kids”.

  7. Em

    … watching the subway pull up on a game day and seeing plenty of open seats.

    … clicking refresh on my sage feed reader thingy and watching Woulda Coulda Shoulda embolden

    … a plain bagel microwaved warm

    … a forecast of a string of dry days in the 70’s

    … being right (not boastful but vindicated. Sorry. I’m a small person)

    … a kind stranger offering to take my and my daughter’s picture together at a special event.

    (I think you just changed my frame of mind for today. Thank you!)

  8. My Kids Mom

    …the smell of rain on hot asphalt (tho it has been way to long- bring on some rain!)

    …digging in the dirt and not getting sweaty (again, bring on the rain!)

    …the giggle of my kids when they’re trying to “surprise” me with something

    …listening to my 6yo hum Beethoven or other classical music

    …ice cream for a meal when I’m alone

  9. kim

    -the pats that my 8mo gives my shoulder when I pick her up

    -listening to my 3yo play-dialogues

    -the way my babies look at each other

    – the way my husband tears up sometimes when he looks at them.

  10. Jamie

    … a nap, which I sadly rarely get.

    … my 6 yo’s curls, though most others want him to cut his hair already.

    … tomorrow – girls weekend in San Diego starts with my sister and two best friends from high school.

    … watching my boys excel at soccer and loving the sport; their father a coach on both of their teams.

    … that my husband gets and tolerates me, even when I’m in a bitchy mood.

  11. Nelson's Mama

    -hearing the garage door go up in the afternoon, means my husband is home.

    -the smell of tobacco being fired in the barn (it’s a western Kentucky thing), makes me homesick…

    -puppy breath

    -an old song on the radio that transports me back to a particular time and place…

    -my girls

  12. Tracy

    …the smell of fresh cut grass
    …spending time alone
    …having all my kids at the same place at the same time
    …grandkids running into my arms calling my name.
    …fall mornings on my back porch
    …how my husband takes such good care of me without hesitation
    …long weekends.

  13. Jenn

    . . . my “happy place” on a cold night and how safe I feel there

    . . . reading in bed with my daughter

    . . . Getting poked by my son’s knobby elbows and knees when he tries to cram himself into my lap.

    . . . unconditional doggie love

    . . . Driving back across the Texas state line after I’ve been anywhere else.

  14. Kate

    …happy text messages from my college girl
    …silly dance moves from my teenage boy
    …my husband’s laugh
    …hot baths
    …sweater weather
    …school supplies

  15. elz

    I love snuggling with my kids b/c they won’t be little forever. I love the sound of their laughter. I love seeing them hug each other and hold hands. I love sneaking kisses with my husband. I love queso. I love college football. I love Texas Longhorn College Football. I love that my husband is paying someone to paint our house because he knows that I can do it, but it will take me forever and the grumbling isn’t worth it…Of course, I also love the pretty Mir and amazing Karen!

  16. Katie in MA

    …when my kids say something hilarious and they don’t know why I’m laughing.
    …eating dinner in my pajamas.
    …when the tornado warning is for an area *not* near my house.
    …rainy days after weeks of sunshine, and cloudy days after two days of (literal) flooding.
    …the start of football season!!!
    …making *myself* laugh.
    …finishing a project and knowing I did an excellent job.
    …the endorphin rush while I’m running…and picturing my endorphines as the scrubbing bubbles cartoon thingies. :)

    Happy Love Thursday!

  17. Leandra

    …the perfect ratio of sugar and cream in the first cup of coffee of the day

    ….hot, crispy, french fries dipped in ranch dressing.

    ….Cool crisp fall afternoons

    ….Gingerbread lattes and shopping with a friend (kidless, of course!)

    ….perfect family outings with no whining and no yelling.

  18. Mare Martell

    I love…
    The sound of my husband giggling
    Pulling a good prank on my teenager
    The sincerity look that my dog gives me when she’s done something praiseworthy
    The sound of rain on my rooftop
    The raunchy jokes that my friends and I tell one another
    Trick or treating in September in full costume
    Gluing on cotton ball facial hair
    Having a clean house that I didn’t have to do
    The sound of my teenager thanking me for being fair
    The purr of my kitties as they cuddle with me while sleeping

  19. Ironic Mom

    I love smells…like freshly turned soil, barbecue, baking bread, fresh rain, babies, even new cars, and Canadian Tire!

  20. Jennifer

    I love…

    a fabulous book and the couch to myself

    smooshy hugs from little people

    the smell of burning leaves on an autumn afternoon

    watching my youngest master a skill

    the smell of my freshly showered hubby

    Graeter’s ice cream

    the satisfaction of a finished project

  21. dad

    Certainly not limited to, but:

    …leaves turning color.
    …memories of good times.
    …your Love Thursday posts.
    …the fact that you found each other.

  22. Monique

    …this post.

    I’m in short supply of love lately. My husband deployed for six months a week ago tomorrow. I’m hating the loneliness, and watching my not quite two year old struggle to figure out where’s daddy. But thank you fro making me stop and reflect on the blessings and things I do have.

    …the family and friends who have surrounded me with support.

    …checking my e-mail and seeing one from my husband.

    …the unconditonal hugs full of love from my son.

    …knowing I’m creating a new life inside of me.

    …thw wind chimes I hear outside when the wind blows.

    …laughing so hard earlier I almost peed.

    …knowing that this too shall pass.

  23. J from Ireland

    Aw I love this post.
    I love….everything about my husband, we are on such a love buzz at the moment!!
    … my 2yr old saying new words
    … my older kids being kind to one another
    … its my birthday tomorrow, so there will be cake
    … going to America in 41 days
    … Otto and your Dad’s words.

  24. Anna

    I love the way my toddler will track down a sippy and suck on it loudly to persuade me to fill it up for him.

    I love, love, love discovering the floor/walls of a room that’s been entirely too messy, too long.

    I love notes from my kids, even if they are asking to go to Chuck E Cheese.

    I love warm, juicy peaches and tart apples. I love fall.

  25. Cele

    I love this post, Otto’s comments make it complete.

  26. Laura

    –the way my dogs tail starts thumping on the floor a solid minute before my husband pulls into the driveway because he can hear the car long before I can…
    –that my nearly 18 year old son still ends every phone conversation with me by saying “Love you, Mom” even when he’s surrounded by his peers.
    –the way my daughter bounds through life in a most Tigger-like fashion, and sees the joy in everything.
    –talking with my sisters on the phone.
    –a perfectly made latte
    –that I’m beginning to think of my grandmother and smile at her memory instead of being knocked down by a wave of grief.
    –that you made me think of these things this morning so that my day started with gratitued.

  27. Petunia

    …clean sheets.
    …having the windows open for a gorgeous breeze.
    …walking my daughter to the school bus stop.
    …when my kids get home from school.
    …that I’m my dog’s favorite person.
    …watching hummingbirds outside my window.
    …waking up, thinking it’s time to get up and realizing it’s only 3am.
    …mocha lattes.
    …when my whole family’s home for the night.
    …that my husband always makes me laugh.
    …the color of the cloudless sky.
    …listening to my kids tell me the things that they’ve learned at school.
    …the person my 15 year old son is becoming.
    …that my 8 year old daughter is planning to go to college online so that she can live with
    me always.
    …that my 14 year old son is going to be okay because God isn’t finished with him yet.
    …that God keeps His promises.

  28. Mia

    …having private jokes between my kids and I that make us laugh like idiots while other people watch
    …finding the toddler still inside my teen
    …seeing the adult hiding inside my teen
    …still using family sayings 20 years later like “pick me down!” and “rock paper scissors SHOES”
    …seeing my kids expression of pride in ME

  29. Diana DeGarimore

    . . . . juicy, messy, mouthwatering watermelon (seedless of course)

    . . . . when my chihuahua puppy dogs, Cotton and Little Man, fight over me and jockey for the best position until one of them is virtually on my head

    . . . finding ALL of those grossly disturbing engorged tomato bugs and eradicating them from my precious tomato plants with the grilling tongs (which are now tomato bug tongs and will never ever ever again be used as grilling tongs eeeeewwwwwh or however you spell it)

    . . . . any and all army, navy, air force, marine honoraria on e-mails, u-tubes, memorials, etc.

    . .. the travelocity gnome. He makes me giggle.

    . . . the possibility, albeit make believe, that there really are fairies and fairy dust and pixies too (I submit this entry because I am a little height deprived at the big 5’0″)

    . . . miracles. Someone else already put this in the mix, but I think it is worthy of double billing

  30. Andrea

    …the smell of burning leaves and/or fireplace fires on a cool fall day

    …seeing the joy on my kids faces when they put on tap shoes

    …a lick of frosting leftover after the cake is done

    …seeing I have accomplished something for the day at work or at home

    …the way my oldest daughter rides really straight backed on her bike but is still riding like the wind

    …shiny wood floors

    …a well trimmed lawn (or my heat-dead lawn that I don’t have to mow for two months because of excessive heat)

    …the crunch of dry leaves in a pile

    …watching the wheels turn while a “plan” develop in my youngest twin’s mind and seeing what eventually comes out

    …and selfishly happy hearing my girls tell me I am their best mom ever (not that there was another)

    …a great bargain

    …a bittersweet wreath

    …the first twinkles of Christmas lights

    …holding hands with my little girls

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