Love’s a little chaotic

By Mir
August 26, 2010

Yesterday turned out to be kind of a crazy day; Wednesdays are always my busiest day, anyway, and yesterday had a few extra wrenches thrown in for fun, like the emergency orthodontic appointment because someone who swears they aren’t eating things they shouldn’t nonetheless broke her braces. AHEM.

Anyway, finally the day was mostly over and we were sitting down to dinner, and the kids seemed bent on out-obnoxiousing each other, but in kind of a funny way, at least. The meal was turning out to be a rather raucous affair. And finally after the fourth or fifth time one or both children monopolized the conversation with some silly thing or another, I looked across the table to Otto and said, “And how was YOUR day, Husband?”

Otto didn’t have a chance to respond before Chickadee cheerfully answered, “It was great, THANKS!” at the same time that Monkey—having missed this altogether—squealed “MEEEEEAAAAAAAT!” in a high-pitched voice reserved for pretending to be the dog (who was, indeed, dancing around at his feet, hoping he might “accidentally” drop his burger).

My beloved and I locked gazes as I tried to stop laughing, and in a moment we communicated all that needed to be said, without words. This life of ours is loud and messy and not terribly romantic, but it is never dull.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. Today I submit to you that if it’s not a little bit crazy-making, chances are you’re doing it wrong.


  1. Em

    Then I must be doing it JUST right!

  2. Megan

    Oh I’m WAY beyond crazy making. It’s an art form ’round here.

  3. Mare Martell

    I love the chaos of dinner and discussions. I always thought that conversations surrounded by family and food were the most fun all around the block and back. It’s good to know that there are others who share the joy of dining with the family.

  4. Beth R

    OK, I’m sure Chickadee is probably sneaking foods she shouldn’t have with braces (we all do/did), but in her defense, I snapped a wire while eating…

    wait for it…

    Mac and cheese.

  5. Crisanne

    I must agree!

  6. Katie in MA

    Thanks for reaffirming that my life is terribly, crazily, wonderfully right. :) Love those kinds of dinners!

  7. 12tequilas

    Your life actually sounds very romantic to me. The locked gazes and such.

  8. lizneust

    I broke a tooth on bacon once. Thick cut bacon, to be sure, but not the first food you think of as a dental hazaard.

  9. ramblin red

    I like the way you think, because if it’s true then DAMN have we got it made here at casa del Meyer.

  10. MomCat

    Someone once told me not to struggle with how I think things ought to be and to embrace the way they are. It has made being a parent a lot easier!

  11. Alix

    I spent 3 years in braces. My orthodontist always told me that every time I popped a bracket, he’d replace it with a band. Things I popped brackets on:

    Ice water
    Ice cream
    Sleeping (tasty!)
    Hot soup

    Personally I think it had more to do with the temperature differential than the food, since separating me from caramel is on par from denying me oxygen.

    He also came to regret the bands-for-brackets policy when he had to modify a baby-sized band for one of my teeth. I have remarkably narrow (sharp!) teeth, apparently.

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