Love’s ahoy, wherever we are

By Mir
July 22, 2010

We’re packing up and heading home; as always, this trip has had its ups and downs, but it’s still bittersweet to close up the camper and hitch up and drive back to everyday life.

As I walked through the campground this morning, I chuckled (as I always do) at the different things people do to personalize their campers. There’s all sorts of signs (“The Smiths Second Home!” and “Kick off your shoes and grab a beer!” and such) and strings of lights and even hanging plants and lawn ornaments. Our camper is bland by comparison. But we do put up our flag as soon as we park, just as a reminder of what we, as a family, stand for.

(It either means that the family that laughs together stays together, or that rotten children should totally look out. I can never remember which.)

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. Whatever form love takes for you and yours, don’t leave home without it.


  1. midj

    Pirates ahoy… Aaarrgghhh! Looking forward to my NC vacation in 9 days. Cashiers, here we come! We usually camp (tents, yes, we’re crazy, thank you) but rented a house this year that we used 14 years ago. Kids are now 20 and 17 and are excited to go back to what they called Duckland as the the decor was decoys. Might be our last family vacation for a while as DD graduates next year from UF and we’re not sure where she’ll work. Safe home, Mir. Happy Love Thursday.

  2. Crista

    DH and I both love that saying! We don’t have kids so we tell it to the dogs and each other, lol.

  3. Karen

    LOL, where did you manage to find that gem?

  4. Carmen

    I WANT this flag for my house! By any chance, do you remember where you bought it?

  5. ellbee

    Hee! my mom and I do a group canoe trip everry summer, and always bring a 6″ disco ball along to hang outside our tent. My parents also set up a pair of pink plastic lawn flamingos–named Loretta and The Major–outside their 5th wheel camper whenever they travel. Nice to know we’re not the only weird ones out there!

  6. The Other Leanne

    Great pirate flag! I’ll bet the other campers are jealous!
    (My own pirate flag says “Time flies when you’re having rum.” You might want to look for that one.)

  7. Katie in MA

    Hey, that happens to be our tagline at work, but, um, I don’t think there’s any love behind it. :)

    Happy Love Thursday!

  8. Fabs

    Love it Mir!

  9. kath

    What a fabulous photo – I haven’t been to visit in a while, but I love the look of the new site! Happy Love Thursday.

  10. Heather

    I think it’s a declaration of Awesome.

  11. Kati

    My father-in-law has this bumper sticker up in his office, and my his and uses the saying with our kids on a regular basis. Coupled with the Morris Family Motto – Suck It
    Up – well, it makes for good times. Whether you like it or not. ;)

    And please do share with us where you got the flag. I could cross my FIL off the XMas list with that one purchase. It’d look swell on his boat.

  12. karyn

    HAhaha! We have this same sign at work!!

  13. Brigitte

    Reminds me of when we announce “We’re going to do (fill in the blank) and you’ll have FUN, dammit!”

    Didn’t storms roll through your camping area the other night? Thank goodness you weren’t in a mere tent. And thank goodness you’re heading back to the land of being-able-to-get-some-privacy!

  14. Megan

    Yup, my department desperately needs one. Also, we need a pirate day. And possibly a camp out – only I think I’m the only one who should go on that one… Come to think of it, maybe I just need a different job?

  15. Jillian

    I just love that BlogHer ’10 is forcing me to take the time to find more amazing bloggers before I get to the city so that I can seek them out and swap stories with them and you, my new friend, are one of these particular writers.

    I am also a travel writer based out of Aspen, Colorado. As we very well could be living out of a borrowed camper sooner than I think, I am thoroughly enjoying your stories and I simply adore your flag.

    Is there any way that we could meet at BlogHer? Let’s exchange cell #’s.

    Best, Jillian
    Author of Is Dis Normal or Dysfunctional? (a book that has not been completed yet)

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