Don’t. Stop. No, really, don’t stop!

Pardon the brief interruption. We now return you to our regularly-scheduled Otto Week.

Sometimes I wonder if I do poke at Otto just a little too much. I mean, I love him to pieces, and I’m pretty sure he knows that, but I’m also just kind of a jerk, sometimes. And that’s aside from the fact that I suspect it’s hard to be married to someone who regularly tells the Internet “Hey, this totally embarrassing thing happened! Let me describe it to you in EXCRUCIATING DETAIL!”

Other times, I figure it’s just part of that whole we-are-totally-meant-to-be-together thing that he puts up with and maybe even enjoys the abuse. (Uh, not like that. Sheesh.)

Every now and then—like this morning—I get confirmation that this is so.

Otto is hard at work at a conference, you know. And when he called home last night to check in he was exhausted, and I felt a little bit bad admitting that Chickadee and I had thoroughly basked in Girls’ Night in his absence. (Both Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies! Enormous watermelon-feta salads for dinner, followed by Heath Bar ice cream sundaes!) We chatted briefly and said goodnight, and I didn’t expect to hear from him again until late tonight.

But this morning I got up and had an email from him. He’d forwarded me a Facebook notification he’d received, from one of his former students. She’d written on his wall:

so… i read your wife’s blog sometimes. i’ve concluded that she’s awesome.

Aren’t Otto’s students the greatest? Such excellent taste, and all.

I don’t know if her assessment was based upon the recent spate of “My husband is a weirdo” posts or just general recognition of my mad skillz, but I’m prepared to believe the latter.

Also I am oddly touched by the fact that he wanted to show me that she said that. He cannot possibly be planning to murder me in my sleep at the same time that that’s happening, right? RIGHT?

Love you, Otto! Come home soon! I promise to stop making fun of you! I promise to be really happy to see you! And even get dressed before you get back here with your students! (Would wearing my “Brunettes can talk and shop at the same time” t-shirt be too much? Probably too much. I’ll wear something else.)


  1. Leandra

    Okay, I really need to know where you got that t-shirt!

  2. Burgh Baby

    My husband routinely likes to grumble about the whole bloggy-blog thing, but he sure does get offended if I don’t write about him when something he feels is significant happens. He even once volunteered to write a post about the new kitten pooping in my lap because it was pretty much the funniest day of his life. I’m positive they like the occasional bit of cyber-attention, especially if it involves us embarrassing ourselves. ;-)

  3. Javamom

    Dear Mir, I am so fortunate to virtually know you because you make me laugh until I pee myself.


  4. Tracy

    You are so funny! And Otto is proud of you, that’s why he wanted you know that you are awesome and everyone else thinks so, too!

  5. Megan

    A lovely OttoPost – however I would point out that three OttoPosts do NOT an OttoWeek make. Just saying.

  6. elz

    Sweet, what a great match you are. This time hopefully you will have time to actually-you know, get dressed.

  7. Katie in MA

    How do you know his email wasn’t the first step of an elaborate plan to lull you into a false sense of security right before he gets his revenge? Just sayin’. ;-)

  8. suzie

    First the revenge, then the make-up …. email? hmpf. I would protest.

  9. shadymama

    i just posted a pic of my lover and i in a smushy moment in my corner (aka bl*g) and i know he’ll totally forgive me for it. *tomorrow* i’m posting a photo in which he looks like an elf.

    i shall send him here immediately to remind him it could be worse. i *could* be posting a pic of him holding dog poop, looking like an elf.

  10. Heather

    The student obviously has very powerful deductive reasoning skills, because you really, really are.

  11. Kim

    Love Otto stories. :)

    Want your tee shirt! I’m currently wearing my, “And then Buffy staked Edward. The End” shirt. :)

  12. JennyM

    You are awesome. And so is your Otto.

    Otto Week has been a small beacon of light in a sort of crappy time reminding me that Boys can, in fact, be pretty OK.

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