We’re gonna have a party, yeah

By Mir
July 4, 2010

I took Chickadee grocery shopping yesterday, and she begged—begged!—for a watermelon. I enjoy watching her beg; I didn’t tell her I’d been planning to buy one, anyway.

We came home and unloaded everything, and the next time I walked into the kitchen, I saw this:

Apparently Mr. Watermelon Head is ready to give his life in pursuit of liberty and the American Way. Or so I’m told.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July, everyone!


  1. BethR

    I’m a sick person – we all know that, right? – so I want to see the photo of the first knife stab :)

    Have a wonderful Fourth and I hope you and your family get to spend it in the best way possible: together!

  2. elz

    M, my almost 4 year old, wholeheartedly supports Mr. Watermelon giving his life for the party. She consumed about a pound of watermelon today! Happy 4th.

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