After this, I’ll stop talking about it

By Mir
June 25, 2010

Hey, did you know I went on a cruise? Maybe I mentioned it? At some point?

Yeah, still kind of riding that high.

Anyway, if you want to hear EVEN MORE about the cruise, you could go listen to this podcast, where I’m chatting with longtime readers Patricia and Michael, who also happen to be a travel agents and cruise junkies. (Can I say that? Please do not confuse “cruise junkies” with other kinds of junkies….)

We go off on about fifty different tangents, and discuss everything from the goofiness of my children to wizened old men taking their trophy wives on vacation. Really. Also, I learned from listening to this that I say “you know” entirely too often. You know, I should stop doing that. Crap.

Anyway, it might be worth a listen. Particularly if you were thinking to yourself, “Self, I just wish I could hear Mir say ‘you know’ six or seven hundred times.” I’m a giver. You know.


  1. Patricia

    LOL — and you are delightfully pretty today — and your hair is perfect — and your shoes are divine!

    Can I be you if I grow up, you know?

  2. Tracy

    You are absolutely lovely. =) And I can say the same exact thing. This blog is the very first one I’ve ever read and actually the only one I still read. So, that’s gotta make you feel not only lovely but pretty special, too. I, too, can not remember what I was googling for when I came across this blog but the name caught my attention really quick because, Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda is a personally favorite saying that I say as much as you say, you know. So, that’s that! I really do enjoy reading about your family and situations that happen in your life, Mir. I just want to say, thanks for sharing you and your family with us. It makes us feel normal. AND I’m “almost” sold on a taking a cruise. ;)

  3. Dave

    “Cruise junkies” reminds me of the time Royal Caribbean used Iggy Pop’s “Lust For Life” in one of their television commercials. Whoops.

  4. Linda Sherwood

    I didn’t notice “you know” a million times, but I was glad I wasn’t drinking anything when you described the “prostatots”! OMG, what a great word!

  5. meghann

    “Mandated by the government” Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  6. Patricia

    Linda and Meghann — those were exactly the TWO things that had my husband and I giggling about most of the night. I literally woke up the next morning reminding my husband to use the word “prostatots” today because that was SO funny.

  7. Rasselas

    I enjoyed these notes about the cruise, because one of my friends has been working on one for a few months now. As a budding anthropologist, it was amazing for me to be able to hear about this from such different perspectives – the person working there and the people enjoying the cruise. My friend has an English language degree, but she wanted to see the world and get away from a 9-5 work existence.

    To me personally, a cruise seems like something unnecessarily luxurious, decadent and wasteful. But this is coming from someone who spent her summers in a two-story private home with an almost-private beach just across the road. So I probably shouldn’t be talking. The food sounds absolutely tempting, though. I’m torn between thinking they’re wasteful, and that they’re little slices of heaven, a kind of perfect holiday creation. I do wonder how it would feel, especially since I’m the kind of person that hikes and roams about the islands in the wild nature to discover tiny nudist beaches and whatnot. So, more of a Robinson Crusoe kind of type.

  8. Karen

    I didn’t know.

  9. Heather

    After listening to that I feel like we’ve hung out ;) You’re too cute.

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