Mother of the Year

By Mir
May 31, 2010

In the following picture, I am to be commended for my excellent parenting because:
A) A storm is about to roll in and douse us all.
B) I’ve thrown my children 40 feet out of the boat, attached to us only by a fraying rope.
C) I’m sitting there watching them hold on for dear life and telling Boatguy “FASTER, THEY WANT TO GO FASTER!”
D) I smiled and waved from my position of safety as both kids were eventually (through a series of zigzags through the boat’s wake) hurled from the tube like ragdolls.
E) All of the above. The children are now referring to him as “Uncle Boatguy.”

P.S. Boatguy is forgiven, natch. Also? It’s okay, because I took my lumps as well. Turns out I’m not any better at hanging on through the turns than the kids. (Ow.)


  1. Pam

    The game is entirely given away by your tensely-pinched thumb and index finger – you’re not fooling anyone, Mir!

  2. Crisanne

    I’m bettin you are feeling your abs in the morning! It takes serious muscle strength to stay on those things. Quite fun, though.

  3. Karen

    You must REALLY REALLY like boatguy. Really.

  4. Margaret

    This made me miss tubing. You can’t really do that in the Pacific.

  5. Kirsten

    OMG I used to LOVE tubing… my uncle would take us out and it was fantastic… that and the giant thing that looked like a hot dog with footrests…

  6. Cele

    I would love to do that agaibn sadly it requires donning a bathing suit in public.

  7. Lisa

    On behalf of the whole state of SC, let me say thank you for visiting and please take all of your sickness back with you! :) LOL Hope yall enjoyed visiting SC as much as I love living here!

  8. Rasselas

    What is life without a little adventure! Go Mir! :D

  9. Javamom

    That’s one way to forget about the rats…happy vacation!

  10. Megan

    Wheee! I TOTALLY count that as excellent parenting – and not at all because I regularly encourage my children to go high-speed down steep mountains (often with cliffs on one side) on bicycles or skis (or, if you’re the Boy, the seat of his pants/his badly worn shoes). Sure, some may call it infanticide, but I figure it’s Building Character!

  11. mary anne

    Fun Times…. Definitely a plus to belong to the ibtc when tubing!
    May shoulder is still trashed from an incident last summer at lake of bays!

  12. Jean

    Boatguy’s vessel could probably outrun that thunderstorm anyway. Perfect parenting in my book. The kids were tired and happy weren’t they? There. That settles it.

  13. Jean

    Forgot to add : What kind of perfect parent does it make you when you’re the one DRIVING the boat and TRYING to hurl the kids off the tubes?? That would be me. It’s just one way of releasing some of the stress they cause me…

  14. Katie in MA

    Only the best moms let their kids return the torture. :-) Hope it was as much fun as it sounds!

  15. Wendy 2

    Totally perfect parenting in my book. I LOVE tubing, if only I had enough strength to load my current body into a tube.

  16. JennyM

    Ha! The summer we were studying for the bar exam, we’d get done with Bar Review classes around lunchtime and head out to Lake Murray where one of the guys’ family had a dock, and we’d drink beer and tube and ride jetskis and have the most redneck fun possible. Ah, memories. Mostly memories of “I haaate yoooooouuuuuuuu…..” as we were flung from the tube, but good memories all the same.

  17. Megan

    Not to be an alarmist (or criticize) but you may want to put helmets on your kids if you have them both on the boat at the same time (w/out too many details… heads can knock together which can lead to unconsciousness…). Yes I always am this much of a spoilsport…

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