They’re all too long

By Mir
April 14, 2010

I’ve been thinking, lately, about putting a new category in here specifically to tag Asperger’s-related stuff. Of course—being me, and Monkey being Monkey—so far all of my category title ideas run to things like:
Planet Rigid and the Unbendable Rules of Doom
I Just Memorized This Entire Dictionary In Under An Hour And Don’t Understand Why You’re Upset That I Forgot To Put On Underwear Today
Everything is perfectly fine right up until it’s not
God either trusts me a whole bunch OR he has a wicked sense of humor

You see my dilemma. Maybe I’ll just go with Quirky is the new Black. Still thinking on this one.

In the meantime, we’re doing a series of interviews over at BlogHer as part of Autism Awareness Month. I had the extreme privilege of picking Sharon daVanport’s brain for today’s post about being an adult Aspie, and not only was she gracious and forthcoming, she was just so genuinely sweet and warm I wanted to braid her hair and ask her to be my new BFF. I know it might sound silly, but for the first time, talking to her, I could see Monkey as a happy, fulfilled adult in the future. She gave me an incredible gift there without even knowing it.

I hope you’ll check out the interview.


  1. meghann

    How about “Aspies R Us”?

    Did you know I’m an Aspie, as is my oldest? As is my dad, and my sister. (I’m sure you guessed it about Ryan when you met him, but I’m a little better at hiding it.)) And my younger son is autistic.

    Our life is interesting, to say the least.

  2. RuthWells

    Great interview, Mir!

  3. Saskia

    Please do the dictionary one, even if it is unwieldy!

  4. Karate Mom

    I’ve gotta say that I think I’d vote for the Planet Rigid one. Too bad it’s too long!

  5. Little Bird

    I love the dictionary one too!! I have to tell my mom about it, she’ll want to know how I morphed into a boy some 25 years younger than myself, and moved to another state.

  6. MomOnMars

    You made my day with those titles. I cannot stop laughing. Here’s some from my own life with Boy Genius …

    Who cares it’s my birthday. Let’s celebrate the Titanic hitting an iceberg or Lincoln getting shot instead.


    Jackass is merely the personification of the backend of a mule named Jack. So I’m not cussing.

    Can’t wait to read more of your blogs!

  7. Rita

    Aspie Rules?!?!Though I love “Quirky is the new black”

  8. Fran

    Although no one in our Family has been tested, there is no doubt in my mind that my husband (age61) is on the spectrum as are both our sons to a lesser degree. That said, they did all grow up to be successful men and found the right women to love them. Yes they have their quirks which as a spouse can be quite maddening especially when they say they “don’t understand” – when it’s perfectly obvious to the rest of us; however, when discussing our grandson (who most obviously is his grandfather’s grandson)we expressed dismay at the possibility that he would have some of the same issues as his which our son replied…maybe it’s those same issues that made Dad accomplish what he has in his life. Ahhh yes…great attitude and outlook. Feel free to email and chat with me about adult male Aspies…

  9. Karen

    The Websters Briefless Genius.

  10. Katie in MA

    That was a lovely interview, Mir. Full of so many different kinds of hope and insight.

  11. carolyn

    I vote for the Quirky one. We use quirky to refer to kids at our school who have asperger’s. It says everything without saying too much….

  12. Megan

    Excellent interview! I have an Aspie’s uncle and a few of his kids are on the spectrum so it’s fascinating to hear an insider’s view – particularly as my family members aren’t terribly good at articulating what they feel or what they need (cliche I know but it’s likely like trying to explain what salt tastes like or blue looks like).

  13. Melanie

    That interview was great! Thanks for sharing it. My 2.75 year old was just diagnosed with Autism. It wasn’t a shock, but it still wasn’t fun to hear. I enjoy all of your posts, but the Aspie ones help me so much. I really appreciate your willingness to blog about it.

    Dictionary/Underwear made me laugh the hardest. Planet Rigid and the Unbendable Rules of Doom could easily describe our house.

  14. jenn

    I like Quirky is the new black, but Planet Rigid and the Unbendable Rules of Doom describes my house! (5 yr old we’re 99% sure is an Aspie.) Loved the interview too. You’re pretty.

  15. Heather

    Everything is perfectly fine up until its not

    Perfect description of life around our house right now!

  16. Alice

    I like the shortened “Planet Rigid”, though it’d be a shame to lose the unbendable rules of doom. I say go for length – it’s the internet, it’s not like you’ve got column inches to worry about.

    And thanks for a great article – I didn’t want to register, but I wanted to say that I really appreciated it. As the sister to someone who has a lot of issues that parallel Aspie issues (but he hasn’t sought diagnosis, and I’m not going to armchair therapize him), it was great to hear from someone in her position.

  17. Brigitte

    My sister has never been officially diagnosed, but she has always fit the profile to a “T”, and she is married with a home and a career she loves (which a lot of us can’t say)!

  18. Diahn Ott

    Oh, Quirky is the New Black…

    My 10 year old son was diagnosed as “quirky,” by an educational psychologist (because he didn’t fit into any mold of known behavior). I believe he’s definitely somewhere on the spectrum…

    By the way – we homeschool, and it’s an excellent fit for my quirky boy AND his completely non-quirky brother…

  19. JennyM

    My Aspie cousin is graduating from high school this spring! He has grown into this tall, thoughtful fellow who looks great in a tuxedo, loves the outdoors, and sends me silly text messages during Tennessee football games. He still gets overwhelmed occasionally, but it’s clear to us all that he has a bright future nonetheless.

    I like “Planet Rigid …” myself — it has a nice ring to it. But “Quirky…” doesn’t seem as…. doom-laden?

  20. JennyM

    Also — that’s a terrific interview!

  21. bonuela

    i like “officially quirky” from a while back. or riding the spectrum.

  22. Nancy R

    Is ‘Quirky is as Quirky does’ too Forrest Gump?


    Aspie’s FTW! (the acronym could apply to the positive or negative – HA!)

  23. tuney

    It’s “An Aspie-Load of Fun.” The interview rocked.

  24. Kim

    Great column. I never knew there were others like me out there. Wish I could find out where I could be tested. My doctor “doesn’t give referals”. I can’t even figure out what type of doctor to see, other than an “Autism Specialist” which is not a search heading on my insurance company’s (Blue Cross Blue Shield) website. If anyone can give me some suggestions in the Buffalo, NY area, I’d appreciate it!

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