15 things I love, just because

By Mir
March 25, 2010

It’s Love Thursday, and lately I’ve felt like Thursday leaves me anxious about finding JUST THE RIGHT THING that is, you know, PROFOUND ENOUGH to pass muster.

Which is silly, of course, both because if profundity is the measuring stick by which I’m going to take stock of my work, um, ACK, and also because that’s the thing about love—it doesn’t have to be profound. Sometimes it just is. Sometimes it’s everyday, plain, and perfectly simple.

So rather than a long story or Yet Another Picture Of My Dog (okay, some of you tend to enjoy that, but it does kind of feel like cheating, sometimes, because who doesn’t love a sweet little dog?), today I thought I’d celebrate Thursday with some of the simplest things that make me feel most happy, and fill me with love.

If you’re looking for deep, today, you should probably move on. Just sayin’.

1) When the dog has a dream about chasing a squirrel, and her legs twitch and she huffs out airy little dream-barks.

2) The birds that squabble in the tree right outside my office window. They remind me of the kids.

3) Wearing my great-grandmother’s ring.

4) Fuzzy slippers.

5) The grungy, ugly, incredibly warm fleece I wear around the house during all but the hottest months of the year.

6) Taking my first sip of coffee in the morning before anyone else is up.

7) Slowly sinking into a bath so hot that it’s almost—but not quite—unbearable. Delicious.

8) When Monkey does the full-body-scale during a hug. I am going to be so sad when he’s too big to do that anymore.

9) When Chickadee begs me to come lay down with her at bedtime or when I’ve woken her in the morning.

10) The smell of grass. Even though I’m allergic. Because it’s the scent of growth.

11) The smell of bread baking. Even though I can’t eat it anymore. Because it’s something I make for the people I love best.

12) The nights Otto and I end up having long discussions about matters large and small, instead of watching TV or working.

13) How my father often opens a phone call with, “Is this the party to whom I am speaking?” Makes me laugh every time.

14) Fresh roasted asparagus.

15) Popcorn.
15a) Especially when made by my husband.
15b) Especially now that we’ve discovered that Licorice looooves it.
15c) Especially with real butter. Shhhh, do not tell.

Happy Love Thursday. I hope your personal bowl of little delights is always overflowing, always refilling.


  1. Amy

    My dad starts phone conversations with that exact same phrase, and it always makes me happy, too. :)

  2. Angella

    I loved this list – it made me smile. And also, want popcorn.

  3. Gina

    Simple is sometimes the best. I love love love coffee. I think I could do a whole Thursday about it.

  4. Karen P

    My beagle, Bosley, used to love popcorn too. I always shared with him. My cats, on the other hand, love crackers. So much so that they will try to grab it while you are trying to take a bite!

  5. Fabs

    I love #13 and #15a, b, and c. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Karate Mom

    Well, I have to say that I’m glad you don’t love to wear your grandmother’s fuzzy slippers, because that’s how I FIRST read #3 and #4. (Don’t know how I mixed them, but it made me go “Huh?” and then “Ew.” and then laugh, all in the space of about a millisecond.)
    Also, I can totally relate to #5 because, when it’s cold, I have this GINORMOUS, ugly, beige hoodie from Old Navy that I wear over whatever I’m wearing for the day. So attractive, I’m sure, but oh, so warm and comfy!

  7. Ironic Mom

    I love I-love lists. I especially like how all the items are essentially free, or less than a buck. A good reminder of what matters in today’s consumer society.

  8. Frank

    First time I heard that line was the Lily Tomlin telephone operator bit (not sure if that is the ‘origin’), but that routine kills me every time.. along with Daffy Duck saying “For I am He for Whomst thou Seekeths…”
    My 3 1/2 yr old son has a habit of saying his thought process out loud while he is doing something. I could sit and listen to him do that all day…

  9. Paula

    Lovely! I might add that the early morning scratch and snuggle with the pupper-doodles is high on my list! Also, holding my sons hand as we walk to school in the rain is pretty stinking fabulous too! Oh, how I hope he never out grows that!

  10. Katie in MA

    Every single trick (including basic doggy manners) that Cooper learned, she learned with popcorn rewards. I brought the DoggyBack to Love Thursday, oh yes I did. :) HLT!

  11. Kelley

    I’m delurking. Do you think it’s a dad thing? Because my dad says the exact same thing.
    Also, in more creepy news: I had a dream that I met you and your family. It was weird because I knew so much about you but you, of course, didn’t even know I existed. Anyway, I love your blog; it’s one of my favourites.

  12. Jen

    Awesome post – thanks! We used to have a dog that loved popcorn, and we would entertain ourselves by pretending to throw a piece to her. She would snap her mouth closed and swallow before noticing she hadn’t actually gotten anything. (Don’t worry, she got plenty of real pieces as well!)

    I love how my youngest son wakes up happy every morning of his life, and no matter how tired or grumpy I am in the morning, when he comes in my bedroom and says, “Good mor-in, Mama!” everything is all right.

  13. Nelson's Mama

    You list made me smile this dreary, rainy day.

    Nelson loves popcorn, he knows when the microwave dings that it’s popcorn time!

    My youngest is 13 and tops me by 4 inches; how I miss snuggling with her.

  14. Tracy

    Aw, Mir, you’ve reminded of my momma today. (She passed away in 2007) She would “crank-call” me when she knew I was down and needed to smile. When I’d say, “Hello”..she would in the funniest voice ever, say, “Um, Is this the party to whom I am speakin'” and I’ve gotta tell you…I would crack up laughing every single time…every time. Thanks so much for reminded me of that memory…I needed the laugh, even though it made my heart alittle heavy. Happy Love Thursday, to you!

  15. Heather

    I can relate better to this sort of list, anyway :) So you made me smile.

  16. s

    I look forward to love Thursday, profound or simple is ok with me! I love the smile I just got from my daughter and the happy announcement from her friends “your mom is here” when I opened her classroom door to listen to her presentation – priceless and I know this is fleeting since we only have another year until middle school (when a mom in school is likely a source of embarassment or a sign someone is in trouble! I love good friends who watch my youngest so I can sit and concentrate on my older children in school vs shushing an exuberent pre-k boy! I love the flexibility of my job and my boss that allows me to slip in and out as needed for the important at (public!!) school moments – they mean so much to me and I know they mean the world to my kids. I love the anticipation of finishing the latest novel I’m reading tonight, once everyone is in bed. I love the sight of my rescue dogs laying down happy and comforted now that I’m back home – their worried faces were at the window upon my return. And I absolutely love the sound of peepers in the spring and can’t wait until I hear them one of these nights as I lay in bed – they are almost here! Happy Love Thursday!

  17. Heidi D

    My dad says the exact same thing. It always puts on a smile on my face. :)

  18. abbey

    So good— and so want popcorn… must make popcorn now.

  19. JennyM

    I love finding out other people to the silly things we do.

    “Is this the party to whom I am speaking?” enjoys regular airplay.

  20. Mare Martell

    I look forward to reading this blog. I subscribe to 3 that I read every time there is a new post. It’s lists like these that are made to not only remind us of the love we have, but the blessings we’ve been given.

    Does it matter in the grand scheme of things whether someone I’ve never met likes popcorn or not? No, but hearing that it’s something loved by someone I’m a fan of reading does matter. It’s such a silly fact that I feel, believe it or not, privileged to know.

    Love to you and yours from a crazy lady with too much time on her hands.

  21. Brigitte

    Ooh, I love those extra-toasty baths. So much that I still sneak one in now and then (as opposed to not-as-hot baths or showers) even though they give me migraines.

    And yes, fling open the windows and go outside in Spring, despite tree-pollen allergies.

    I try to be deep and pithy as little as possible, so I enjoy a “Love Thursday Post Lite” every now and then. ;-)

  22. Nicki

    I love love love those nights that we sit and simply talk about everything and nothing. Those are the best most meaningful moments in my life. Ahhh.

    PS. I miss popcorn.

    PPS. I love asparagus…except for the side effects… ;)

  23. Karen

    My dad ALWAYS starts a phone call with “Is this the party to whom I am speaking?” And it makes me roll my eyes instead of laugh. LOL. I think I am bit too cynical these days.

  24. 12tequilas

    I always think that tea made by someone else is better.

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