Fishnets and diets and stuff, oh my

By Mir
February 26, 2010

It’s Friday, which means 1) my brain is full and I am one marginal step above being an unintelligible idiot until I’ve had that magical opportunity to sleep late on Saturday and 2) it’s my day to post at Five Full Plates. Today I’m talking about sustainable eating choices, and I don’t mean hand-pampered organic vegetables that love the earth, I mean “things you do while on a diet” that can segue into being “things you do while eating like a normal human in regular everyday life.” Right now I vacillate between low-carb and no-carb, and I’m wondering if carbs and I have broken up forever or if they’ll make it up to me and I’ll give them another chance.

In completely unrelated news, after blowing up my boots I spent some time shopping for new ones, and then wore them last week at Mom 2.0 with my fishnets and felt like a rebel. I also snapped a picture with my iPhone for some folks on Twitter who’d listened to me complain about the shopping, and that’s how I ended up being today’s Shoe Friday at Jodifur. Things you cannot see in the picture: The boots have a little lizard-print band around the ankle (rowr!), and undressing after wearing fishnets all day yields fishnet-patterned thighs. (You’re welcome for not sharing a picture of that part.)


  1. Kelly


  2. Stacy

    Those boots are HAWT!!!!

  3. The Other Leanne

    I have to tell you: when the Mom 2.0 panel photo was posted on FB, I NOTICED THE BOOTS!
    And why did opening the link to Jodifur cause 50 new tabs to open up?

  4. Beth R

    The worst part isn’t the fishnet-print thighs, in my opinion… it’s the butt. I can’t go a full day in fishnets if I’m sitting a lot… those little nets hurt after a while!

  5. Beth R

    Oh, and yes, the boots are major hot!!!

  6. Little Bird

    Fishnets + short skirt + mary jane style shoes + a sunny day = a very painful and odd looking sunburn. Ah, the teen years!

  7. Aimee


  8. meghann

    When I saw the Facebook photos, all I could think was how awesomely hot those boots were.

    I tried giving up carbs completely, but then I just ended up depressed. Trying to cut out refined flour and sugar instead.

  9. Jamie

    I would guess that fishnet thighs are better than cottage cheese thighs though, right?!

  10. Rosie

    So where did you get the shoes?

  11. Flea

    Well dang, woman! Those are hot! I’m sure Otto had something to say about the whole thing. :)

  12. jen

    your nescafe/blogher ad is creeping out of the sidebar and covering up the text of your post (IE 7) … sorry no Firefox on this borrowed laptop so I can’t check there.

  13. elz

    Hot. Also, I often wear my boots with fishnets. Seriously. Let’s not tell Karen though, it would only add to her theory that we are the same person.

  14. Katie in MA

    Is it wrong that I’m disappointed not to find an Otto comment? :)

    ANd I’d like to add my voice to the chorus – those boots are hotttt.

  15. adhocmom

    Are you aware that there are spanx attached to fishnet stockings? I have recently learned this. . my mind was blown.

  16. Kate @ And Then I Was a Mom

    But, man. If you make up with carbs, can you imagine the make-up sex? It would be like BREAD combined with CAKE mixed with PIE topped off with COOKIES. Phew. If you do it, share the dirty details. Please.

  17. jodifur

    Thanks for the link!

    What Mir didn’t tell you was the hours we spent DMing back and forth discussing the boots and the fishnets and the different options.

    And yes, she looks hot!

  18. Frank

    The Boots are BACK! and they are looking particularly… um… I am sure there is a word that I can use here on a family friendly blog… how about “Sultry” …. ;)
    Hopefully the boots will return in a.. well… ‘triumphant’ manner. :)

  19. Karen

    Must have those BOOTS!!!… you wildwoman, you. Who knew?

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