Attack of the skinny jeans

By Mir
February 12, 2010

It’s Friday, and that means it’s my day to get my body dysmorphia on at Five Full Plates. This week’s post has something to do with skinny jeans, and suddenly I’m having flashbacks to the 80s.

(Trippy, man. Very, very trippy. Hey, are you using those safety pins…? Because I could really use them to peg my pants….)

In other news, my town is slated to receive AN ENTIRE INCH of snow today, so naturally, chaos has ensued. Oh how I love southerners. BLESS THEIR HEARTS!


  1. StephLove

    Three feet here in the Washington DC area and we are also a panic at an inch location, so you can imagine what life has been like here this past week. Not pretty.

  2. Pam

    It’s all staying south of us today. That inch could have gotten us another snow day!

  3. My Kids Mom

    I love how the expression “bless his heart” can excuse a southerner from having said something rude about another person. When we bought our house we learned that we lived next door to “Greg, Bless his heart” and had to investigate to find out how he’d come to earn that (consistent) comment. I could never remember his last name and just came to refer to him as Greg Blessisheart. (I believe I have a blog post coming up!)

    And hey, I’m hoping those kids in south Ga get snow today. Just cuz they’ve never had any. We didn’t have school today anyway b/c of a teacher workday.

  4. Katherine

    We’re south of you and therefore possibly going to get 1-3 inches of snow today. But not until after lunch. Nevertheless, they cancelled school, so we’re sitting around with no school and no snow either, for at least a few more hours. I really wish they would have done an early release instead!

  5. Jan in Norman, OK

    On the radio this morning, someone said that this could be a day when there was snow on the ground in all 50 states.

  6. Karen

    …not gonna talk about the skinny jeans I bought, and stare at in disbeleif as they take up space in the closet. What was I thinking. Obviously NOT about the 20 lbs I have to lose in order not to look obscene. *sigh*

  7. Javamom

    We have no snow. We always have snow. This is Canada and there is less than an inch of snow on the ground RIGHT NOW. In February.

    Contrary to the past summer when we had no sun, we have had more sun this winter than we have ever had ever. Or, for as long as I have lived in Canada, which is since 1980. So….sun is good, especially in February.


    PS I’m wearing skinny jeans right now. I haven’t had a pair since the 80s and now I do…weird.

  8. Flea

    Bwahaha! I never used safety pins to peg my jeans, but I did use them as buttons on blouses and as earrings.

    Enjoy your snow, you Yankee, you!

  9. Chuck

    Do you remember that one commercial with guys saying various things to each other like, “Do these jeans make my butt look big?” Your FFP article kind of reminded me of that. Although I think that men have gotten more self-conscious about their appearance as well in recent years. (I know I need to lose weight myself, but while it’s partly an appearance thing, it’s also an I’m too cheap to buy new clothes thing.) Glad your diet is going well, and good luck surviving your Southern Snowpocalypse.

  10. meghann

    Here in Augusta, they are now saying 2-4 inches, but it was also supposed to start at 1, but now they have pushed that back to sunset, so my kids won’t even get to play in it. BOO.

    On the funny side though, they have declared a Winter Storm Warning for our area. Part of it says “ONLY TRAVEL IN AN EMERGENCY. IF YOU MUST TRAVEL… KEEP AN EXTRA FLASHLIGHT… FOOD… AND WATER IN YOUR VEHICLE IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY.”


  11. Lisa

    Is this a bad time to mention that I live in SoCal and it’s going to be in the 70s this weekend?

  12. steff

    here in TX we got 9 inches…kids our out of school but most people could get to work, the main roads are fine, just wet.

  13. Tiffany

    we got a foot here in dallas yesterday….I loved driving in it this morning!

  14. my boyzach

    No pressure but you did take pictures of the puppy in the snow didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU??

  15. Half Assed Kitchen

    My friend Stacy has a catch phrase for fashions she doesn’t like (which pretty much equals anything not sold at REI). She says, “I’m just going to wait this one out.” Which is what I’ll do if pegged pants make a comeback.

  16. Rebecca

    I pegged with pins. Whew, I feel so much better just getting that out.

  17. Nicki

    Oh no you didn’t! We all know what bless their hearts means. Too funny!

    PS. Charlotte is BURIED under 3 inches.

  18. Jenn

    The thing I love about Bless Your Heart is that it has multiple meanings. It isn’t always snarky. Or at least wasn’t in KY. It often tended to be a fancy way of saying Thank you. My neighbor used to also say “Love your heart” for enduring anything particularly trying. All the way from a personal tragedy to running out of ice cream.

    In MN you always wanted to be careful that first snow storm because most people drove as though they’ve never seen the stuff before much less driven on it.

  19. Katie in MA

    Yeah, imagine DFW, Texas with over a foot and you’ll understand why I was hiding last Friday. Bless their snow-phobic little hearts, indeed.

  20. mom, again, again

    In Britain, it’s just ‘Bless’. You can say anything about someone if you follow it with ‘Bless’ and a faintly sympathetic look on your face.

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