Better, stronger, dressing weirder

By Mir
February 5, 2010

You are all lovely, everyone who commented on yesterday’s post. You are my favorite.

[Quick addendum to yesterday: I defensively feel like I need to point out that the ruined pants in question are track pants (nylon blend), and thus impossible to patch. Yes, of course, I patch holey jeans. Holey wind pants? They’re toast. Alas.]

I can only sustain the Mushy and the Heartfelt for a day, you know, so thank GOODNESS today is Friday, which means it’s my day to weigh in over at Five Full Plates. Today brings good news and ugly shoes. Two great tastes that taste great together!

Come on over, won’t you?


  1. Linh

    Maybe you could cut them above the knee, hem them and have some shorts for spring/summer.

  2. Renee

    You can buy repair tape for the pants if it more like a rip not a hole. Duct tape works for those small rips — open the seam, tape, sew back up. I have a son, so ask me how I know! lol

  3. Karen

    Weird is Good!

  4. chris

    I would totally just sew them up and let him wear them.

    Okay, no I wouldn’t. But I would *want* to.

  5. adhocmom

    This is why I have switched to the dresses/leggings combo. I am incapable of a) finding pants that fit and b) repairing anything.

  6. Katie in MA

    Can you save them for a scarecrow? (They’re SPECIAL!)

  7. Connie

    Just thought I would mention Sears’ Kid Vantage. You join at Sears for free. You buy pants for our child and if they get holes in them before they grow out of them, Sears replaces them for FREE. We have saved sooo much money on jeans for my ruff and tumble boy.

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