The wind beneath my things

By Mir
January 26, 2010

After a week of having a bookcase sitting squarely in the middle of my office (don’t ask), yesterday the Grand Office Redesign of 2010 was completed. Basically I spent half the day wallowing and the other half realizing that my aversion to the work of getting reorganized was steadily being outweighed by the annoyance of HAVING A BOOKCASE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM OH MY GOD.

Plus, you know, it was really stressing out the dog. The bookcase was creating a wall between the futon where she likes to snooze all day and the chair at my new desk, so she couldn’t BOTH be a slug AND keep watch over me, so she was spending the day bouncing back and forth between the futon (comfort! but lack of watchdog capability!) and trying to sleep directly under my feet (cramped! and with accompanying cranky human!).

Anyway, it’s all done. I mean, it’s mostly done. Look, if you walk into the room, it totally looks like we set it up this way on purpose, and there aren’t any extraneous pieces of furniture hulking aimlessly in the middle of the floor for no apparent reason. That has to count for something.

And really, I rather like my new location in the room; I’m a little further from the door, so I don’t get run over when Monkey comes careening inside at top speed and hurls his backpack in my general direction. My new desk, being kind of a big curve—not really an L, but more like a stumpy V—not only gives me a lot more surface area, but also sort of encloses me a bit in a way that I find pleasing for some reason. (Must be all those years of turning small spaces into “forts” when I was a kid.) And now I’m right next to the window, which is lovely because it’s sunny and windy.

Er, really. It’s windy. Right here at my desk.

One of the joys of older houses in the south, I’m finding, is that the windows tend to be a little drafty. It’s as though the builders realized it was never going to get THAT cold, so why bother, you know, keeping the weather all the way out? they’re keeping it mostly out. That’s good enough, right?

My office is the coldest room in the house in the winter and the warmest room in the summer. I know this. Still, it was a little disconcerting, this morning, to actually watch my little stack of Post-Its flutter in the breeze.

I’ve decided to tell myself that my newly revamped office just happened to come with the unexpected benefit of being JUST LIKE getting outside for some fresh air every day. Yeah, that’s it.

A few other things that required a quick trip through the Spin Machine in association with the new digs:

1) Otto got his fancy new saw and promptly sawed a hole in my new desk. In the wrong place. The look on his face when he realized what he’d done was both so pitiful and so entertaining to me, I wasn’t even mad. He stuck one of those plastic cover things into the hole and now if I ever want to run some cords in a totally random location, I can! The second hole worked out a lot better, and my tangle of cords is happily ensconced. I’ve decided to tell myself that this extraneous bit of plastic here on the desk is a symbol of my darling’s love for me, that he was so blinded by my beauty he ended up misjudging the mark there somehow. (And now every time I look at it, I laugh.)

2) I always tease Otto about his office being furnished in “dorm room chic,” but when we got all done in here last night I realized that the ugly formica shoe cubby thingie is more prominent than ever, in here, and that it’s totally disrupting my illusion of the office finally looking like, you know, an OFFICE. I’ve decided to tell myself that the fact that you open the door towards said cubbies means that actually, they’re invisible. Tralalala!

3) I didn’t really ever finish unpacking my old desk. I sorted through a ton of junk and threw away a giant bag of crap and filed a bunch of stuff and put some other stuff away, and then I just reached a point where my brain was full and I couldn’t deal with it anymore, and I swept everything that was left into a box and put the box in the closet. If you walk into my office and then help yourself to a peek inside my closet well, then, you’re kind of a presumptuous, overstepping jerk and you deserve to see the mess in there. Right? Right.

4) I may have shoved a bunch of OTHER stuff into the closet, too. See number 3, and keep your mitts off my closet.

5) In lieu of a plastic tower of drawers, Otto actually found me a nice wooden set of drawers to park under one corner of my desk, and it’s all kinds of awesome because instead of a big drawer and a little drawer or even three medium drawers, it’s actually six pretty shallow drawers. Which theoretically means I can stay completely organized, now, as it’s utterly impossible to throw something into one of these drawers and have it sink from view. I very carefully designated each drawer for various things, and now whenever I need something, instead of digging through one drawer, I get to open six different drawers while trying to remember where the hell I put the thing that I need. That’s SO much better.

6) While shoving Things I Don’t Feel Like Dealing With Right Now into the closet, we had to arrange some of the Things I Didn’t Feel Like Dealing With When We First Moved In, and in doing so we unearthed my long-lost Nunzilla. She is enjoying the cool breeze wafting across my desk quite a lot, and I feel that once you have a fire-breathing nun standing sentry in your workspace, you’ve obviously done something right. So.

I was sitting here this morning, shivering in the breeze just a little, looking around at my nice clean desk, my organized bookshelves, the carefully placed knick-knacks, and how the flow of the room is really ever so much nicer, now. Of course, in doing so, I also realized that I’ve always hated the color of the walls in here. We really should’ve painted before we moved everything. (That sound you just heard was Otto smacking his forehead really, really hard.)

Now I’m just going to go grab a pair of gloves, and get back to work.


  1. Katie in MA

    I think you should get some red nail polish (or, um, some real paint) and draw a heart on your Plastic Disk o’ Love. And then post a photo on Love Thursday. :)

  2. Joshilyn

    I need pics of the new office, tho.
    Good Lord, why marry a photographer if you aren’t going to make full use of him! *grins at Otto*

  3. S

    I’m sure he’s going to surprise you by turning the plastic disk into a sunken pencil holder so you can just sweep crumbs and random paper clips into it and call it clean?

  4. Megan

    I have no office in my teeny-weeny-temporary house so was sharing my closet space with my file boxes. Or, to be really honest, my to-be-filed boxes. I think it’s totally reasonable that it only took me a year and a half to actually sort through and FILE the papers – right? And it’s not at all humbling to discover that I now have a floor to my closet and room for all the things I thought I had no room for and was wailing piteously about for all that time – right? On the plus side, I have discovered the utter joy that is a label maker…

    Enjoy the new office!

  5. TC

    I cannot believe there are no accompanying photos of the sparklynew office!

    Yes, I am officially an ingrate. And bossy.

    But, still. PHOTOS. Dude. And don’t forget the cubbies!

  6. Tracy

    I’m jealous of your new desk. I have new wall paint color but same ole’ stuff. I never thought about the closet idea…I’m gonna try that this weekend. =)

  7. Burgh Baby

    I guess when Otto installs that huge new deck, new kitchen cabinets, new fence, and new patio door he can take care of that window as well. :-D *ducks and hides under desk*

  8. JennyM

    But how is your neck?

  9. Beth R

    Two things:
    For the window, a tube of caulk, a wet rag and a windy day.
    For the drawers, the LABEL MAKER that I KNOW you have since you feature them umpteen times a year on Want Not :-)

    Congratulations on having an office that actually feels like an office!

  10. k's grandma

    I laugh, laugh! at your sorting/filing woes. I live in a home that my grandparents started to build in 1914 – no one has ever finished building it, self included. And I live amongst the remnants of my ancestors. (I am the 3rd generation to live in this house, the 5th generation to live on this land.) No one has ever moved out of this house. They just die and leave their stuff behind. My daughter says not to worry, when I die, she will simply back a truck up to the door and start pitching. And well she may. For me, nearly every piece that I touch has a story or a memory attached. So, sorting doesn’t really get done here, although I do a fair amount of shifting. And perhaps some groaning, a smidge of wishing, a modicum of disgust. . . OK, maybe more than a modicum, but, well, you get the idea. Organizing! A cross to bear for the middle class masses.

  11. meghann

    If it wasn’t for the fact that we look nothing alike, and the whole age difference thing, I’d swear we were twins separated at birth. For reals, yo.

  12. MomCat

    If you throw things into a box and leave them long enough, they cease to have any meaning or importance. It’s magic! (Unless they are bills.)

  13. Karen

    Oooh, now you TOTALLY have to paint the walls.

  14. Heather

    I too want pictures :D

  15. Nicole in WI

    Umm….I have a #3 – although, with the two major moves I have had in the past couple years, it is actually my GARAGE! It is now the giant laughing stock of my family and close friends. When something goes missing, it is inevitably in the garage!

  16. Mare

    I laughed so hard about the nun I ordered one for my friend in New York. Thanks for showing that creation.

  17. Nicki

    Great. Now you have me longing for a closet to toss all my junk into. I wonder if Keenan would notice if I ventured into his man cave to share his? Nah. Guess I’ll just have to organize. Cursed apartments with no garages and not enough closet space…

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