Progress, sort of

By Mir
January 8, 2010

It’s Friday, which means you should check out my post at Five Full Plates for the week.

(Spoiler: I’m down almost two pounds.)

I thought I’d feel all fit and healthy and be dancing around pulling out the (massive, gaping) waistband of my pants and stuff, but so far I’m mostly just tired and hungry. Which is not all that different than how I felt two pounds ago. Hmph.

And now, I have to go celebrate with rice cakes and a cup of tea. Don’t be jealous!


  1. MomCat

    I’m fasting for cholesterol bloodwork, so I am jealous!

  2. Beth R

    @MomCat – keeping my fingers crossed for good bloodwork results!

    Mir – the being hungry part does eventually mellow out, but it takes a few weeks and your stomach will actually shrink a bit. Does it suck in the meantime? Heck, yah!

    To take your mind off of it, here’s a great photo essay (ok, 3 photos) from one of my favorite web comics that I thought you might enjoy/relate to:


  3. Pam

    I am having the SAME snack this morning! Cutting out weekday drinking (oh, how painful that was, after a bad day at work…) has also helped me drop four pounds. Four. Apparently I was drinking A LOT of calories. Oh, wine, how I miss ye.

  4. annette

    Right there with ya Sistah! I think I am down about three. I am refusing to count calories tonight, however. Dinner with friends at a Mexican restaurant with supposedly the BEST margaritas!!! I will have at least 2. I will starve the rest of the day and count my chips with massive amounts of almost calorie free salsa!

  5. Katie in MA

    Mmmmm….tea. :) Better than just hot water, isn’t it?

  6. The Glamorous WAHM

    Hang in there chica, I shall join you in your suffering soon!

  7. Jennifer

    I’m participating in a “biggest loser” contest at school and I’m hungry, tired, and have headaches since I gave up my cokes. I just started so I’m hoping things will get better soon!

  8. Brigitte

    Ooh, just finished some tea myself . . with lots of sugar-y ginger syrup (leftover from making crystallized ginger). Oops!

  9. Nicki

    Okay, I’ll give the exact weight loss on Monday. Congrats to you! Yay! Remember, it’s not about who loses the most. Everybody who loses ten pounds in ten weeks wins. (And I’m feeling REALLY good about that.)

  10. Amber

    I should probably lose some weight if I don’t want to scare people off when I put my swimsuit on over the summer.

    Do rice cakes have flavor these days? The last time I had one which was, oh, five years ago maybe? they tasted like styrofoam with a bit of salt on top.

  11. jenn

    My husband suggested pizza last night and I cracked. I only had the two smallest pieces… but it doesn’t make me feel very virtuous.

  12. adhocmom

    I put cream cheese on rice cakes. . I think that might defeat the purpose.

  13. Charmaine

    Love your blog…I am new to the blog world and just looking for inspiration on my trying to get fit journey(been on this journey 20 years..sigh)…

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