Angst on a plate

By Mir
December 4, 2009

I’m over at Five Full Plates today, exposing my tender pink insides and admitting that I’m a whiner.

(Wow, I’ll bet you never saw THAT one coming.)


  1. My Kids Mom

    Never seen a picture of you before! Feel like we just met- Hi!

  2. Mom24@4evermom

    Good for you, and good luck. I SO need to do this. I just feel like I can’t figure out HOW. You’ve motivated me to at least try to find a plan that will work for me.

  3. Mary

    Mir, it seems as though we’re similar (i.e., on the “smaller” side compared to friends) and I know that I don’t tend to eat a lot (I’m one of the fortunate ones that CAN NOT eat when stressed, upset, etc., compared to others that eat more) so I couldn’t really diet and expect that to help. I have, though, been going to the gym for about 9 months, and I can feel the difference around the middle, legs and arms. I can’t put a number on how much I’ve lost because I have an issue with having a scale in my house but will have a “weigh in” at my doctor’s appointment in April and they’d best tell me I’ve dropped some pounds or I will be one unhappy human being (else, I’ll just blame it on the fact that muscle weighs more than fat – LOL!) Good luck with it all!

  4. Katie in MA

    You can and you will. :)

  5. Tracy

    Aren’t you suppose to do this in January??? NOT before all the good stuff like gingerbread, red velvet cake, chex trash and all the rest….right?

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