Humiliation ahoy

By Mir
November 20, 2009

Once upon a time there was a kind, beautiful, talented, and extremely mentally ill woman who said to a few friends, “Do you know what we need? We need to start one of those group blogs and do a weight loss challenge, because it will keep us accountable and honest and I am rabidly competitive and I will mop up the floor with you. Doesn’t that sound FUN?”

I am pretty sure I was eating some cookies and didn’t really hear her clearly when I said, “Sure! Great idea!”

Oh, well. I’m stuck, now—I’ve committed to actually diet and exercise in the new year, and be publicly accountable for it, and here we are headed into the Season of Eating and a little voice inside me says, “Oh, I could probably just GAIN ten pounds before January, then take THAT off!” I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t even be cheating.

Anyway. Won’t you come join us over at Five Full Plates? I can pretty much promise you that I will have a full-on tantrum at some point during the competition. Maybe even more than one.


  1. Nicki

    Okay. Not only will I join you over at Five Full Plates, I will join you on the diet. This will be GOOD for me, in the same sense that getting innoculated is. (Hurts a lot at the time, but in the end makes a WHOLE lot of sense.)

    See, my blue period post Sam had me looking a good bit thinner. And now my soothing purple period of post break up adjustment has me putting back on the pounds. (Man, they can sneak up on a girl. Wham! And land right on my @$$!)

    So, now as I contemplate hopping back into the wonderful world of dating, I need to get back down to my fighting weight. I know you know what I mean…the weight I was when I used to think I was fat at 18, as opposed to my post child bearing fat…the ACTUAL fat.

    Way to inspire me. And keep me laughing.

  2. Damsel

    Dude, I’m bolting over to join for the accountability, and I can’t WAIT for the tantrum-throwing to being! Yay!

  3. Damsel

    Oh, see, there, you’ve gotten me so excited that I can’t even type. I can’t wait for the tantrum-throwing to begin. But, now it’s just awkward.

  4. Groovecatmom

    I think you all are crazy. But I’ll read anyway, because maybe I need crazy to inspire me!

  5. Beth

    On my way over there right now. :)

  6. Aimee

    I already checked it out thanks to Joshilyn’s blog yesterday, and I am definitely on board. I did BetterU and I’m still working toward my personal weight loss and fitness goals. I’m letting Jillian Michaels whip my ass on a daily basis (and those workouts are HARD, yo!) but a little friendly competition can only help.

  7. MomCat

    Tantrum=fit. So, you’re good. (Aren’t you trying to get fit?)

  8. Leila

    Hey, am I too old to join??? I need to stick to a plan, and not keep gaining back the pounds that I lose. I’ve been on the wagon since last winter, and feel much better about myself. I’m not on a crazy diet, so the weight is coming off slowly, but I’d like to continue the trend, and support + laughter really help.

  9. Katie in MA

    Oh my gosh – so much FUN! (For us. Not sure how much fun you’ll have…at least not til the shopping for “After” clothes!)

  10. Mary

    Oh, Mir, I can totally relate with your post over there from yesterday and I don’t have good news for you! As a 40+er, it.does.not.get.any.better. I turned 40 and “BAM!” – 20 or so pounds landed on my body out.of.nowhere. In my previous life, I was like you – eat anything and don’t worry about it!

    I did start using the gym about 8 months ago. I also do not own a scale (and have no intention of EVER buying one) but my annual doctor’s visit is in March, which will be just about a year since I started that whole gym thing and be.nice!

  11. jenn

    I almost laughed my morning coffee through my nose at least three times this morning thanks to the various posts at five full plates. I’ll probably loose a little weight reading along just from all the laughing!

  12. jenn

    *sigh* please ignore the bad grammar in the above post. Apparently the coffee hadn’t kicked in yet.

  13. JennyM

    Oh, see… here’s the thing. I want to join. I always join — but then I totally fall off the wagon and become embarassed and have to never show my face again.

  14. Nancy

    I too have looked at photo’s of me at 18 and thought – how could I ever have thought I was fat THEN? After having a horrible job and not eating, which created havoc with my system, I lost 20 lbs. But I was terribly unhealthy with little vitamin D and other essential nutrients left in my system, and then diagnosed with diabetes. I decide to work at being happy no matter what size I am, and enjoy my life. Did you know that 95% of all people who loose weight gain it all back in 5 years, and usually more? My goal is to be more active, and eat breakfast every day. I’ve given up on the urge to loose weight. It helps to have a guy who loves me any way I am. I understand the male/ice cream connection!
    This blog helps:

    and this

    It would be helpful if the blogging world did not join the diet craze, as they just don’t work, and contribute to the idea that women are not beautiful if they are fat.

  15. Mare

    JennyM I am so with you on this one. I’m an idea person. I love the concept, the picture in my head that I get when I start something new. But if the results don’t show up when my impatient self THINKS they should, then I lose interest. It’s not that I don’t believe in what I started, or finishing that. It’s not that I don’t WANT to be successful. I just would rather be content with who I am. Now, where’s my doughnut?

  16. David

    Eeeeeee! I knew it was Joss before I even saw the link. Because I am smart. Also slightly colorblind. Seriously though, you gals crack me up! Truly, I will cheer you all on, and make a small contribution to said lofty goal by ridding the world of an undisclosed number of evil, fattening chocolate kisses. Yay! Also? Those tequila floats don’t sound half bad. =)

  17. Debra

    Love it! And since I already read 3 of the 5 blogs it’s natural to add that one to my daily read list. ;) Love ya.

  18. Leanne

    Great idea – though I’ll watch from afar. I know how gloriously I fail on these things…judging from half a closet of clothes that don’t fit(and not because they’re too big). I think my dryer’s shrinking them. It’s clearly a conspiracy.

  19. Wilma Ham

    Yep, any change we want to be, be it becoming physically or mentally in good shape will happen faster, as Leila said, with support and laughter.
    Going it alone will always be too hard and although Mir’s tantrums will be fun to watch, don’t most of us do silent tantrums in our head and give up when change becomes too hard?
    Unite girls, unite with a purpose.

  20. Nicole

    Hmmmmn This sounds vaguely genius. I think the only way I’d lose 10 lbs at this point is under threat of public humiliation.

  21. Kelly

    Hah – sounds similar to me saying what’s the point of losing this baby weight before January … just gain it during the holidays anyway. I’ll be with you come January though! Joining a gym and everything!

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