Something in my eye (pt 1)

By Mir
August 14, 2009

This morning I was on the phone with someone at the middle school about an issue with Chickadee’s schedule, and said person was very kind and patient but basically let me know that it was time to, you know, cut the cord already because my child is fine and I need to relax.

Then this afternoon I went looking for some things to complete her assortment of uniform items for school, and the only place I was able to find the plain black leggings she NEEDS, MOM, was in the Juniors section, so I bought them, and brought them home, and gave her a long speech about how they will probably be too big and she can grow into them and—they fit fine. You know, on her legs that DON’T NEED MY INTERFERENCE.

I think I need a moment. Also, she is SO GROUNDED.


  1. Paula

    Don’t you just LOVE that? Suddenly once they hit MS/JH you’re supposed to just STOP PARENTING! My favorite moment to date was when I received parenting advice from my sons 7th grade math teacher whom I was meeting with because of treatment of him during class time…fun times.

  2. Jeanmarie

    You know, my Emme and your Chickadee always seem to hit milestones together – I shaved Emme’s legs for the first time last night – but she wouldn’t let me do it unitl I PROMISED not to sob thru the whole thing:-)

  3. annette

    Yeah..My son is entering his sophomore year in HS. My concerns aren’t really about HIM but about a decision the school has made. Mir, it gets harder. All of “those people” told me that before mine hit the teens. I thought they were exaggerating. Much like I thought “they” were exaggerating with the over 40 jokes.

  4. Sarah

    Awww. Honey. I feel for you.

  5. Kim

    So bittersweet, that first Junior department purchase. {{{hugs}}}

  6. Michele Bardsley

    We went to pick up my son’s class schedule. As we walked toward the school he said, “This is middle school. There is no holding hands, Mother.” Stick a knife in my heart, why don’cha?”

  7. just beaux

    My wife described this very thing earlier in the week. I am curious to see how my daughters will do with this years school changes. For the first time they will separate because one will attend 7th while the other remains behind to start 6th grade. I think they are dreading it.

  8. Nicki

    Grounded? Sounds about right. At my house we call it groundation. It’s a lot like foundation because it lasts so long.

  9. mama speak

    My 6YO didn’t want to hold my hand crossing a parking lot today. She was “too old”. At which point I grounded her and told her when she was 30 she MIGHT be too old to hold my hand! MAYBE! (She’s my sweet one. The younger one’s 3, but I’m sure some time next week she’ll inform me that she’s too old to do the same.)

  10. Randi

    Awwww! Then again, I’d rather have a parent who is actually worried a tad bit about her child than one who doesn’t give a damn!! Wait – I thought she was already wearing your shoes – isn’t that scary enough?!

  11. beth s

    ugh. I had to get BugMan new glasses last week and he no longer fits in the kid size ones. We had to go to the junior section and the scary part is the new glasses that fit him great will also fit me. :-(

  12. MomCat

    Finding that middle ground between too much parenting and not enough is so hard. Every single moment of ‘let go’ hurts. I feel for you.

  13. daysgoby

    COMPLETELY off topic: Have you tried the Moosewood Restaurant New Classics Cookbook for Chickie? HUGE cookbook, all vegetarian – but things I’m having no problems getting my non-vegetarian family to eat.

    (Saw it at the library, thought of you. There’s also a HUGE dessert section for consoling yourself after Junior Section traumas.)

  14. Ruth

    Just recently, the hand-holding has slowed with my ten-year-old son. I understand it, but still try to sneak a few seconds in here and there.

    With my older children, I told them I would never stop hugging and kissing them, and I didn’t, never embarrassing them, but never stopping. But then they moved out of the house–darn!

  15. Paula

    Oh, can you imagine, that you do not see neither hear anything of your child for 6 days? So it is, when they’ve become 21. Sigh. You better get used to it early and step by step.
    But I tell you what, it can also be pretty relaxing with no special meals to be cooked, only one machine to be washed in three days, NO SCHOOL AND COMMUNICATION WITH TEACHERS any more! Go swimming whenever you like….

  16. ChristieNY


  17. Valarie

    My two are young adults now, and I still get something in my eye from time to time. There are still moments when I long for the days of timeout and being able to tell them no rather than let them make their own mistakes and suffer their own consequences. It’s much harder to parent a teen, and in some ways, even harder to parent an adult, than it is to parent a two-year-old. But just as every stage has its difficulties, each also brings so much happiness to my life, and moments when the something in my eye is put there by the pure joy of seeing what wonderful people my son and daughter have become.

  18. mamalang

    I bought my daughter’s bathing suit and a pair of shorts from the junior’s section this year. Both are cute and fit well, but I about died. Of course, it’s a sad statement when the bathing suit we bought in the Junior’s section is cuter and more modest than the slutastic things they offered in the children’s section. Mine doesn’t start Middle school until next week, but the teenager attitude is already in fulllllll force.

  19. Katie in MA

    Yeah, well, MY oldest daughter has the audacity to start KINDERGARTEN on Monday!! What am I going to do?!

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