Hiccup cure

Tonight at dinner I came down with an impressive case of hiccups. Like, gut-wrenching, popping-out-against-my-will kind of hiccups.

My family—being the kind and supportive lot they are—found this hilarious. They asked me questions to force me to talk and be interrupted by big *HIC*s, and laughed and laughed. When I said it wasn’t funny, they kindly decided to try to help me get rid of them.

I was mid-sentence when Chickadee leaned in on my right. “AHHHHHHHH!” she screamed. I rubbed my ear. And *HIC*ed again.

“I guess that didn’t work,” commented Otto, as Monkey leaned in on my left. “AHHHHHHHHH!” he screamed. I rubbed my other ear.

Conversation resumed.

I was saying something to Otto (and still hiccuping) when Chickie started going, “Hey Mom, hey Mom, hey Mom.” I tried to ignore her. Finally she blurted out, “I’M PREGNANT!”

Otto and I exchanged looks as the kids cracked up. There may have been some discussion about some things not being funny.

But, um, my hiccups seem to be gone….


  1. dad

    If i had known it would have rid you of hiccups, I would have told you I was pregnant too.
    Furthermore, I suggest you soundly thrash Chicadee so she will remember not that use line to eliminate your throat spasms when she is is sixteen when it could prove to be fatal.

    I love that kid.

  2. Randi

    OMG! That is a crazy way to cure hiccups!! Leave it to Chickadee!

  3. Laura

    hiccup ending, but heart attack inducing!

  4. annette

    When I started reading this post, I was thinking og a reader’s digest blurb I read about a soldier calling home to his wife from the desert. He had a terrible case of the hiccups and asked her to scare him. Her response was the same as Chickie’s.

    Unforetunately, it was only a blurb. It didn’t say if she really was or if her husband had been away for longer than a few weeks. Yikes!

    I agree with your dad!

  5. Sara

    Funny, but only because it was your kid…and I’m with your dad. Better now than at 16.
    Also, I continue to heart both Chickie and your dad.

  6. mama speak

    Chickie cracks me up! I pink puffy heart her, and I pray this isn’t an example of what my 3YO is soon to be like (pretty sure it is tho).

  7. Brigid Day

    I had the hiccups last night while I was trying to get my two-year-old son to sleep. The whole bed shook every time I would hiccup. Then he would imitate me and it would shake again. Next time, I will imagine my daughter pregnant and that should take care of them.

  8. beachgal

    Oh my goodness, that girl sure inherited your humor.

    my favoirte cure for hiccups: a spoonful of peanut butter.

  9. jennifer

    Ha! I’m giggling as we speak…

  10. jennifer

    Giggling right now, but not hiccuping. :)

  11. The Other Leanne

    No worries…her humor will kill you before she’s sixteen.

  12. Half Assed Kitchen

    Yeah, I’d take hiccups over dropping dead of a stroke. But, the girl’s creative.

  13. Brigitte

    It’s like looking into the mirror, ain’t it? ;-)

  14. Damsel

    I have a friend (who is now a pastor’s wife) who called home from college. She told her parents to be sure they were seated because she had some really bad news. In a somber, regretful tone, she said, “I’m pregnant.” In the ensuing stunned silence, she said, “Just kidding!!! I only failed French!”

    Suppose that’s ONE way to put things in perspective….

  15. margie

    hiccups may be gone, but whose gonna look after the baby???? LOL.

  16. carolyn

    When my kids were little and they got the hiccups, I told them that it meant they were growing. Maybe that’s the same for you??

  17. joaaanna

    That? Is HILARIOUS!

    I totally want to hang out with Chickadee – she sounds cool.

  18. alala

    I love your dad.

  19. Flea

    Your dad rocks. And he’s right on the money. I drink water upside down to trash the hiccups.

  20. Chuck

    I think I almost just got hiccups laughing at what Chickadee said, there.

  21. Rachel

    Yup, Flea is right, the only sure cure for hiccups is drinking water upside down. (Bend over & drink from the “wrong” side of the glass.) Works every time. It does take some practice though & best to start will a full glass, but tip it slowly so you don’t dump it all on the floor.

  22. daysgoby

    I love that kid.

    And I love her granddad.

  23. Aimee

    Bwah! I heart Chickadee.

  24. Jennifer Joyner

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I think you’ve met you match, Mir.

  25. Katie in MA

    Can’t. type. for. laughing. hahaha ha. Okay. (Ha!) Stopped now. I think. Whew! You are raising one stunning, hilarious (and potentially lethal) young lady! (Not to mention how funny I found it when Monkey took out your other ear! lol) At least she knows how seriously unfunny you’d find that particular predicament if it were for reals!

  26. Tracy

    Kids…you just gotta love them. You have to admit, that was really funny!

  27. Rebecca

    My cure for hiccups. Hold your breath, take a drink of water, then breathe of course. So far I have never had it NOT work!

  28. djlott

    a spoonful of sugar usually does the trick for me.
    … I hate getting those hiccups that are close to being burps…

  29. The Mother

    Swallow a spoonful of sugar dry.

    In the hospital, we rammed an NG tube down people’s throats. Often worked.

  30. momzen

    oh oh oh!!! Can’t stop laughing!

  31. jen

    Somewhere, at Denver International Airport, there is squirreled away a security video of me getting rid of Tom’s hiccups. We had just gotten off a turbulent flight and he had them BAD. I came out of the bathroom and dropped the pregnancy line on him…as he was waiting with a hyper four year old and cranky baby.
    He went in the next month for a vasectomy, but damn, got rid of those hiccups quick! LOL

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