Love keeps getting better

By Mir
July 2, 2009

Good morning! Today we’re pulling up camp and leaving Lake Placid. It’s been mostly dark and dreary with a few brief periods of sunshine, but even with the black clouds, I have to admit that the scenery up here is rather fantastic. Yesterday we took a gondola ride to the top of Whiteface Mountain.

(Photo by Otto, king of capturing Jesus Light.)

Today is a landmark day for my family, not just because it marks the end of our first extremely soggy camping adventure. (This is me being convinced that the next leg will be drier. I know, it’s weird to see me trying out the positive thinking thing.) Today marks two years since the kids arrived in Georgia and we brought them home to our new house and new life. That day seems simultaneously a hundred years ago and just yesterday; it was the day my nerves jangled with a mixture of excitement and fear, hope and worry.

This morning as the kids sat here gobbling down their cereal, Chickadee said, “Hey! HEY! Happy two years as a Georgia family Day!” and Monkey bounced and nodded in agreement. Otto asked them how their vacation was going, and they said it was awesome.

I sipped my coffee and smiled and tried not to get teary as I looked at my family.

There have been many trips, of course, in the time between my divorce and remarriage, when I’ve taken the kids to see my folks. There have been wonderful times with them; great memories. But on this trip I’ve been able to enjoy it all with a heart already full because there isn’t that loneliness down at the bottom, waiting to catch me in a quiet moment.

And if Otto ever gets on my nerves, well, I just remind myself that he has lots of really nice cameras and takes awesome pictures. (Like this one, which is proof positive that my father was born to be a grandpa, no?)

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. Whether it’s been two years or two minutes that love’s been in your life, I hope you take some time to savor it today.


  1. Chookooloonks

    Happy Georgia Family Day, Wouldcouldas, and godspeed!


  2. Leandra

    Dammit, Mir. I should know by now to grab a tissue before I read your Love Thursday posts, but nooooo, I never do.

    Happy Georgia Family Day.

    Hope your trip gets drier, but no less fun!

  3. bob

    Dude! Monkey cut his luxurious locks off. How did I manage to miss that?

    Georgia heals all wounds.

  4. Wendy 2

    Happy, Fantastic, Wonderful, Georgia Family Day.

  5. Rosie

    Where is that long-haired “girl” that I keep reading about? Was there a tragic shearing accident?

  6. exile on mom street

    So, so, so pleased for you guys.

    You are a truly beautiful Georgia Family.

    (I too have a Dad meant to be Granddaddy. Seriously, there’s photographic evidence on my blog also!)

  7. Megan

    Marvelous. And Otto? Truly the king of capturing light AND beautiful Monkey-Grandpa moments.

    Also… maybe it’s wrestling with CSS coding too early in the morning (I am! well, when I’m not reading blogs…) but I totally read that you took a granola ride up the mountain. Maybe I should re-think my no-breakfast habits.

  8. radioactivetori

    Is that Monkey in the picture? Does he have short hair now? I only ask because both my long haired boys just recently cut their hair short.

    Your dad is awesome and you and your kids are so lucky to have him!

  9. Aimee

    Awww… Happy Georgia Family Day!

  10. Mandee

    And this Georgian is so happy to have you! And so relieved that you don’t hate it. I was really nervous there for a while.

  11. Mir

    Y’all are cracking me up, asking about Monkey’s hair. It’s been short ever since about mid-February (see this post). He’s decided to grow it out again, though, so there may be more hair tales to come.

  12. MomCat

    Savoring reading about yours and living mine. Thank you!

  13. Libby

    Mir, you are giving me cavities with all this sweetness! Happy Georgia Family Day!

  14. meghann

    Monkey is totally built like your dad. Looks like they even have the same head. Strong genes FTW!

  15. Anna

    Happy Georgia Family Day.

  16. Katie in MA

    OK, I am sitting here bawling at my computer *at work!* because I am just so happy for you. Even though today has been a totally crappy day for me because of my Ex and his stupid Ex family, you give me hope that there is a happy ending lurking somewhere up ahead. (P.S. Does that make anyone else think that someday some great big thing is going to jump out of the shadows, scaring the crap out me, and yell “Boo! I’m your happy ending! BE HAPPY”? Just me?)

  17. jennifer

    I lovelovelove the pics, of course, but *tear*.

  18. Sheila

    The only downside to having your dad with you is that he’s not upping the H.Q. (Heartwarming Quotient) by commenting in his own charming way on your posts.

    Happy Familyversary!

  19. Debbi

    Happy Love Thursday to you and your family too! :-)

  20. Heidi

    Yup, I’m missing your Dad’s comments too, but I guess we can share. Great photo.

  21. mom, again

    If I could type in the whistling of the Mayberry tune, I would do that here.

  22. Lady M

    Happy Day indeed. I love hearing about your camping adventures, because I am so not an outdoor camper. Camping on the living room floor? That’s more my style.

  23. Ruth

    Both photos are wonderful; the first depicting Mother Nature, whom you don’t mess with no matter what, and what beauty can be seen when we don’t expect it.

    The second is just perfect all the way around. I am also not an outdoor camper, so reading about your adventures is my way of doing it vicariously. Best to you all.

  24. MaryP

    Happy Georgia Family Day! (And now I have “Some golden daybreak, Jesus will come” running through my head. Thanks for that.)

    Love the picture of Monkey and his Grampa. My dad died when I was four. I envy you this, but with sweetness.

  25. Flea

    Monkey got a hair cut? I mean, I’m so glad you’re happy, Mir! But where’s Monkey’s hair?

  26. Tracy

    What awesome pictures!!!!!

  27. Susan

    Wow! I’ve been away on a vacation of my own and had no idea you were camping on my home turf! Beautiful photos, Mir. You’ve made me very homesick.

  28. Danielle-Lee

    Holy hell, that is such a good picture. And yes, it is totally Jesus light. :) I’ve never heard it called that, but we always say that the angels are taking souls home when we see the sky like that.

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