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Today marks the beginning of an auspicious event: Our first big tow. At this very moment, I am in the passenger seat of our truck, tapping away on my netbook (and its infuriatingly teeny tiny keys), while Otto steers us northward towards the kids and our first Big Camping Trip. By next week—after doing the requisite family rounds, like spending some time with Otto’s mom now that she’s post-transplant—we’ll be hanging out at Lake Placid and telling my darlings to please just stop touching each other.

I feel compelled to point out, here, that I grew up AND went to college in New York, and I’ve never been to Lake Placid. I realize how pitiful that is, yes.

I’ve never done a lot of traveling, is my point, and yet Otto is nothing if not the consummate wanderer. Because I trust him, I’ve agreed to load up this monstrosity with everything we might need (just now, after a bit of a swerve he remarked was due to a wind gust: “We’re basically towing around a garage behind us, you know”) and go wherever he takes us. Because it’s sure to be an adventure.

The thing is, I’m a homebody. Part of the reason I can deal with the camper is because it’s more of a home, to me, than just living in a tent for a few days. But the other part of the reason I can do it—and, indeed, go wherever we end up—is because Otto is my home now.

When I first came to Georgia to see him, that first weekend after we’d decided to try this again, and he’d bought me a plane ticket so that I could see if I might like living down here, Otto met me at the airport with flowers. That was sweet, but he was in full-fledged suck-up mode so I wasn’t all that surprised.

Every time since then that he’s picked me up from the airport, though, he’s brought me flowers. Always. Even last week, when I hadn’t been gone that long and we knew we were headed back out of town in a few days.

“You don’t have to bring me flowers every time, you know,” I teased him, because I am not very good at just saying “thank you” like a normal person. “We’re going to leave before they die, it seems like a waste.”

“I just like to buy you flowers when you come home to me, okay? Say thank you.”

“Thank you!” I responded.

This morning I took them out to the compost pile even though they’re just at their peak; that seemed kinder than leaving them to wilt and shed and die and become out housesitter’s problem. They sure are pretty, though, huh?

We got on the road and I plugged in the AC/DC power converter for my computer and promptly blew a fuse. And the same man who brings me flowers said, “That’s okay, we’ll stop and get a new one,” and drove directly to the big box store he hates the most to get a replacement (before I even had time to freak out about it).

We’ll be home on the road, and home where we’re headed, and it’s both surprising and yet totally normal.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. I hope you’re home, too, or that you soon will be.


  1. Debbi

    wow, that was a fabulous post. I needed that today. Brought some things into perspective. Enjoy your trip. Lake Placid is great! Make sure you stop by where the Olympics took place, you can even do a summer bob-sled!! :-)

  2. Aimee

    That Otto sure is a keeper. Have fun!

  3. exile on mom street

    Have a wonderful journey to, from, and through the home of your heart.

  4. Melissa

    Aw, you made me tear up in the meeting I am supposed to be paying attention to. Thanks!

  5. Megan

    You realize you’re making the internet fall just a little in love with Otto. In a totally virtual and virtuous sort of way, natch.

  6. Jennie

    Next time you could actually bring the flowers in the camper, no? Just a thought.

  7. Kelly

    You got a winner!

  8. Anna

    That’s exactly how I feel. I can face the world when Jon’s at my side.

    Happy Love Thursday!

  9. Krisco

    That’s very oool.

  10. dad

    Thursdays are no longer just that day of the week between Tuesday and Friday. You always seem to make them special.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you in Lake Placid.
    For your entertainment, I will be doing my very best Mike Eruzioni imitation.
    I will attempt not to embarass you too much. You can always pretend you have no idea who I am.
    Happy trails.

  11. dad

    Uh oh. I seem to have misplaced or ignored Wednesdays.
    The search goes on.

  12. Headless Mom

    This is really lovely, Mir. Home is good!

  13. Kay

    I wish I had a Otto. Except each time I think the of the name Otto the Simpson’s character pops into my head.

  14. jennifer

    Oh how sweet!

  15. Aubri

    Wow. This just made my day! Since I’ve been reading this blog since about the time just before Otto, my heart melts whenever you are this happy. Mir, you really do deserve him, in all his lovely, wonderful glory. Also, he’s lucky to have you too.

    Yay for a perfect match!

  16. bob

    ditto, jennie. homes away from home deserve flowers, too. they can travel in the sink while en route. Since you left them behind, though, I hope you take the time to smell the flowers on the way up. RV’ing can be a fun way to see the US.

  17. Tracy

    I can’t believe you composted the flowers. I would have taken them with me. Of course, you get them so often, who cares. Happy Thursday and be sure you use sun screen and mosquito dope.

  18. Jean

    Could Otto start a tutorial blog for other husbands?? Seems like there are quite a few of us who would be forwarding the link to our significant others.

    Have a great trip. Next time try the Finger Lakes. I’d be happy to take you boating and fire up my grill for company!!

  19. Anna Marie

    Otto stories warm my heart. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Randi

    Awww…how sweet!!! BTW, how is your wireless thing going? Do you have limited internet? Price okay?

  21. Heather

    *sniff* Aww! So sweet! :)

  22. tuney

    Wow. “Otto is my home now.” Dang, woman. You know how to mess a girl up. *sniff*

  23. C~

    I know exactly how you feel, Mir. Took four tries, but I know.

  24. Sheila

    You two crazy kids have a love story of Olympic proportions going on. Truly.

  25. Lucinda

    Beautiful. Thanks.

  26. Dawn

    I gotta get me one o’ them there Ottos.

  27. Mary

    You’ll love Lake Placid – on the way up, if you’re going up through the Adirondacks, make time for the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake. It’s wonderful. And the Wild Center in Tupper Lake is great for the kids as well. (My in-laws live in Old Forge – we’ll be heading there for the 4th as well).

  28. Flea

    Your Otto is a gem. :)

  29. lizneust

    My Mom is from Saranac Lake so we go every summer, and you are going to have a BALL in Lake Placid. The strip itself is quite touristy, but you can get out of town easily. Saranac Lake is a really fun little town too, and only about 10 miles away. A couple things to note – the mini golf place on the way out of LP going towards SL is awesome – the right blend of cheesy and challenging. Mountain Mist Custard in SL is delicious. Try and rent a canoe and get out to explore the lakes. And Casa del Sol is highly touted as the best Mexican food you can get for hundreds of miles around BUT the lines are forever and not a great idea with small hungry people. You were looking for travel ideas, right?

    Last but not least, if you guys are into wine – Terry Robards Wine Store is run by one of the most respected wine critics in the country. You can get some seriously well priced and AWESOME wines (like $9 a bottle). There’s a sporting goods store next door if you need to entertain the kids. Or Otto.

  30. Dionne

    A “thank you” to Otto, you, and the kids for reviving my last hopeless breath that there IS such a thing as a second chance…and maybe I’ll find my own ‘home’ someday againd…maybe it’s all a ficticious joke, but I’ll hold onto it for dear life right now…

  31. Karen

    Mir… you have it all. In the most important ways. Amen.

  32. Kate Setzer Kamphausen

    OMG I love your dad!

    And Dionne, don’t give up hope. Not ever. I have faith for your second chance!

  33. Stephanie

    You have such a great guy there, Mir. After almost 25 years, I have to say, so do I, and maybe he and Otto were separated at birth, because they seem SO alike. We are lucky women :-)

  34. Stephanie

    oh…except my guy doesn’t buy me flowers…but that’s ok, I think it’s my fault…I probably squashed that early on in our relationship as a “waste of money”. ;-)

  35. Heidi

    Otto’s mama didn’t raise no fool.

  36. Katie in MA

    Awww! I *was* back home in good ol’ Mass when you wrote this post. :) Hope you’re having a blast!

  37. Danielle-Lee

    Gorgeous! How sweet is he?

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