By Mir
June 24, 2009

Last night Otto and I went out to run some errands, and found ourselves stopping at a restaurant across town for some cheap Mexican food. Now, generally the advantage of Mexican food for dinner when the kids aren’t around is that we can take our time and have a margarita, but we had a bunch of things to do and opted to stick with a quick meal topped off with diet Coke. Because we are FANCY.

We talked about things we need to pack for our upcoming camping trip, and how the food was not nearly as good there as at our local place, and wondering how the kids are doing. And when we finished eating, I forgot that the booth we were sitting in was somewhat raised on a little step. I went to stand up—placing one foot into thin air (whoops! no floor!)—and promptly slipped off the ledge and nearly busted my ass. Somehow I managed to scrape one calf down the corner of the booth, and Otto was teasing me (“Did you have a drink while I wasn’t looking?”) until I showed him the back of my leg, where an impressive bruise was already blooming. He was nicer to me, after that.

But late last night he told me that once we get up to New York, he’s totally planning to tell my parents I got drunk and fell down. And I said that’s fine, I’ll just tell them that’s what he always tells people after he kicks me.

(I know. We’re so sappy it makes you feel a little sick.)


  1. Crista

    You’re klutzy like me! I have a huge bruise on the side of my knee and my leg is swollen, still, from something I did last week. And all I remember is bumping into something and saying “That’s gonna leave a mark.”
    Have a great trip!

  2. Crista

    p.s. FIRST!! :D

  3. dad

    No, it makes me kvell!

  4. Tracy

    There’s nothing like hubby love when you are in pain. Have a wonderful camping trip. It’s too hot for us…we are waiting for Fall or at least Fall like weather. It’s 103 degrees here today with heat index of 110. I’m staying inside….all day.

  5. Megan

    At least you know where you acquired the bruise. I inevitably have one or two SOMEWHERE and not the least idea where they came from. Doesn’t stop me telling an excellent story about it though… “So there I was, rescued kittens in one hand as I began the descent down the cliff…”

  6. Teri

    Yeah, my hubs thinks I’m the most graceful person in the world…he just shakes his head. I trip over thick air.

  7. Ariel

    I’m always telling Brian to quit beating me when he inquires where all of my bruises come from. Not that he really beats me, btw.
    I bruise easily- so I have no idea where I get half of them. Brian, on the other hand, NEVER bruises, I could take a baseball bat to him and you’d never know.

  8. Kim

    I thought I was kinda klutzy until recently, when my 5-year-old starting breaking all records. This kid has some kind of bump, bruise, fall or trauma DAILY. Sometimes I am involved, like when she steps on my foot (another almost daily occurrence) and falls; other times its a stealth injury – one moment she is fine, the next on the floor in tears with no crash or bang to warn us of the impending disaster. I’m really hoping she outgrows this phase soon.

  9. StephLove

    I stepped on a rake in the garden a couple weeks ago and gave myself a black eye. Everyone was surprised that this really happens and not just in slapstick comedy or cartoons, but it wasn’t very funny at the time.

  10. Jen

    Ouch! I know what you mean about stepping out into thin air, it feels so weird doesn’t it? That and that strange feeling when you get an unequal sized step – how does the brain know how to judge steps as all the same size? It’s so off-putting when they’re not. Do you know what I mean or am I just talking nonsense??!

  11. Mary

    I broke my hip several years ago falling down the stairs while sleeping walking (at WAY too young an age!) and to this day, the joke still goes that hubby pushed me! I tell him all the time that he doesn’t have to abuse me, I do a good enough job at that myself! LOL!

  12. jennifer

    So funny! :)

  13. meghann

    I feel your pain. I’m the type of person that runs into doorframes walking from one room to another. I’ve fallen UP the stairs as well. My nickname from my mom when I was a kid was Miss Grace.

  14. Jean

    Well, I’ll see your fall out of the restaurant booth and raise you a fall along the side of the street between a lawn and a school bus with a startled homeowner in the doorway of the home. Couldn’t get out of my own way and down I went. Lovely bruise or two to go with that, dontcha know!!

    My walking companions and I laughed for the next half mile. Now the joke is to always make sure that I am on level ground and carefully point out every pebble and twig that might be in my path. Where would we be without pratfalls such as these?

  15. Debbi

    LOL!! I’m just as graceful ;-) Glad you didn’t get hurt too badly.

  16. Otto

    She was totally sneaking a margarita when I wasn’t looking. No wonder she enjoyed that taco salad so much more than I enjoyed my burrito …


  17. beth s

    LOL. Otto is hilarious and the comeback is even better. I come home from karate with bruises all the time. DH tells everyone he now “pays other people to beat me for him”. :-) And he really doesn’t believe me when I say “I can KILL you!” HA HA HA

  18. The Mother

    I’m thinking that if you have to live through the humiliation, you should have at least gotten to drink the margarita. Or two.

  19. Unique Ech

    You guys are so lovely. Yep I am sick hearing your sappy stories. But I have to side with Otto in this one.
    Anyway I don’t think you watched the America vs Spain match on confederation cup but I did and America totally justified their win with their playing. So I congratulate you all. And yeah I am not American though I follow your blog religiously.

  20. Katie in MA

    You guys were just on a roll last week, weren’t you! I leave town for one week and you turn into a comedy routine! :)

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