Wild partiers we

By Mir
May 17, 2009

So my folks are here and we’re totally taking advantage of their good graces.

The other night, my husband and I went on a hot date, leaving the children at home to torture play with their grandparents. Otto and I had a delicious dinner and then—heady with our freedom—went to Ye Olde Giant Home Improvement Store and bought… shelf paper. And planters. Because we are wild and crazy, and nothing says romance like looking at bathroom faucets you don’t even need.

And then yesterday, there were strawberries. That’s a longer story than I can tell right now, but suffice it to say that it was An Adventure. Accidentally. Not that anyone could’ve predicted such a thing, of course. Certainly not me. You know, the person who got us into the whole mess. But to make it up to my family, afterward, I baked a pie. That was a complete disaster. Yay!

Today we’ve already gone digging around in the garden, replanted a bunch of things, and rescued a salamander from the pool. It’s exciting around here, y’all.


  1. BethR

    But regardless of everything else, there’s a safe salamander now. And that’s the important thing… at least when you’re 9 :-)

    Enjoy having your parents around. Freedom doesn’t always have to mean extravagance – sometimes the little things are what need to happen. And besides, it sounds as though Otto expresses his deep desire and love for you by fixing things, so that shelf paper could lead to a hot night of… papering your shelves? [ducks and runs}

  2. Diahn Ott

    That’s EXACTLY the description of every date Dr. SmartyPants and I have. Dinner, then the Giant Home Improvement Store. Sometimes we mix it up and go the the Enormous Chain Bookstore with attached Coffee From Seattle.

    Woo Hoo. We’re livin large…

  3. Anna Marie

    I want a picture of the pie!

  4. Half Assed Kitchen

    Now I’m all curious about the strawberries.

  5. StephLove

    My big excitement of the weekend was re-organizing my daughter’s drawers so they close now. Beat that, party girl.

    Oh, and I cleaned a bathroom that had been overdue for a cleaning for weeks. Do I know how to have fun or what?

  6. mythoughtsonthat

    Cleaned our screens and windows here- the fun pretty much never stops!

  7. Debra

    Let’s see, we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary at the big bulls eye chain store…

  8. Lady M

    On our grandparent-enabled date night, my husband and I went out for ice cream and then to Target . . . to buy diapers. Ah, romance for those who are afraid they will fall asleep if they go to the movies.

  9. Megan

    But the thing is if you HADN’T gone to the ginormous TDY store then there would be the attendant guilt of not-doing-the-necessary-errands. Which is what I have, after spending the weekend at the nature center… and watching movies… and lazing around generally…

    Sigh, but as BethR says, the salamander is safe and that’s the important bit.

  10. Brigitte

    Yeah, we usually have our date-night dinners early with the senior citizens, then are in bed (sleeping!) by 9:00. Woo hoo.

  11. Aimee

    Yo, you better dial it back. You don’t want to overdo it.

  12. JennyM

    Was it Roy? Or… wait, what did you name the Intrepid and Ferocious Gecko thing again?

    (I went to YOGHIS too, in an effort to avoid going NEXT weekend. Because Memorial Day Weekend at YOGHIS? Yeesh.)

  13. Tracy

    I’m holding my breath for the strawberry story. How can you leave us hanging like that?

  14. Katie in MA

    You are talking about the same yard and the same garden that produced the BLACK-WIDOW SPIDER! are you not? Because that is way too exciting for me!

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