Out with a bang

It’s getting to where it feels like I need a whole separate calendar just to keep track of the end-of-school-year events and happenings and places we are required to be and things we need to do. (For example: The day after school ends, incoming middle schoolers for the following year who wish to be in the band have to go fork over a few wads of cash, sign paperwork, and pick their instruments. Should you move to the district later than the day after school ends, one assumes you are relegated to playing tuba. In the corner.)

Today was a very special day wherein Chickadee and a classmate were allowed to leave school and go out to lunch with a teacher and various associated parents because of an award they won, so we went over to school and got the kids and assembled at a local restaurant for this positively decadent treat. “This is way better than anything I would’ve gotten in the cafeteria today,” the other kid said, around a mouthful of cheeseburger.

The school paid for the kids to eat, and the teacher explained that they could have anything they wanted. The two fell to studying the menu for the very best beverage, and I suggested to Chickadee that she go for the IBC root beer, because that’s not only an excellent root beer, we hardly ever let her get soda. She was immediately taken by the idea, as was the other kid, and while the rest of us stuck to water, the two children and the teacher all had root beer.

Lunch was a very merry affair, topped off with giant slices of chocolate cake (for the kids), and I behaved very well, I think, right up until the teacher asked the waiter to take a picture of all of us so that it could be posted back at school.

I may have suggested the kids hold up their root beer bottles.

You know, the bottles that look like exactly like BEER bottles.

They lofted them with gusto and giggles. The picture was snapped.

I suspect it’s probably a good thing we won’t be at this school next year.


  1. Beth A.

    Oh. No. That’s too funny! :)

  2. Jean

    I love that…hilarious!

  3. tuney

    AHHH! That is awesome! I finally had to quit drinking IBC in the car because of the looks I got on the the road. Not to mention the church folks who just HAD to know what was in the brown paper sack, cuz, you know, there’s nothing like TRYING to look like a rebel. Heh.

  4. My Kids Mom

    I took Bug grocery shopping to celebrate his end of school and the beginning of my imprisonment and grocery torture season. Anyway, I chose old folks day when seniors get a discount. Halfway through the dairy aisle, Bug yells out “I get to pick out the beer Mama! I want the banjo one!” I decided to be pleased that my 5yo has good taste in beer and try to ignore the stares.

  5. el-e-e

    Leaving a legacy, I say!

    Too funny! (And, mmm, root beer…)

  6. Aimee


  7. Tracy

    How sweet! And I know what mean by getting a calendar and SOMEONE ELSE’s checkbook!

  8. Anna Marie


  9. Angela

    Hee Hee Hee.

  10. Flea

    My kids LOVE IBC, exactly because the bottles look like beer bottles. :) There’s no finer rootbeer. Way to go, pretty Mir!

  11. Pepper

    hahah too funny!

  12. Jennifer Joyner

    Can’t take you anywhere, Mir!

  13. mama speak

    Fabulous way to end the year IMO.

  14. Kelly

    Oh that was a fun story! Thanks! Have a great weekend.

  15. Jess

    Hee, that’s awesome. I used to drink IBC for that exact reason.

  16. Megan

    Meanwhile my loverly children spent last night embarrassing ME at the restaurant. I have explained again and again that I’m the mama, I gets to do the embarrassing in this family. Some kids never listen. Now I really want to add a brown-bagged bottle of root-beer to my Child-humiliating outfit of bermuda shorts, long white socks, sandals and curlers. I think I might just achieve perfection with that!

  17. MomCat

    And maybe that teacher won’t be at the school either….too bad it isn’t the one that misspelled Monkey’s name, huh?

  18. Amy

    Love it! Also, is Chickie going to be in the band?

  19. The Mother

    My kids love IBC root beer. Not a big fan, myself, but we have tons of those bottles lying around the house that they just HAD to keep.

  20. Susan Getgood

    And that is exactly why I love you, my friend.

  21. ChristieNY


  22. Nancy R

    HA! Cheers!

  23. Dawn

    Aw. Cool. Beer as a reward. My school never gave us beer.

  24. Katie in MA

    Such a fun way for a good girl to show off and pretend to live on the edge. Not that I would know or anything….

  25. Debbi


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