Road trip

We’re in the car taking a brief trip (right now! I love my iPhone!) and there is a tremendous WHOMP as Chickadee whacks my seat from behind.

Me: Stop kicking my seat!
Her: I’m not kicking, that was my HEAD!
Me: Stop headbutting my seat!
Her: That hurt my head WAY more than it hurt your back!
Me: My BACK!
Her: My HEAD!!
Otto: My GOD. That’s it; I am NOT driving you two to Hawaii, now. [We both stare at him.] You know, through the secret government tunnel. Nevermind.

I can hardly wait for our first big trip this summer. Obviously.


  1. Kemi

    I love Otto.

    (Not in the way YOU love Otto, obviously, but I love him all the same.)

    If I promise not to kick (or head butt) anyone’s seat, can I catch a ride through the secret government tunnel to Hawaii?

  2. sillyme

    I LOVE secret tunnels. My next home will have a secret tunnel. Except now that you know about it it won’t be a secret. Unless you can keep a secret. (shhhh. don’t tell anyone)

  3. Half Assed Kitchen

    You can type a blog post on your iphone?? Impressive.

  4. Dr. Liz

    I KNEW my husband was on to something when he was talking about driving the motorhome to Hawaii….

  5. Heather

    Situational diffusion WIN ;) Good job Otto.

  6. Anna Marie

    You guys are so cute. =)

  7. Brigitte


    (and, unrelated, I loved Chickadee’s pretended “shock” on your Scholastic post. Maybe the kid in the book should have had the pet “fixed” to remove those unrequited longings. Now I’M overthinking).

  8. superpaige

    Oh the joy of a roadtrip.

  9. Lee

    Finally delurking to say I really like your blog and OMG would that be the same tunnel as the tunnel from the rectory to the convent?

  10. Heather

    I am considering driving to Chicago from Calgary with a 7 yr old and a 2 yr old…. I think that I might be crazy.

  11. Tammy

    Consipracy theorists unite!

  12. Aimee


    I’m totally making my husband drive us to Hawaii now. Thanks, Otto!

  13. Amy-Go


    Focus on the important things, please. Unless you were all in the car driving veryvery fast away from the spider? Which I would understand…

  14. Katie in MA

    I hear Hawaii has spiders, too. But really cute ones with leis and mai-tais.

  15. tara

    also impressed by your iPhone blogging abilities…

  16. Daisy

    I’m enjoying road trips better now that my kids are MUCH older. I do mean much older: 17 and 22, to be specific. Most of our road trips consist of picking up said 22-year-old from college for vacations or taking 17-yo to camp. Works for me!

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