Next she’ll want the car keys

By Mir
April 25, 2009

Other than her very first year of life—where she went from a froggy little blob to a walking, talking, demanding little creature—I can think of no other year of Chickadee’s life where she seems so changed, to me.

She began smelling less like a kid.

She cut her hair.

She got contact lenses.

And now, she’s gone and made herself all fancy. May BAYBEEEEEEE! All grown up!


  1. The Mother

    Take care of those holes. My 15 yo son is on his third set of ear piercings, now, and he has yet to manage without an infection. Kids.

  2. sassymonkey

    Those are really pretty studs. I like them a lot more than the ones I had.

    And you’ll be lucky if it’s only car keys and not a tattoo. Or navel piercing. Or eyebrow piercing. Or nose piercing. Or um…I’ll just shut up now.

  3. Tatiana

    Cute earrings! I always get infections in my piercings, my skin is too sensitive… sigh. It must be nice, and kinda crazy, to see your little girl growing up.

  4. meghann

    I think my daughter got those same earrings when she got hers pierced. (tell Chickadee my mom made me wait till I was 11 too)

  5. Kemi

    Oooh, pretty earrings! Congratulations, Chickadee!

  6. Sheila

    Starter earrings were not so cute when I was eleven! Quite the young lady, that Chickadee. Does she know she has so many Virtual Fans? (Cause if my just-turned-eleven knew it, there’d be no stopping The Ego.)

  7. bob

    don’t think this makes you old……yet.

  8. Valerie

    Very cute studs! So, she did ok with the actual piercing? I wasn’t traumatized by it, but I still waited until I turned 30 before piercing anything else! (And then it was just double piercing my ears.)

  9. Karen

    Why do kids do that? I mean grow up. I have tried bribing mine with money, chocolate and a life time of Disney vacations. They just keep telling me they can’t help it.

    Her earrings are darling.

  10. Angela

    Wow you both obviously survived, congrats! And they are so cute!

  11. mamalang

    Very nice. My Boo is dying for hers to be pierced again…but unfortunately, her ears tend to “eat” her earrings. So no more for a long time.

  12. Brigitte

    Yay, you made it! Through one ear, at least. ;-)

  13. del

    Fantastic ear-rings. I recommend many salt water washes to prevent any infection, much better than the solution that was provided to my Boo.

  14. Deva

    Adorable earrings for the chickadee!

  15. Julie

    Yes, they do grow up and get clean, and fancy. And some times tattooed. Then they get married and have babies.
    Yay!! It’s a girl. Lil Daughter is having a girl!
    It just keeps getting better;)

  16. Amy

    How cute! Is it possible to tell from just her ear and the few pictures I’ve seen of you to be able to say she looks like you?

    (And I don’t want to complain, this is your blog and all, but that purple ad for some survey that runs across the screen makes me want to throw something. But you are pretty so I keep coming back anyway!)

  17. mama speak

    Purdy! me likey.
    but really, no back story??? come on Mir, wasn’t there some thrashing or screaming or general wailing about? (By you, of course). Or, in growing up, is Chickie getting all mature and such (which really blows for blog fodder. Come on Chick! Consider your mom’s readers!) ;-)

  18. Rebecca

    Such pretty little earrings!

  19. Kelly

    How’d she do with the piercing?? I know that was a potential issue.

  20. Amy-Go

    LOVE the bling, Chickie!!

  21. Katie in MA

    So! Cute! And all girlie and stuff! Don’t tell my newly-minted 5-year-old. She’s already asking for the car keys.

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