Early geometry geeks

By Mir
March 27, 2009

I’m having one of those overwhelmed-with-work kinds of days, and the children have been remarkably patient with me. Thank goodness. Though this does mean that there has been various silliness at the door of my office.

Chickadee: [while pantomiming being stuck in a small box] Help! Help! I’m stuck in a box! I can’t get out!
Monkey: [immediately crouching down and imitating her] Me too! I’m stuck in a box, too!
Chickadee: You can’t be stuck in a box. I’m stuck in a box; you do something else.
[She continues “feeling” the walls of her confines, while he thinks for a minute. Suddenly his face lights up, and he crouches down again, bringing his hands up above his head with the fingertips forming a point above him]
Monkey: Help! Help! I’m stuck in a triangle! I can’t get out!

(I probably shouldn’t have laughed, because from there we had STUCK IN A RHOMBUS and TRAPPED IN A TRAPEZOID and, finally, SHOVED IN A SPHERE. That was when they discovered they could pretend to be racing around the house in those hamster ball things, and I gave up trying to work.)


  1. Emily in IL

    Your kids crack me up!

  2. Deva


  3. Little Bird

    Find a Zorb and let them experience the “shoved in a sphere” feeling!
    (They will proclaim you the coolest mom EVER!)
    Of course, you already are, but they’ll yell it from the rooftops after that experience. Assuming of course you let them anywhere near the rooftop.

  4. exile on mom street

    I wanna come live at your house! What good clean nerdy fun!

  5. Headless Mom

    The triangle is genius.

  6. Lylah

    That’s brilliant!

  7. The Mother

    Next, you’re going to have kids explaining their bad behavior by writing you proofs and using game theory to outsmart you.

  8. Michelle

    There have been times when I wished humans had their own giant hamster balls. At least people would get out of my way when I walked down the sidewalk.

  9. Brigitte

    Hmmm . . their hamster balls must have been flexible, so as to enable them to squeeze through doorways. ;-)

  10. Megan

    Tell ’em you’ve confined ’em to a line and let ’em work THAT one out. That’ll fox ’em…

  11. Daisy

    And I thought we were unusual: last night we were singing at the supper table, telling stories that cluminated in harmonizing the “Beauty and the Beast” theme! All kinds of fun.

  12. Cele

    And peopel wonder what families did for entertainment before TV. Your children have great imaginations. I’m thinking that must be work 50 parental brownie points.

  13. Mom101

    Oh that’s awesome. In improv the one-upping called heightening – but the problem is you have to end with something really big. Generally it has to do with Jesus or being in space.

    Hamsters in space?

  14. Barbara


  15. O.G.

    You have to love the creativity of a kid. How about overcome by an octagon?

  16. Katie in MA

    That is HILARIOUS! I love it! Funny, smart kids really rock. You won the Kids Lottery – you know that right?

    (Me, too. And yes I do!)

  17. Jonathan

    Hilarious. And your kids seem really smart. Lucky you!

  18. mama speak

    You know they have hamster balls for humans right? It’s a blow up one, called a Gigi ball. Our friends have one. I couldn’t do it, I found it too confining. But the kids love it.

    I just have to say, “I love you guys!”

    Here’s the link to the hamster ball: http://www.target.com/84-Giga-Ball-Red/dp/B001D4RRZS/qid=1238485921/ref=br_1_3/181-3094640-6742017?ie=UTF8&node=369893011&frombrowse=1&rh=&page=1

    I’d suggest perhaps a b-day gift, but unless you can find them for cheaper I doubt it. Your head would explode to pay that much for a kids gift I’m sure.

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