Happy days are here again

By Mir
March 4, 2009

I have heat. I have electricity. I have hot water. The children went back to school today (can I get an “AMEN!” please).

And lo, it is all VERY VERY GOOD.

I mean, not that I didn’t totally enjoy finally using my tub, yesterday, finally. I’ve never used that tub before. And while it MAY have been slightly more convenient to, you know, have hot water running out of the tap instead of coming from the eleventeen trips I made between the kitchen and the bathroom with my many pots of boiling water, and while some might argue that being able to fill it up rather than just sliding around in a few inches of water while trying to figure out how to best wash my hair wasn’t ENTIRELY relaxing, hey, at least I got to use my tub.

Remember the deal with my tub? I like to refer to it as Faucetgate.

See, we knew the faucet on my tub didn’t work when we moved in. Actually, we knew at the home inspection. The previous owners were all “I don’t know what you’re talking about! It’s perfectly fine!” as the inspector demonstrated that the pipe underneath the faucet was held together with duct tape. Poorly. But we let it go and figured we’d take care of it later.

Then Otto went and bought us some lovely sink faucets on clearance, which was great, except that the matching tub faucet was going to run us somewhere around $700 once we bought all the parts. Like, did you know that they sell the handles separately? In case you just don’t feel like actually being able to OPERATE the faucet.

And I’d be perfectly happy to spend $700 on a faucet that nobody sees, really. Just as soon as I start smoking crack.

In the meantime, I hemmed and hawed and finally I found a cheaper-but-still-coordinating option, and I bought it.

And then it sat in my bathroom until… um… today.

See, when the plumbers were here yesterday installing the new hot water heater, I found myself overcome with a sense of “in for a penny, in for a pound.” And I tried to talk them into installing my new faucet when they were done with the water heater, but they had another appointment. But that’s okay! Because they came back today, and will probably charge me for two visits! (Not that they shouldn’t charge me for all of the work, but I think they have a baseline charge for each trip.)

And now I have hot water AND a tub that works.

And now I’m broke.

I’ll be in the tub.


  1. Debbi

    Enjoy the tub! You deserve it after the last few days :-)

  2. Megan

    But! Do you have bubble bath??

  3. Lylah

    And wine! Wine goes perfectly with new faucets, hot water, and bubbles.

  4. Marla

    Hey, at least you can now take a hot bubble bath in your tub! You’ll wished you had done this sooner.

  5. Barbara

    Candles and little background music, too.

    Well, maybe pass on the wine ’til someone else is home and can make sure your nose does not slip below the water line. Just saying.

    In sync with you on the plumbing problems. I’m off to find a some faucetry myself today. Thanks for the fore-warning on price. Cannot wait for ‘best’ price as other work is waiting it.

  6. Chuck

    I always thought a waterproof laptop would be cool…then you could write blog entries from the tub. Or surf the web.

  7. Susan

    Yes, but time alone in the tub: priceless!

  8. MomCat

    Isn’t that just the height of hilarity, how fixtures are so many pieces? Separately priced pieces? I boasted to my husband about carefully staying within our ‘allowance’ when choosing all ours, and then we got the itemized list; fittings and washers and dodads and whoziwhatzits, doubling the amount. Because I guess some people *do* just install the faucets and look at them, but don’t actually run water through them. Whodathunk?

    Enjoy your baths! I recommend Ahava Dead Sea Salts in Eucalyptus – if you can afford them now.

  9. exile on mom street

    Make sure there’s a working lock on that bathroom door or your alone time is doomed!

    Unless there’s someone you WANT to join you *wink, wink*

  10. Beth A.

    In my opinion the tub is the best place to be.

  11. Scottsdale Girl

    I hate baths. Seriously. Never could feel CLEAN after a bath. I mean you are sitting in your own dirt! Gah!

  12. Leandra

    Just so you know, if I don’t have power by this afternoon I’m coming to your house and use the tub. And your wine. Mostly your wine.

  13. Katie in MA

    A nice, long, soak in a hot bath = feeling pampered. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself exclaiming, “Electricity? Crisis? Whatever do you mean?” And just in case you find yourself too relaxed to remember to feed yourself, I find it helpful to set a glass of wine and small plate of triscuits and cheese somewhere near the bath. Because then you *never* need to get out.


  14. Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

    Enjoy the tub, at least! I’m broke without a working tub, if it makes you feel better =P

  15. Grannycilla

    I live in a 104 year olo Victorian house, with a nice claw foot tub. ASK me if I can use it? NO, because the lever that lets you choose shower or tub is broken off, and to replace that faucet will cost > $1,000!!! sigh

  16. Keyona

    A soak in that tub will make it better…at least a little. :o)

  17. Tracy

    There is nothing like soaking in a hot tub of water. We just remodeled our bathroom, we have a huge jacuzzi with a heater so the water NEVER gets cold. And you are so right about the fixtures—it’s like towels and tires. You gotta have it and the manufacturers know this and they also know they can charge what they want AS long as they stay competative with their competition. Vicious cycle!
    Enjoy the day with POWER and HOT water!

  18. StephLove

    Happy soaking! Get yourself some nice bath oils and lock the door. You deserve it.

  19. Michelle

    I enjoy taking baths in my tub back home. It’s underneath a sun light, so at night the moon shines into the bathroom and I light some candles and turn on music. Very relaxing.

  20. Jill in Atlanta

    Amen. Just be sure to keep kid toys out of your tub. There is nothing relaxing about sinking into a tub with Spiderman.

  21. Lisa B

    I thought the title of this post was “Happy Hour Is Here Again!” I thought for sure you had decided to chuck it all and drink some wine! :) I feel very much like Gilda Radner’s character from the old SNL days. Emily Litella. You remember her rants about “Violins On Television”.
    “Violence on television? Oh well then, nevermind.”
    Happy Hump Day!

  22. jennielynn

    At least soaking in a tub is free. Except for the water bill.

  23. Brigitte

    Ah. Every day I’m grateful that we got an extra-large tub for our home. And we have a well, so the water is free! (don’t tell me how much oil I’m using to HEAT that water, though – la la la!)

  24. Rita Arens


  25. Dawn

    Worth every penny, I’d say!

  26. Cele

    My tub was a haven. Then the kids moved out, I saved my pennies, nickles, dimes, and dollars and bought a hot tub.

    Hot water is my haven of choice.

  27. megs

    Ooooh! Tub time!! We are renting a 90+ year old home in New England and are starting the home buying process. One of my top requirements is a nice, functional bath tub. I love me some tub time!!

  28. Karen

    You know, when I lived in a house instead of in a travel trailer, I seldom used the tub–I always took showers. But now, when we go on a vacation from the trailer and stay in a motel, I ALWAYS take a long hot soaking bath. Hmmmmmm…..

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