Love knows what you need

By Mir
February 26, 2009

Otto and I had an appointment to attend this morning, and I was dragging. Badly.

I’m on a new hormone regimen. I’ve been getting migraines again. Now, I’m pretty sure the migraines started before I switched my meds, and I know I need to be patient to see if this fixes things or not—the joy of migraines is that they often beget themselves, so once I get on the migraine train it’s often a while before I can get off again—but in the meantime I’m apt to wake up with a migraine and flop around like a very grumpy beached fish while waiting for my meds to kick in and make me human again.

So we got the kids up and off to school, then I tried to get some work done, and Otto sat across from me here in the office and kept saying, “Are you okay?” like it wasn’t totally normal for me to be sitting here all slant-eyed and grumpy. Huh.

By the time we left the house, I was feeling a little better.

We went and did what we needed to do, and then Otto offered to take me to breakfast. Because he’s swell that way.

I don’t often eat breakfast. But my stomach can be a little sensitive to coffee when it’s not paired with food, and seeing as how I’d had a cup of coffee as big as my head to go with my migraine medicine (caffeine helps), I accepted.

We went to a local hole-in-the-wall and ordered, then sat and chatted and ate.

“Do you want a holder like that for our kitchen table?” he teased me, as I snapped a picture with my phone.

“No, I just like how every diner has something like this,” I said. It’s true—I consider a mostly-empty ketchup bottle a good sign, when it comes to diner food.

Otto offered me his last piece of bacon. I didn’t take it, but I’m pretty sure that means he loves me best. Even if I am kind of grumpy.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone.


  1. Katie in MA

    Oooh, now I want some greasy diner breakfast food. (I’ve given up on getting someone as swell as that Otto!)

    HLT, Mir – hope you feel better!

  2. liz

    As the first in what will surely be a long line of migraine remedies, have you tried a magnesium supplement? I swear taking one daily works for me. I don’t know how – I just go with it. Hope you’re feeling better, sunshine!

  3. Em

    I’d knock my kid over for the last piece of bacon. So yeah, I would call that a pretty sure sign he loves you best.

  4. MomCat

    An offering of pork fat is a sure sign of love!

    You have my sympathy concerning your migraines. I hope you find something that helps very soon. A scantily-clad male model massaging my back with exotic oils as I lie on a tropical beach is the only thing that prevents my migraines. I swear!

  5. Katie

    My husband’s neurologist told him to take riboflavin to prevent headaches. Working for him. But, taking those or the male model on the beach, I would totally take the model.

  6. Megan

    Wait – you DON’T want a holder like that? When I was a kid I thought those were the height of chic. Of course, we went out to eat so rarely I also thought diners were practically Michelin star establishments…

  7. Beachgal

    What the heck is in the bottle next to the ketchup? It looks icky.

  8. Barbara

    It is either a spiced vinegar or a spiced oil. See the garlic clove? Scrolling back up – I see carrots, too. Probably vinegar. If it was in a jar to remove the veggies, it would be more like pickled peppers – to take out the peppers and veggies to eat.

    I too am sympathetic, dear, Mir. I used to have migraines (knock on wood). I have theories on what causes and works based on my personal experience. Being entirely unhelpful – everything you mentioned and has already been mentioned is part of my theory. Wish I could offer more, but medicine is not what I practice.

    I like bacon. Probably best you refused. Because of the salt. Oh, yeah, reduce your salt intake. And exercise – the panacea. Whaaat? The Wii is covered by clothes to be mended?

  9. Tracy

    Nothing like a little Tabasco to spice things up! I’m from Louisiana and I swear that stuff will eat your stomach lining. By the time you are in you 40’s, you’ve got acid reflux so bad. Stay away, stay away!

    Hope you are feeling better soon-the weekend is coming!

  10. RuthWells

    Bacon ALWAYS equals love. Always.

    Feel better soon!

  11. StephLove

    No advice, but I hope you are on the mend soon!

  12. StephLove

    p.s. Why is it someone who is such a big fan of bacon and grits rarely eats breakfast?

  13. Cass

    You should eat breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day;)

  14. Amelia

    Beachgal —

    I’ll bet that it’s a bottle of pepper sauce, darlin’! To put on your greens at lunchtime, don’tchaknow? Down here, you wouldn’t eat the peppers…you’d just sprinkle some of the accompanying vinegar on your turnip or collard greens.

    Most diners around here use smaller bottles that are chock-full of green peppers and vinegar, but this looks similar enough that I feel pretty sure that’s what it is.

  15. Monkey Girl

    What the hell is that bottle behind the salt shaker with all the floaties? Is that a grub at the bottom of the bottle? What is that the ‘Survivor Cafe’?

  16. Phraktyl

    With my most recent migraine, instead of trying to drive home so I could curl up into a ball in the dark and hopefully pass out or die, I drove to my acupuncturist. Pain had lessened within 5 minutes, and the migraine was completely gone within 20.

    I was completely stunned. It normally takes hours for those to go away for me.

    So, if you haven’t tried it yet, I *highly* recommend it!

  17. Randi

    I HATE migraines. Hate them. I’ve had a migraine for 3 days (and I was begging for death after day 2) which was only solved by heading to the ER for a few shots.

    How sweet of Otto to realize that migraines are horrid!

  18. Kath

    Oh I hear you on the new HRT regime …. I’ve had a rough few weeks adjusting!
    and Otto is very sweet

  19. dad

    Otto probably loves you best because he knows the grumpiness is transient.

    And, you’re pretty.

  20. Kim

    You can come to IHOP with Chris’ crew! It’s only a 16 hour drive! I will follow you guys through Austin and get all excited to have two Mom-bloggers in town!

  21. Sheila

    I saw the photo and my mind jumped ahead of the story– I thought Smoked Tabasco Sauce was what you needed.

    Bacon, tabasco, caffeine and an understanding mate: it doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Hope your migraines go away soon.

  22. elizabeth

    your phone take one heck of a nice picture
    Otto probably knew you’d refuse the bacon and he’d get points for the offer (ducking) none of which takes away from him loving you best, of course.
    hope you get your meds worked out soon. feeling sucky sucks.

  23. Nelson's Mama

    Sorry about the migraines – they are the pits. I started taking Topamax for mine over two years ago and the quality of my life is sooo much better.

    There are side effects and you must weigh the pros and cons; but it has made a vast improvment in the frequency and my ability to stop the headaches that I get.

  24. Meg

    Can I send my boyfriend to Otto for training?

  25. Michelle

    Bacon? I would’ve taken it.

  26. daysgoby

    I love those sets too!

    (And you can get them at restaurant supply houses….I’m jus’ sayin’)

    Much love and a hope that migraine has gone away….

  27. keyomi

    sweet post. btw..i have lived with migraine for a whole year..after which it vanished.
    so i know how bad it can make u feel…i feel for ya! tc.

  28. Heather

    Bacon is a sure sign of enduring affection ;) I hope the migraines pass soon!

  29. Raquel

    Just wanted to extend my sympathy on the migraine thing–I’ve had them my entire adult life and it’s just the pits. Mine rarely respond to meds, but I have a combo that sometimes works. If you want the details, feel free to email.

  30. momzen

    Clearly the extra bottle is where children put the vegetables they’ve sworn up and down that they actually ate.

  31. margie

    clearly he loves you.

  32. Keyona

    Sweet Otto. My husband never shares his food with me. Hmm….

  33. sheila

    The stuff in that one bottle, floating, disturbs me for some reason. lol. I know it’s supposed to be in there, but it’s just disturbing.

    I woulda taken the bacon. :)

  34. tj

    Very sweet :). Which reminds me, I’m going to make some coffee, ciao.

  35. Lady of Perpetual Chaos

    You write the best Love Thursday posts. Hope you feel better soon.

  36. Scottsdale Girl

    mmm bacon.

    And I totally need a phone like yours – mine takes some pretty craptacular pictures.

    Guess I should use my REAL CAMERA more often eh?

    Feel bettah!

  37. Kelly

    I understand completely everything you write about your migraines. It sucks! Hope you feel better soon!

  38. Cheryl

    I KNOW the bacon draw…it calls my name if I even smell it driving down the road with a window cracked…and I found a website (you probably already know it) that has WONDERFUL pictures….one that caught my attention was a piece of bacon half dipped in chocolate and the other was a bacon donut….see them at :

  39. Lylah


  40. Daisy

    Caffeine can help with asthma, too. Not that I’d rationalize it that way. No, no. Not me.

  41. Sarah @

    I’m not going to give any advice, because my mom suffers from migraines and I know how difficult that can be. But I just want you to know you’re in my thoughts and I hope that this new thing works for you. Feel better soon!

  42. Caroline in MA

    migraines suck. i’ve suffered with them since i was a little girl. they seem to get better as i get older. meds help too! hope you’re feeling better soon! xoxo

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