Brokedown garage

By Mir
February 9, 2009

So, yesterday we loaded everyone into our truck and drove up to the north Georgia mountains and procured ourselves a genuine 1950s dinette set, cracked-ice formica tabletop and all. I suspect that Otto was a good sport about the drive to go get it on account of his recent car debacle, and I’m pleased to report that all went very smoothly; there were no breakdowns or crazy people or detours, and the set was pretty much what we expected and the guy who sold it to us even knocked the price down a little.

Really the only complications were a bit of mild carsickness (those mountain roads are twisty) and the fact that Otto kept breaking out in a terrible rendition of banjo music from Deliverance.

There’s a bit of rust on the chrome table legs that needs to be polished, before we bring the set into the kitchen, so we left it in the garage. Next to the broken car. Now, who will get their purchase into working order first, me or Otto…?


  1. Otto

    Get the kids in bed by 8 and we’ll have a garage duel!

    I know how to define my finish (running car), but I think you need to get the new (old) table cleaned and get the old (old) table out of the kitchen, cleaned and prepped for sale.

    I’m going to lose this contest, but it’ll be quality time together at least …


  2. Barbara

    You both tempt fate by infusing a competitive component into your relationship. chkl. (I’m not worried, as you obviously are not either.)

    Er, I thought Mir wanted the table in HER kitchen. No?

    hehe, the Deliverance angle – did you explain THAT to the children?

    Don’t remember if I told this in comments before…but my Hubby bought a car online – only pretended to give me choice. Mir’s post on that episode was an accurate representation of how I felt about that, too.

    What color is the ice-cracked formica top? yellow or turquoise?

  3. diane

    I thought southerners decorated with non-functional items?

    The dinette set sounds sweet, and I’m willing to bet Mir will triumph.

  4. Tammy

    Great, I’m going to have that banjo song in my head all day today. THANKS Mir! ;)

    Pictures? (Of the dinette, not the car. Sorry Otto!)

  5. Aimee

    Heh… my money’s on you (sorry, Otto!)

    And THANKS A LOT Otto for the Deliverance music.

  6. Ani

    But now you can sit in the garage and have iced tea while Otto works on the car and plays Deliverance music.


  7. Chuck

    I think your next purchase should be a used banjo.

  8. tori

    I can’t wait to see pictures!

  9. All Adither

    Someone’s going to have to pick at a banjo while you’re dueling in the garage.

  10. Angela

    Yeah! Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  11. Burgh Baby

    My money is on Mir, all the way. Otto can try and change the rules all he wants, it won’t help.

  12. Jill in Atlanta

    My very conservative (I think) neighbors have a bumper sticker that reads “Paddle Faster- I Hear Banjo Music”. I just cringe every time I read it. I don’t know if they understand what it says or not and am not sure I want to ask!

  13. Beth A.

    My hubby plays the banjo…if you want, he’d probably come down to GA to play some Deliverance music in real life for you while you two race to finish your prizes. :)

  14. bob

    I don’t know where y’all went, but Deliverance was filmed on the Chattooga river in north Georgia. (My dad and I went rafting down the same stretch of river years ago.) So – was Otto reliving old memories?

  15. Keyona

    How nice of Otto to throw the towel in. I love a smart man. :o)

  16. Katie in MA

    Tell Otto to quit being so cute! He’s raising the bar too high with all of these witty & loving comments.

  17. Emily in IL

    For that rust you can try rubbing it with aluminum foil, I think that works pretty well. Naval Jelly works REALLY well, but you have to be careful with it.

  18. giyen

    Great. Now *I* have the dueling banjoes in my head.

    ps. my bet is on you.

  19. Reagan

    Why, you, of course! Women know how to get things done!

    (Now prove me right…please? Because, you know, women are always right, too) :)

  20. Michelle

    Oh, you are definitely winning that contest.

  21. mama speak

    Are you going to have dueling banjos playing while you work on your projects?

  22. Otto

    UPDATE: Mir won. I broke a bolt in the engine block. The new (old) table is in the kitchen, the old (newer) one in the garage.

    For the record, I did help her carry the tables around …


  23. Catherine P

    Good job being such a sweet husband Otto…I’m jelous…I should re-train my husband…

  24. Daisy

    You’re not really asking for predictions, are you?

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