By Mir
January 20, 2009
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I know, I know; I have been slacking, I owe you a real post, and I was going to write one, I swear.

But I’m watching the inauguration on CNN and I’m just… overcome.

Me. With my tiny little shriveled, blackened heart. I can’t catch my breath.


  1. ben

    Me, too, but I thought it was the Funyons.

  2. Ani

    I think large portions of the world is verklempft right along with you.

    I wish I could’ve kept my kids home and we could all watch. Alas, I am at work with a sound-less laptop and the kids are at school.

  3. Ann

    I am so grateful to have a decent computer at work so I can watch! What a great speaker Obama is! I am overwhelmed…

  4. Sara

    Me too. Never been so glad for a DVR.

  5. Katie in MA

    Let me go all Mulder on you – I want to believe. I want to be speechless right there along with ya…but I’m a little worried about his financial policies. So I’m stuck in the middle agreeing with no one and getting yelled at by everyone. It’s so much fun – want to join me? :)

  6. Stephanie

    HOPE….it’s something we ALL need (and some of us, more than others).

    Thank GOD for Hope!

  7. Megan

    Watched it all fuzzy and wavering on a television stolen from the room down the hall with four college professors and about thirteen students – and heard at least six audible sniffs during that speech.

    Excellent rhetoric – and as I’ve been reading a biography of FDR (since I at least see some major parallels) was interested to hear so many echoes to Roosevelt’s first election platform.

    Right, now let’s see how we can put it into practice, shall we?

  8. nil zed

    the putting into practice is always the hard part. but for the moment, I need to finally make supper, I’ve been bribing my toddler with cookies so I can watch.

    (I’m an American in the UK)

  9. Leandra

    I want to print out his speech and put it in my pocket and pull it out every time I’m feeling down. I don’t think he’d mind, do you?

  10. Erin

    I feel exactly the same way. I’m home (very) sick today, and it’s just incredible. I keep tearing up and excitement, enthusiasm, and emotion. It’s unbelievable. What a day.

  11. Keyona

    I am overwhelmed as well. Being here in DC is even greater. I can hear the roar of the crowd from my house. Amazing.

  12. StephLove

    My 7 y/o and Partner are down on the Mall watching in person. 2 y/o and I watched it on tv at home. I wish, wish, wish we all could have gone but Partner got two tickets and two only and the little one’s not up for staying outside in the cold most of the day anyway so we had to split up.

  13. dad

    We let everyone at the office that wanted to watch the inauguration in our conference room on the large screen TV. Attendance was 100%.

    It was a great speech. I am not verklempt. I am proud…and hopeful.

    I hope the kids got to watch, and listen, at school. And I hope they realize what a powerful tool it is to be able to speak effectively.

  14. kath

    I sit here in Ontario, Canada at my desk. I watched it with pride and awe. I thought, “America, you’ve got yourselves a LEADER!” I know margie is sitting in our nation’s capital watching. My husband was able to watch at work, the theatre he works in live streamed it onto a big screen on stage so that everyone could stop and savour this moment in history.
    It’s not just you, Mir, it’s all of us, it’s the world.

  15. Carmen

    I’m watching it in Vancouver, Canada. I CRIED when Barack was sworn in. My workplace (university) showed it on big screens in the common room. I’s a great day for everyone.

  16. Jessalyn

    I’m with you, Mir. I’ve been jumping up and down and shouting like a schoolgirl at a Jonas Brothers concert – LOL. What a great moment!!!

  17. Jill in Atlanta

    I’m still crying. And we used the tivo so my husband and kids (4&7) can watch tonight. I’m guessing I’ll cry again the second time.

  18. All Adither

    I watched with my kids in an elementary school gym and it was the coolest thing. I kept thinking how great it was that this will be the first president my 5-year-old remembers.

  19. ImpostorMom

    Right there with you. I broke my “no crying at work” policy. dang it.

  20. Lylah

    It’s OK to be apprehensive — hope isn’t the same thing as blind faith. I’m hopeful and inspired and ready to get to work. And I thought The President’s speech and the benediction were so inspiring…

  21. Kris Meyer

    I couldn’t watch it work, but I’ve read the speech on CNN. It was wonderful!

  22. momzen

    I figured out how to use my television for the first time to watch. Worth it. The kids watched with me. I hope they remember. I hope he can continue with what he started during the campaign – ideally keeping people PARTICIPATING. I, too, am hopeful. (Watching at 6:00 p.m. France time).

  23. Tatiana

    I totally cried during the inauguration.

  24. Love Coach Rinatta

    I made sure to be at school with my kid, so that I could watch it with him, even thought the teacher wanted me to go. I hugged him as President Obama spoke and told him what the speech meant and I cried and clapped and the first graders clapped with me. It was awesome. I am inspired and hopeful for the future.

  25. bogartg

    We watched it at school as well. We’ve been studying models of American citizenship (3rd grade/Texas)and they can’t wait to vote in 2020!

  26. Lefty

    I feel like my heart is in my throat and I can’t help tearing up as well. I would love to be part of a generation that really and truly makes a difference. I’m hoping that this is the place where we can say we turned it around.

  27. Melissa D

    It’s an amazing day, a watershed moment for us.

  28. elswhere

    All choked up, up here, too. I brought my kid in to school late so she could see the swearing in and speech on msnbc. I want her to remember that she’s still American, even though she’s Canadian too, and that that can–even after everything that’s happened these past years–be something to be very proud of.

  29. AnandreJennifer

    Yep, verclempft. Loved it all. Hubs got to watch it at work. I’m grateful the whole choosing a school saga is taking so long so my 6-year-old could watch it with me. She seemed impressed.

  30. The Other Leanne

    Just a little southwest of Carmen…

    We watched it projected on the big screen at work (I brought a fritatta because I just felt like it deserved it) and we all clapped and toasted with sparkling cider. Our governing body–all five members–were on the Mall.

    And me? Well, I’m fired up and ready to go!

  31. Kate G

    now just head over to and take a look around. amazing just isnt a strong enough word. i am looking forwrad to the future like never before. and i am an optimist :) lol

  32. Debbi

    We watched in our bosses office on the large TV. It was just wonderful. I really hope the kids watched it in school today, I was tempted to take him out to make sure he did. Today was a very special birthday :-) that I will remember forever.

  33. Sarah

    Honestly? Not an Obama supporter.

    Still, I’m proud that our nation continues on as an example to the world of free people choosing their government, and sincerely hope for the President’s success.

    And maybe we’ll get a health care system that makes sense out of these next four years!

  34. the domestic fringe

    I’ve been glued to the TV all day!

  35. Debbie H.

    We the lunch ladies at our school slipped out of the kitchen for about 20 min. to catch the big day as well. And even not being a supporter of Mr. Obama, I too felt the American Pride thing too. Cool.

    p.s. Lunch was served on time too!

  36. Sheila

    I have never been so glad for a day off school as I was today, even if I had to keep up my daughters’ interest in the proceedings at times by reminding them that the Obama girls get to LIVE in the WHITE HOUSE!

    I hope they remember this day, and not just because their mom was crying for most of it…

  37. Heidi

    It is a FABULOUS day!

  38. Michelle

    For a second, I thought it was inappropriate for me to cry at Obama’s swearing in because I’m white. And then I realized, he would TOTALLY love me crying for him.

  39. karen

    Let me know if you want some pics. I was there.

  40. Daisy

    So, so exciting. Overwhelming. No, thrilling. I mean – oh, heck, all of the above! I had to post ahead; I knew I’d be no good today.

  41. annette

    I will be more choked up over the crowds at the March for Life rally. Today, I am a bit sad. I am hoping there are SOME campaign promises that he will NOT be able to keep, like signing the FOCA.

  42. Sarahtoo

    Me too–history was made today! I loved his speech so much (and yes, I cried) that I downloaded it from so that I can have it on my iPod and listen to it anytime I need a pick-me-up. Amazing. Just amazing.

  43. mama speak

    I watched it while on Facebook (also how I watched the election results come in). It was so much FUN to be with the world collective in the moment. Everyone posting comments, making promises, crying, singing…And a whole lotta AMENs!

    I am proud of my government for the first time in a very, very long time. I am hopeful and I do believe that if there is a person who can inspire us all to be better, he is it.

    On another note, Holly’s (nothing but bonfires) sister twittered that Oprah should’ve read the poem & then told everyone to look under their chairs; cause she got them all a NEW PRESIDENT. I nearly peed myself when she wrote that.

  44. K

    I snuck out of my little corporate cubicle to go watch the TV in the lobby with 10-12 of my other sneaky co-workers. After the speech, we just wanted to hug each other. It was such an amazing moment.

  45. Jenny


  46. Stefanie

    Tuesday was my birthday! What an amazing birthday present!

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