She’ll be here all week

By Mir
December 7, 2008

“When should we call?” she asks, as we tuck hairbrushes and toothpaste into the overnight bag, and I remind her brother that actually, “a change of clothes” generally includes underwear, as well.

“Honey, you’re gonna be gone, like, a DAY. A day and a half. You don’t need to call. Just go have fun with Daddy.”

“But I LIKE to call,” she says. “We’ll call you tonight after dinner.”

“That’s fine, you’re welcome to call,” I answer, “but we’re going to a movie tonight, so we might not be here. And then we’ll have our cell phones off, too. So don’t worry if you call and we can’t answer.”

She pretends to pout. So I pretend to bite her cheek, and she laughs and pushes me away.

Daddy arrives and chaos ensues. The children are running around us in circles, remembering items they want to bring with them, hanging on their dad, and generally acting like I gave them espresso for breakfast.

“So we’ll call you TONIGHT,” she says, again, as if we didn’t just have this conversation five minutes ago.

“Yes, FINE, but we might be at the movies,” I remind her.

“What are you going to see?” asks my ex.

“Not a rated-G movie! Not an animated film! Woo!” Containing my glee is not my strong suit. “The James Bond movie,” I finally answer.

“I heard that wasn’t very good,” he responds.

My daughter looks at him, and then at me. I cock my eyebrow at her. “Your father is trying to rain on my parade,” I say, mildly. “But it’s not working! Because right after you leave I’m gonna run around the house naked, and then tonight I’m going to a grown-up movie with Otto and we’re going to eat popcorn until we explode!” She laughs, and her brother joins in, and all is well.

They leave. (I don’t actually run around naked. But I’m pleased to know that I could, if I wanted to.)

After the movie we have a message on Otto’s cell: “Really? Will you really call me back? Dude, you’re supposed to pick up the phone. Well, your message said you would call back so CALL BACK! Okay, BYE!”

And on the home phone: “Dude! You are not supposed to be gone! You are supposed to be home! Ooohhhhhhhhh. I’m so sad! I will try Otto’s cell phone. But if you’re not there, BYE! I LOVE YOU! Talk to you tomorrow!”

It’s late, so we don’t call back.

This morning, we go out to breakfast. She calls, says she called home first, and we chat briefly. They are fine.

When we get home, we listen to the message on the home phone: “DUDE. Exactly HOW LONG is that movie, anyway?”


  1. Sara

    Love that girl. Funny like her mama.

  2. Sherry

    We used to joke to our oldest that when he moved out we were going to run around naked and tell dirty jokes.

    But now that we have the youngest, it will be a while before we get around to that.

  3. Anna

    She is too cute! I mean, what’s the point of having a cell phone if you’re not going to answer each and every time it rings?? :)

  4. Kath

    So, how was the movie? Your daughter sounds so cute!

  5. margie

    my children range from ages to 18 to 30. assorted blended family numbers 8 including the pseudo foster children who lived with me during their teen years, plus a daughter in law and two grandchildren. what’s that 11? they call repeatedly, all of the time. where were you? why didn’t you answer the phone? why do you even have a cell phone if you don’t answer it? huh, did i not tell you i was going to aquafit class and cell phones don’t work in the pool? love it, it is so wonderful many years later when your children are still calling. ya must be doing something right!! enjoy the days off. my sister and i read your blog every day, we love it!!

  6. Suzanne

    hehehe! Loved the “how long is that movie anyway!”

  7. Ani


    Except. We went to the Bond movie yesterday, and it did kind of suck. Except for being so ridiculous it was funny, probably not in the way they meant it to be. :-)

  8. nil zed

    I bet she lay awake all night waiting and hoping she’d get to use that line!

  9. Megan

    Good for you not only not allowing the rain but sending that darn parade right down main street with trumpets blowing and flags flying. The movie doesn’t matter – the movie never matters – it’s the SYMBOL of the movie that is everything.

  10. laurie

    The Bond Movie: a D+

  11. JennyM

    (whispers: I liked it…)

    Hooray for grown-up time!

  12. Keyona

    Too funny! I love the crazy things kids do!

  13. tammy

    I am very glad that you did not run around naked yesterday. In this weather, you would get frostbite in places that NOBODY wants frostbite.

  14. ChristieNY

    That chickie is HILARIOUS! Dude! LOL

    Glad you got some grown-up time in… you deserve it! :)

  15. Heather

    Ah, I liked the Bond movie. I mean, I didn’t go in expecting life-changing drama, so I was good ;-)
    Chickie is too funny. :D

  16. Kailani

    Crack me up. And I hope you DID run around naked (and sang a naked song while you did) just cuz you deserve to indulge your silly side sometimes.

    Hope you had a fun night out sans kiddos.

  17. BOSSY

    She is totally something to reckon with.

  18. The FringeGirl

    LOL! Sounds like she wanted you sitting by the phone waiting for her call.

  19. Susan

    HA! She is one funny kid!

  20. Asianmommy

    She’s so cute! Hope you guys had a great time.

  21. Half Assed Kitchen

    So, was the movie any good? Not that I’ll be seeing it. I can’t remember the last time I saw anything at all. Besides Blues Clues, that is.

  22. momzen

    “We are gonna play blues clues, cause we’re really smart” Or something like that. Man, I was going to write something witty, but that last remark made me forget it. Adult time? What’s adult time?

  23. Barbara

    Oh go ahead – r-a-n. You have window coverings, right? (Stylish window coverings, of course.) (Running counts as exercise. Highly recommended.)

    Could be a second wave of ‘separation anxiety’ – almost tween version. I’m thinkin’ this is a good thing. Enjoy her attachment while you can.

  24. Michelle

    The selective hearing of children is remarkable.

  25. Katie

    I’ve actually seen the Bond movie twice. Mostly because I was given the chance to get away from my kids twice. And I want to lick Daniel Craig.

  26. ~annie

    Ah yes, the one-way street of attachment: Kids get to have a life, but the parents are to sit at home, just waiting for the call.

  27. Kelly

    She is hysterical.

    And we have a babysitter this coming weekend to go see it because WE CAN and I can eat popcorn.

  28. k

    hope there was EXTRA BUTTER on that popcorn. There is a method, you know.

  29. The Other Leanne

    She’s practicing for her future boyfriend…
    (sorry, I had to say it)

  30. jennielynn

    That child is funny.

  31. Katie in MA

    Ha ha ha. You should have told her the SECOND time you were running around naked…WITH Otto!

    (What, you don’t want the therapy fund to go to waste, do you?)

  32. Mom101

    To all those people ragging on the Bond movie, they clearly have seen other films in the past year besides Madagascar 2.

  33. Lori

    Is “Dude” her version of “Mom” or is everyone dude?

  34. Dawn

    You should have said that it didn’t matter whether the movie was good or not because you and Otto were just going to sit in the back and neck anyway.


  35. ImpostorMom

    Funny girl. The husband and I actually went to see that one during a workday that I took off. Had to take advantage of the daycare after all. I miss going to movies, especially this time of year when there are lots and lots of good ones coming out.

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