Slightly less thankful

By Mir
November 29, 2008

So we were just finishing up dinner on Thanksgiving when I gazed lovingly across the table at my two favorite men. Otto was still working on his mashed potatoes, but Monkey was staring off into space.

And his plate was still full.

“Hey, buddy,” I said. “Aren’t you hungry?”

He roused from his… whatever it was (I want to say reverie but he was just kind of spacing out)… and said, “Huh? Not really. I’m kind of tired. Can I go upstairs and lie down for a little bit?”

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the turkey, all the trimmings, three kinds of pie, and a child with a fever of 101!

It worked out okay; Monkey is a very agreeable sick person, actually, so he just kind of chilled out with a book and went to bed a little early, and yesterday he was definitely lower energy than usual, but he doesn’t really complain.

On the other hand, this morning Chickadee and I are both sick, and we are giant whiners. So.

(Otto did the smart thing and fled the house immediately. I mean, sure, he had to work today, but really, I think he was running from the germs. He’s smart, that one.)

There’s not much interesting I can tell you, unless you’re interested in how many Kleenex are currently being murdered here in our house, or who whines the loudest. Apparently Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday, and then Snot Saturday. Yay!

Anyway, several people asked for recipes, I think, after the last post (or maybe the one before?). The world’s greatest cornbread recipe is here, though my actual stuffing recipe is something I pretty much do by feel. (Toasted cornbread, some celery, lots of caramelized sweet onions, three big Granny Smiths, and lots of sage. Oh, and veggie broth and a couple of beaten eggs.) The spicy cranberry sauce recipe is here. And using buttermilk instead of butter and milk for mashed potatoes is awesome (this is the first year I’ve done it). Just make sure to heat the buttermilk before you use it, otherwise it’ll separate.

Wow, I’m like a helpful cooking sort of person. Except for the part where I just point you at some online recipes and then go drink some tea and crawl back into bed.

Today I am making turkey stock and moving very slowly, but the children are very pleased to be spending the day in pajamas and watching endless amounts of television. And the newly-indignant vegetarian has a stuffy nose, so I don’t even have to listen to complaints about the smell of turkey filling the house again.

Oh, no. I must be delirious —I just laughed at something on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Hold me.


  1. exile on mom street

    Snot Saturday is a tradition that I hope my family never has to participate in!

    I hope you feel better Mir, and I’m holding you, just you, know from a distance (germs and all that).

  2. Em

    That turkey smell can’t help but make a person feel better (or at least cozier). Even for a mini vegetarian. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  3. Sara

    Oh…at our house it’s Thanksgiving followed by Black Friday and then STREP Saturday. I’ll see your murdered Kleenex and raise you an Amoxicillin tablet.

  4. Suzanne

    At our house, Thanksgiving was followed by Touchy Gallbladder Friday and today we are starring in Full-on Headache Saturday. Lucky for me… Ham, my DH, is tending to me quite well and we have no guests this weekend.

  5. Barbara

    We’re going over to the 1st-birthday party for my great-niece to pick-up our germs today. Wishing you wellness – rated only slightly higher than health. I’m a big believer in humidifiers. Possibly placebo, but it works for me. You’re welcome!

  6. jules

    So sorry you guys are sick.. but when you’re killing the Kleenex, think about having to do so after gigantic hernia repair? Feel better?

    Hope it passes through quickly ((hugs))

  7. sheila

    Hope it goes away fast! Atleast most of you got to enjoy your food, and it wasn’t the type of illness that brought it back up! Yea! lol. Feel better soon!

  8. Daisy

    Hope you’re all feeling better soon! Hugs to all three of you, and kudos to Otto for vacating the germladen home.

  9. Lisa- Domestic Accident

    A thousand kinds of wrong to like that show. Go lie down quick. I’ll pray for you.

  10. Heather

    When he emerged from his stupor? ;-) Hope you’re all well soon!

  11. Megan

    Snot Saturday did try to gain a foothold here – actually more hack-up-a-lung-and-sneeze Saturday but we were having none of that with OUR day off thanks so much. I am quite sure the disease will listen politely to this reasoning and bugger off as it should. It will definitely not return with a vengeance during the week when I can’t take a sick day… definitely… nope.

  12. Half Assed Kitchen

    Where does one purchase these agreeable sick people?

  13. Michelle

    I was sad at first that I couldn’t go home for Thanksgiving.. until I found out that the day of, my sister, her husband, their two kids, AND my fiance all got some puking, pooping, fever illness.

    Darn, missed out on that, didn’t I?

  14. barb


    My 2 kids and I have spent our entire long weekend trading the stomach flu around, so I feel your pain! Nobody ate much turkey, we all kind of looked at the table and went “bleh, I’m going to go lay back down!”

  15. Mirinda

    This was our first year participating in Snot Saturday. It’s bad enough I actually went to the DR yesterday (something I’m normally against unless I think I might possibly die) Thankfully, all three of my kids seem to be over it which means, thank you Lord, they can go back to school tomorrow! I hope you guys manage the same :)

  16. jessica

    Hope you all feel better and happy holidays. My son is 16 now and most of his best memories are lounging around the house in jammies when he is sick.. and he came down with the fever and snot head a few hours after thanksgiving dinner. Oh the joys.

  17. The FringeGirl

    Hope you guys feel better! It stinks be sick over the holidays.

  18. Traci

    We’re having a whole snotweekend. Suite Life marathon on Saturday at our house too (though I haven’t been delirious enough to actually laugh — yet). Today my son is on to some Peanuts specials (on abc family). He’s loving that I’ve let up on tv viewing limits. Hope you all feel better soon!

  19. StephLove

    My sick partner, sick kids and sick self descended on my sick stepfather and well mother’s house for T-giving. She pretty much had to do all the work herself and then listen to everyone’s hacking coughs at the holiday table. I asked her if she felt like a nurse on a TB ward.

    I hope you guys don’t have what we have. It lingers. We’re at about the two week mark now.

  20. Laura

    I can recall epidemics in our household growing up during several holiday vacations periods.
    I hope it was just something that passes quickly.

  21. sunny

    I hope you feel better soon!

  22. LiteralDan

    Nooooo! Don’t give in to the crappy TV! Turn away from the light, away, away!!

    Hope you all feel better soon, so you can make a bigger dent in the leftovers.

  23. MoMMY

    We had Snot Sunday. And fever Sunday. Luckily only one fever left on monday.

  24. kd@abitsquirrelly

    Crap now I’m hungry. Tales of snot and turkey do it every time.

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