By Mir
November 27, 2008
Category Woohoo!

Good friends, good food, rotten but lovable children, and a husband who is not only damn cute, he did ALL the dishes—even though we used the china and the silver and it all had to be hand-washed.

If THAT isn’t the epitome of a home full of love (and well-fed people), I don’t know what is.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone.


  1. Sarah

    Happy thanksgiving!

  2. meghann

    Glad you had a great day!

    Does Otto give husband lessons by the way?

  3. Heather

    LOL! I’m with Meghann – he should offer a class ;-)
    Happy thanksgiving, Miss Mir, to you and yours!

  4. Half Assed Kitchen

    Was he doing penance for spending the whole day watching football? Nah, something tells me he wouldn’t sit on his ass all day…

  5. Lady M

    Happy Thanksgiving! We had a successful cooking day too. The little dude was happy to help with apple pie – Alton Brown’s recipe is fun!

  6. Kirsten

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

    It was a wonderfully peaceful day, was it not?

  7. Alison

    I am a bit late but Happy Thanksgiving from Ireland!

  8. sheila

    Ahhh, and then you woke up? Or did he really do the dishes? lol. Nah, that’s really nice! Kudos to him!

  9. Otto

    I did the dishes. And the sterling silver utensils. And happily, by choice.

    You people are so suspicious …

    Classes start in March, enroll now with a non-refundable $100 deposit. Includes one meal complete with prep and clean-up lessons. Voice lessons available for an additional fee – learn how to tell her exactly what she wants to hear in a tone she’ll never doubt.

    Now I may need to do some penance …


  10. Mir

    After Otto’s class you can come take mine… same price, only I teach humility. For some reason I can’t get him to sign up for that one. ;)

  11. Sharon

    Glad to hear your meal was enjoyed by all and came off without a hitch. Happy Day-After Thanksgiving!

  12. Barbara


    No classes! Otto has a calling. It’s spiritual. He is in line for sainthood. Must. Not. Commercialize. This. (Although stories ABOUT Otto are okay. Mir.) Yes, to pennance, My Good-and-saintly-man. Fits with impending sainthood.

    I am thankful for brief and inspiring messages here esp with photos of dirty china. You might say I am easily entertained. But don’t. Please.

  13. Aimee

    Well, my husband doesn’t need lessons. He did dishes yesterday, too, and without me having to ask. :)

    Happy day after Thanksgiving!

  14. Stephanie

    You are a lucky woman, Mir. I’m glad you have so much to be thankful for, you deserve it. :-)

  15. tuney

    You two deserve each other, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. :)

  16. tj

    Mmm, I’m thankful for husbands that do the dishes by hand – mine did them yesterday also :)

  17. Sheila

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Mir. Thanks for writing every day with humor and grace, reminding me to be thankful year-round.

  18. Megan

    I’m a nerd but there’s something very satisfying in tidying up after a really thorough mess. Plus nice china and silver is FUN to wash – it looks so lovely after! Every day things are not nearly so interesting. Happy belated Thanksgiving.

  19. Kendra

    Happy Thanks giving although we had ours weeks ago my husband could still use those lessons turkey is great anytime.

  20. Jennifer Suarez

    In our house I consider “not dishwashable” to be a challenge that I MUST prove wrong. ;-)

  21. Michelle

    I can see Josh doing that for me someday. That’s how it should be, if the wife does all the cooking.

  22. Lori

    My hubby cooked the turkey and gravy AND did the dishes too! (Oh yeah, he’s a keeper. And I’m a vegetarian so I couldn’t care less about the turkey) And being the good wife that I am, I let him put the good china and my grandmother’s silver in the dishwasher. That noise you just heard? Is my grandmother screaming from the grave. What can I say, if it can’t go in the dishwasher, it doesn’t belong in our house.

  23. Cele

    Definately Love Thursday, even if I am late wishing it to you and to all. Happy Thanksgiving.

  24. MomCat

    Sweet! No man washed the dishes here, but I keep my man anyway, cuz he can fix just about anything, he’s cuddly AND cute. And has warm feet.

  25. dr aletta

    The warm and fuzzy feelings you share hit the spot better than pumpkin pie. OK, maybe not better than pie but definitely the whipped cream on top.

  26. The FringeGirl

    Wow! Your hubby did all the dishes by hand…that’s something. I’d be thankful for that too. Glad you enjoyed your holiday.

  27. Asianmommy

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Thanksgiving is the only time we use our china. So many dishes to hand-wash! Wish we had never bought china with the gold accents on it–it’s so beautiful, but what were we thinking?!

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