This is best part, anyway

By Mir
November 21, 2008

Oh, I will have stories to tell about the Big Gala—including serendipitous seating next to a delightful woman I wished to tuck into my pocket and take home with me, except that I didn’t have any pockets so I had to leave her there—but they will have to wait, for the moment.

And because all you really care about is what I wore and how I did my hair, that’s fine with you. Right? Right. Who cares about the PEOPLE and the stuff they SAID or the fact that the molten chocolate raspberry something-or-other dessert was actually so rich I was unable to finish it (a first in my history with chocolate)? You want to see the SHOES!

Fine. You can see the shoes. And the dress. And even sort of see the long flowy satin piece that comes out the back. And—of course—proof that I’ve both bought a flat iron and have been watching entirely too much Mad Men can be found in the hair.

But don’t worry—despite how surprisingly well I clean up, I’m still me. I managed to throw my knife on the floor during dinner (in the middle of a conversation, too) when I’d had less than a glass of wine, and during the Very Serious Presentation of the official induction of some people into some fellowship, I suggested to the aforementioned lovely lady seated beside me that the entire spectacle would be much more entertaining if, instead of giving medals, they were branding the inductees. “Congratulations, and welcome to the fellowship!” *SSSSSSSSSSS*

Hey, at least my hair looked damn good.


  1. hokgardner

    You looked beautiful!

  2. Andrea

    Mir, you looked absolutely beautiful. The dress is amazing and even more amazing at $6. Great choice on the shoes.

  3. Ariel

    I think branding would be an excellent option, myself :)
    And you are beautiful- even when you are not all fancied up :)

  4. Ann

    Yay! Photos! I am so in love with those shoes! Is that weird?

  5. kd@abitsquirrelly

    you really did look stunning! I love that dress!

  6. Amy

    Very pretty shoes!

    And dress, and hair! It wasn’t just hair salon magic after all.

  7. Em

    You looked like a million bucks! The dress was unbelieveable for $6. Like you rolled a drunken Hilton and took it right from her (um, the classier Hilton – I’m going for rich, not trashy in my simile). I’m glad you met somebody nice to sit with too – makes all the difference in a fun evening.

  8. Brigitte

    Branding! Now you made me laugh out loud on two of your blogs today.

    Don’t you hate doing something klutzy on the first glass of wine, then getting paranoid that people think it’s your fifth glass and you’re a sloppy drunk? Maybe that’s just me.

  9. Scottsdale Girl

    I know some folks that are in dire need of a branding.

    Nice shoes! :) you look puuuurty.

  10. Megan

    The hair! See, that’s why that darn flat iron is seriously starting to turn a bit of an obsession because a) the GUILT over buying it and then b) the moment of utter terror when I beheld the packaging and felt that obviously I was Not Cool Enough For This Flatiron and then c) when I spend (honestly) five minutes sort of swooping it through my long, curly hair and… and… IT WORKED, and looked GOOD which never, no never ever happens to me. Ever. [nb – this is why ponytails are so good, right? Because if my long curly hair is all gathered up on the back of my head it just looks fabulous all of a sudden, doesn’t it? I mean, I can’t see it so it must look good]

    So, wow – your hair it is so very, very pretty and isn’t it just incredible to be able to do that all on your own without having to kidnap your hairdresser (in a nice, friendly totally not illegal sort of way)?

    Gorgeous. Hope the suit-and-tie lived up to it but dang you set that bar high!

  11. RuthWells

    You are stunning!

  12. Marissa

    You look FANTASTIC!!! All of my (3) fancy dresses are Jones New York –all bargains but more than $6 — they never go out of style. You look elegant, confident, and beautiful!!!

  13. Ashlee

    You certainly looked beautiful!!!!!

  14. ImpostorMom

    So pretty! And you would totally be the exact person I would want to be sitting next to during that sort of thing. I’m sure you made it oh so much fun for the woman next to you.

  15. Kemi

    You look lovely.

  16. kris


  17. Kristen

    You look gorgeous!

  18. Grace

    Barring “knife-gate”, it sounds like you had a fabulous time. You look GORGEOUS!

  19. Susan


  20. Suzanne

    Nothing short of spectacular! Love the shoes… and dress! Glad that you had a great night and a good dinner partner.

  21. exile on mom street

    What size shoe to you wear? If it’s anything CLOSE to a 7 I’ll make it work. Please? Pretty please with chocolate on top?

  22. Lucinda

    Very nice. You look beautiful and I’m glad you had a good time.

  23. steff

    Very pretty and all grown up! :-)

  24. Caroline in MA

    Ohhh… so pretty Mir!!! Now we need pics of Otto!!!

  25. Kendra II

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! thanks for the pics :)

  26. Jean

    That dress is amazing, I want to lick those shoes they are so pretty and my goodness, you look spectactular! I would have dropped at least one utensil as well :)

  27. Krismom

    ooooh very nice!! :) I agree, pics of Otto are needed next – what did he do with *his* hair? :P

  28. Swistle

    ZO. M. G. You look so SOPHISTICATED. You look like a CELEBRITY.

  29. The Other Leanne

    If I were Otto, I’d have worn a tux just to look worthy of you (not that Otto isn’t worthy, he’s great, just sayin’).
    I love that you dropped the knife…just the kind of thing that happens to me when I’m pretending to be all grown up and sophisticated. So humbling. And mortifying.
    I have to look at the pictures again, because you really are beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.

  30. Jamie AZ

    Woo woo woo!

  31. Barbara


    Hoping you ignored the knife. Pretended it didn’t happen. ‘Cept, of course, if it meant eating a large piece of meat off your fork. In which case you could have quietly borrowed Otto’s knife.

    Ahh, high social life….it’s a constant balancing *act*. Like hoping no one notices you two women giggling in the back while imagining TORTURING the honorees!

    Otto, please tell us more!

  32. Melissa D


  33. Katie in MA

    Hey, when you “accidentally” threw the knife on the floor, you weren’t aiming for Otto were you? :)

    And I second (third? fourth?) the cry for a pic of you and Otto!

    You look beautiful and SO happy!

  34. TC

    That dress! It makes you look like a GROWNUP. Which of course I know you are, but I always think of you as being like me, except younger, and since I’m still not a grownup…Oh, nevermind.

    You were breathtaking. I’m glad you had a lovely time.

  35. sheila

    You looked very beautiful! (but where’s the pic of the raspberry chocolate dessert????????????????????)

  36. Tammy


  37. Mama Bear

    Those shoes! What size do you wear, because I think I need to borrow them.

  38. Peggy

    wow!! You look great. Can’t wait to read all the stories.

  39. Leandra

    You look fantastic! And I love the hair. It has grown a lot!

    Since I know a lot of the people who were at the event, I’m actually kind of interested in that part too! My boss was there, in fact, though I don’t think she was the lovely woman you wanted to put in your pocket. Not that she’s not lovely, but she’s more like the kind you want to go out drinkin’ and dancin’ with than putting in your pocket.

  40. Celeste

    Once at a fancy dinner, I was eating a salad…TRYING to be ladylike… and I bit into the cherry tomato on my fork, instead of popping the whole thing in.. and SPRAYED tomato juice almost clear across the banquet table. Sheeesh. It would have helped if SOMEONE had laughed to relieve the tension but nooooooo.

  41. Aimee

    Well, hello, gorgeous!

    You look beautiful, not surprisingly. Can’t wait to hear all the gala stories!

  42. Stephanie Chance

    Very beautiful!

  43. Sheila

    Gee, you’re pretty.

  44. Randi

    Oh you look wonderful! Wait, who are you again? ;)

  45. annette

    Gorgeous! And even more impressive knowing the bargain that you got:)

  46. Lori

    Toe cleavage, shiny hair and a hot dress you got for a steal. The makings for a perfect evening!

  47. Kendra

    Stunning what more can I say and the branding would be much more fun to watch.

  48. daysgoby

    Mir, you looked lovely. I hope it was a WONDERFUL evening.

  49. MomCat

    Absolutely stunning! NOW tell us the human interest stories and the drooling chocolate stories!! (Next two blog postings – DONE)

  50. MomCat

    Oh, and BTW….*squeeeeee!!!*

  51. bad penguin

    You look great!

  52. tj

    You looked scrumptious! I’m sure Otto was proud to have you on his arm!

  53. laurie

    Cinderella…move over.

  54. Angie

    Your hair does look great! I love that length on you. I love the dress, too!You looked marvelous. And sounds like you had fun, too.

  55. pam

    Oh my Gracious Goodness. The dress, the shoes, the hair and The Smile! Well played madam, well played.

  56. Dawn

    I believe the correct this to say in response to those pictures was listed above…


    You looked FABULOUS. And very, very pretty. Lucky Otto!

  57. ChristieNY

    Gorgeous! You looked gorgeous! Glad you had a great time! :)

  58. The FringeGirl

    You look lovely. Great dress! Glad you had a nice time.

  59. Cele

    Ohhhh love the shoes, you look gorgeous darling.

  60. Azul

    Just lovely.

  61. Lady M

    You are so gorgeous! And so are the shoes, dress, hair, and floaty thing on the back of the dress.

  62. mama speak

    va-va-voom Mir!

    From one curly to girl to another…I Lurve your hair!
    I love all it. So well put together. Best $6 you ever spent I’m sure.

  63. Asianmommy

    Your hair looks so nice! Love the dress & shoes, too!

  64. Nancy R

    Very nice, very nice. Well done!

  65. Amy-Go

    $6? No you didn’t! Looks more like a million bucks to me!

  66. joaaanna


  67. Debbi

    You look BEAUTIFUL!!! What an awesome dress!

  68. Stephanie

    You are pretty on the inside AND on the outside. :-)

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