Love is all over the place

By Mir
November 13, 2008

Dear Otto,

This week, you and I have been married for a year and a half. Eighteen months! We were eighteen years old when we met, so perhaps that’s why this feels like a momentous time. Next month, we’ll have been married for nineteen months, which is the number of years we’ve known each other.

You and me? We’ve known each other a long time. Also: We are old. But I digress.

In light of our time together and also the fact that 1) I still really, really like you and 2) you are a saint and 3) you are rather adorable, I have been wracking my brain to come up with a single picture that properly encapsulates what it means to me to have you by my side.

I roamed around the house with a camera this morning.

Should I take a picture of the neatly-made bed? The bed I never make, but you always do? Or maybe the empty laundry baskets… the ones into which I place the clean, folded laundry. And then I leave it there. But you always put it away, and you never complain.

Maybe I could take a picture of all the boxes that came in the mail yesterday. Various reviews items, mostly, plus some giveaway stuff, and BOOKS (three different packages with books), and a couple of things I actually ordered that were not work related. As is typical of me, I opened the boxes to check the contents, and then left the carnage scattered around the office—our shared office—and you didn’t say a word.

I considered snapping a shot of your tool chest—all of the drawers labeled, all of the tools carefully lined up in rows—too. That didn’t seem quite right. Then I thought maybe a picture of the twine you bought to hang up Monkey’s flying dragon for him, but that wasn’t it, either.

The picture I want isn’t here.

I don’t know how to make the picture that shows that you love me when I’m fun to be around, and happy, and clean up after myself, but that you ALSO love me when I’m cranky, and tired, and cutting a swath of mess and bad attitude through the house.

I never get the picture of Chickadee’s face lighting up when you come in the door, or Monkey’s quiet delight when he gets to ride in the truck with you on some sort of important, manly errand.

Last night I snapped at you and sat seething at my computer, overwhelmed and busy, and you just gave me a hug—a real hug; none of this half-hearted crap for you—and then left me to get my work done. Without judgment, without rancor. With complete understanding that I didn’t mean to be a jerk, and with forgiveness for my having been one.

You get me. I see it everywhere I look, I feel it everywhere I go. (Yeah, even when I’m being a shrew and saying, “Don’t you listen when I tell you stuff?”) You’re the photographer; you could probably put that into a single photo. I don’t know how.

It’s been the best eighteen months of my life. Let’s do it thirty more times. Wanna? (I’m probably still not going to make the bed, but I’m working really hard at being less grumpy.)

You’re my favorite.


P.S. Happy Love Thursday.


  1. Debbi

    Ahhh!! That is just beautiful. You have a great man!

  2. Ariel

    I’ve been living with the almost husband for about 18 months and I too can happily say its been the best 18 months of my life- and my daughter’s life too. Thanks for reminding me this morning, I needed that. I can hardly wait to marry him. :)

  3. Megan

    Word pictures work beautifully. The colors were brilliant!

  4. Keyomi

    oh this was B-E-A-U-TIFUL!!! U R SO LUCKY! Here’s to many more months and years of togetherness and love!

  5. Barbara

    I understand the process is lengthy, but Otto is in line to be nominated as the Patron Saint of Husbands. The process requires a bonified miracle. Would you qualify changing your life – from life-with-dirt-bag-ex to what it is now to be a miracle? You’re welcome!

    [Have to give dirt-bag-ex credit for participating in the gifts of Chickadee and Monkey. Grudging credit, but credit.]

  6. dad

    Nice! Very nice.

  7. Nichole

    You two are so darn sweet.

  8. kate

    “You’re my favorite.”

    Awwww. That’s a special phrase between me and my husband, too; I even had it engraved inside his wedding band as a surprise.

    Congratulations on your shared happiness. May it be exponential.

  9. Melissa

    Oh, congratulations, and many more happy months to you both!

  10. el-e-e

    really? He never complains when you leave the folded laundry in the basket? Not even a little snarky jab?


    :) happy love thurs!

  11. Sheila

    I’ll be refreshing all day until I see Otto’s reply!

    Happy Love Thursday to both of your crazy kids.

  12. Sheila

    YOU!! You! Both of YOU crazy kids!


  13. Kristen

    I read your blog(s) every day but rarely comment. This one is making me cry. You’re a lucky woman and I’m very jealous.

  14. Katie in MA

    Since my marriage failed, I’ve sworn off ever, ever, ever getting married again. If I find someone I really like, we can just be boyfriend and girlfriend forever, if it comes to that. But every time you talk about Otto, you make me want one. (An Otto, still not the marriage thing.)

    And what a beautiful gift to be able to show your children a fully functional and loving marriage!

  15. ChristieNY

    You painted that picture of Otto beautifully with your words, Mir ~ well done, and congratulations on finding your true love. <3

  16. The FringeGirl

    That was soooo sweet!

  17. Walking In My Sleep

    I do so remember counting the months. They’ve turned to 21 years. I used to send a card for each month. That was waaaay before blogging took over. Happy year and a half!

  18. exile on mom street

    If I tried to sum up my wonderful husband in a photo, I don’t know where I would start, but I hope that when I finished it would something like yours.

    Gorgeous verbal photos Mir, just gorgeous.

  19. Caroline in MA

    Awww… so stinkin’ sweet!

    Happy 18 months!

  20. Angella

    What a sweet post, Mir. Happy 18 months!

  21. Meli

    That is a great post!!

  22. Heather

    Awwwwwww! Happy anniversary MirOtto :D

  23. Steve

    I can’t find the perfect picture for you, Mir. But this shows that Otto just keeps getting cuter with age.


    miss you guys…

  24. Kendra

    What you can’t capture in a photograph you do with the picture of your words. Happy 18 months and the next 30 ones to go.

  25. shannon

    ahhh, the truck….reminds me of when i was growing up and grandpa and i would head out on some errand in his old copper colored jeep truck. probably just haulin’ some brush or wood somewhere. all beat up on the inside, maybe a bit musty, definitely cold and rugged. he lived in the woods at the base of mt. hood. the best days of my life up at the mountain with my grandparents and great aunt. i so wish i could give that to my kids…

  26. Dawn

    I gotta get me an Otto.

  27. Meg

    I keep checking WantNot but I never see Ottos for sale.

  28. Julie

    I’m lucky enough to live with my favorite too!

  29. Giyen

    That gives me hope! What is better than love? :)

  30. Dawn

    you give me hope…

  31. sheila

    Awe, that was very nice. Sounds like both of you snagged the perfect match! happy Anniversary and a half!

  32. Kim

    Mir, your writing is lovely and delightful…and honest! I’m just a “lurker” (don’t have a blog of my own) but I check your blog frequently. We’re lucky girls, because I too, have an Otto of my very own. :) Happy Anniversary!

  33. elizabeth

    you know how you have to raise money for your kids’ school? I just got a hilarious forward from my husband’s office at GoogleNYC– MEN are raising money by growing moustaches– just like the whole marathon thing, but without the training and early mornings… See how that flies. It’s moustaches for kids at

  34. Wendy 2

    Beautiful. I have an Otto too, he is my favorite. For over 12 years now, the best 12 years of my life. So glad you found yours.

  35. MomCat

    Happy Anniversary!

  36. Aimee

    Awww… happy Anniversary!

  37. Barbara

    Okay, I’m catching onto a pattern here, you don’t post on Fridays anymore.

  38. Stephanie

    You’ve painted a beautiful picture, Mir. Much better than any “real time” photo could do.

    It’s wonderful that you two have made a life together, with Chickadee and Monkey.

    Congratulations on 18 months of marital bliss. :-)

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